Thursday, July 26, 2012

No Frills, No Fuss Milestone Birthday

This is a delayed post of the milestone birthday I had last Friday.  Nothing much special happened. Just like the usual thing when having birthdays around here.  No frills, no fuss. Not even a cake for me coz the number of candles would  probably cost more than the cake itself. Lol!  Had dinner with in-laws at Mann Hann Trinoma on the day itself. Been missing my brother's family but they were not available when I invited them to have lunch the following day. I'll make sure that we'll get to have time to go out for dinner one of these days. Been quite a while without seeing them. Anyways,  couldn't be happier when my sis and her family came by. Got lucky that my U.S.navyman nephew and his family's scheduled visit coincided with my birthday. Hence, a merrier day for me!

mann hann foods
w/ family and in-laws

w/ my daughter, sis, granddaughter, DIL, niece
                                                                       nephew and wife
gift from DH
dooney and bourke bag, cologne and big botts. of vits fr. nephew nd wife.

My milestone birthday  is over.  I may not have celebrated it the way I wanted ( I actually want to experience Sky Diving as my extreme birthday celebration)  nevertheless, there’s overflowing happiness in my heart.   My life may not be a perfect one (whose life is, anyway?!) but blessings  keep pouring in.   Blessings to have conquered the many challenges brought forth my way,  Indeed, God is soooo good! And I just I couldn’t thank HIM enough!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Sonoma Wine Tasting

Are you travelling to California?   If you are, make sure you include an itinerary to Sonoma County, located in the northern coast of the U.S. State of California.  It is home to towering redwoods, mystical rivers, picturesque towns and vast vineyards.  You must not miss this peaceful place especially if you are a wine enthusiast.   Don't pass over the chance to visit the almost 30 year old winery built and cultivated by the Benziger siblings,  which is none other than the Benziger Family Winery.  

Discover a vineyard that started in the conventional way which eventually developed through bio-dynamic farming techniques.  Which means to say, that their harvests are devoid of synthetic chemicals since they use only natural methods like crop rotating, composting, covering crops and the likes.  Find for yourself why their wines have garnered the “Best Wine Award” in many competitions.

Have fun! Join the Sonoma Wine Tour and enjoy Sonoma Wine Tasting Get a closer look at their Biodynamic vineyards, visit the fermentation facility, and explore the barrel caves.  Learn a lot about distinctive fine wine. Take pleasure while getting more informed with wine making from tending the land with the latest bio-dynamic  farming, to harvesting the best kind of grape fruits to fermenting and aging the wines.

Don’t ever miss it when in Sonoma!  You’ll definitely bring home a wonderful experience!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Unreliable Internet Connection

Our internet connection is acting up these past days.  Sometimes, it’s works well, but oftentimes it’ll be gone after few minutes of use.  What we do is turn-off the modem then turn it on again after few seconds.  It always does the trick somehow.  It goes that way for many days.  Going through that trouble-fixing over and over again is so annoying let alone losing the connection entirely the whole day yesterday until the whole morning today.

                                                           Image taken from Google
We reported the problem and a technician was sent over. The problem. ..  it turned out..  was only due to a disconnected cable to the modem. Oh my!  What a shame!  Haha..  We have no idea why we didn’t remember to check the cable connections when we’ve been accustomed to checking those stuff every now and then. With regards to the “on - off” connection, we were told it was due to the server’s intermittent connection.  Therefore, we are still not free from those frustrating disconnected moments.  Should we consider replacing our server?  We're on a wait and see mode.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekend Lunch Out

We had an impromptu family lunch out yesterday.   As hubby returned from his 4-day work assignment in Leyte, he asked us to get ready for a lunch out with my MIL and SIL.  The three of us promptly complied with and within minutes, we were all set to go.   We picked up MIL and SIL at the latter’s place then we headed to SM North.  Daughter expressed she’s already sick of  Chinese food.  I had steak in mind but knowing that MIL is eternally fascinated with Filipino food, it was Barrio Fiesta again for us.  “Never mind the bad experience before”, hubby insisted.   What ‘s important is the good food.  And so, it was "Hello again, Barrio Fiesta!"

No more fried chicken this time around. Lol!  First time to order Sinalab (grilled squid, prawns, crab, oysters, mussels,  pork spare ribs, chicken plus fresh seaweeds) served on a big tray. It was a hit just like the Crispy Pata, Kare-kare and Bangus Sisig.  For everything we had including 2 platters of rice and 1.5L Pepsi, and 2 cans of San Mig Pale our bill amounted to only PhP2,300. more or less.  For the good food in big servings sans bad crews, Barrio Fiesta is highly recommendable to foodies out there!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Greece and Egypt Travel Tips

Egypt is certainly one of the most popular and prehistoric places best suited for spending holidays. The marvelous pyramids of Egypt are well-known for their history and as famous location of several movies. The geographical characteristic of Egypt includes the Red Sea which is actually the source of several beaches in Egypt.

Beaches in Egypt are very tidy and have crystal clear water that reflects the attractiveness of Egypt. On the beaches, visitors can easily enjoy their preferred water sports, diving, snorkeling parasailing etc. Professional guides will help visitors in sightseeing and water sports. You can get their best Greece and Egypt travel tips from the internet.

Cleopatra's Beach situated in Mersa Matruh is considered to be very old and popular. In ancient times queens and kings used to swim there. It has cool waters suitable for bathing and swimming.  

Advance planning is useful in making a trip more relaxing and pleasurable. Dress code in Greece is very informal, for men T-shirts and shorts are the custom, and for women - light summer outfits or similar to men’s. If you are travelling in autumn or spring, you must bring warm clothes in case if it gets cold in the night. For those people who wish to dress formally, stylish casual is the standard that will include a pair of trousers and an attractive shirt.
The isle of Rhodes can please every gourmet as it provides several products of outstanding quality and local cuisine can be a real delight for tourists. Fresh fish and huge assortment of seafood, extensive selection of "mezes", grilled meat, moussaka (the popular dish with aubergines, potatoes, béchamel and cheese) are some of the numerous Rhodian specialties. Tourists and honeymooners can get the latest Greece and Egypt travel tips from local tour operator or by the web.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hainanese Delights - One nice eating place

If there’s one restaurant in SM Fairview that I regret not having tried right after it has opened many months ago, it is Hainanese Delights. The place is nice and cosy though not that spacious.  I really do regret overlooking this simple nook coz I hve long been missing the Hainanese Chicken of Singapore. We happened to stop by and get inside the place for one quick afternoon meal only because my son Luigi wanted some steaming hot noodles  He ordered a bowl of Tender Beef Tendons Noodles and the ever missed Hainanese Chicken for me. The food we had was exactly like those of Singapore except that the Hainanese Chicken here is made even more delightful for rice lovers by serving it with unlimited Hainanese rice. The initial rice serving is just enough for me though.  Luigi would have been very happy with that if only he didn’t order noodles. Noodles don’t come with unli-rice (haha.. but of course!)

With the good food, good service and very affordable price, Hananese Delights is worth coming back!

Thanks for taking time to drop by. Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 

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