Sunday, June 3, 2012

Undesirable personal information

In my younger years, there were no mobile phones, ipods, ipads, tablets, laptops and other hi-tech gadgets.  I think, what was only available for entertainment and communication during those times were movies, TV, radio, landline phones and postal service, the least.  When Betamax came out to the market in the 70’s, it was a big hit.  It was then considered a pretty advance technology because we could do video recording and view the Betamax tape on TV.  Nevertheless, I think Betamax age was also the start of spreading illicit videos to the viewing public.  A number of well known local personalities had suffered mockery and dishonour after getting them entangled in a Betamax sex scandal.  Thinking it over, I consider those personalities whose characters and reputations were smeared by the Betamax scandal as relatively lucky...   in a way.  Why? Simply because those beta tapes were viewed only by few pervert followers of sexy movies in the local community and not by the whole netizens world wide.

With today’s tremendous development of modern technology, internet has been the prime source of information for millions of internet users worldwide.  Having one’s personal information being maligned   in any manner is only one amongst the many offenses that can be imposed thru the internet. Having said so, any internet user may in one time or another need to seek help in removing personal information from the internet.   Probably for his safety  or his future growth. Such job is no longer impossible now .  As what has been said, internet is the prime source of information. Take it from there!

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Batangala said...

such job of removing certain information from the internet is no longer impossible now? tama ba pagkaintindi ko? i am sure it's gonna cost you.

anyway, the word google has found a different definition nowadays. from a 1 followed by a million zeroes, to what seems to be the most convenient search engine.

"have u seen ba ung gulo sa airport between a reporter and a celebrity couple? i-google mo if u want to watch it", he he he

Beng Gee said...

Yes, you got it right Noel! You can now remove personal info that you don't like from the internet. At tama ka rin na may presyo.

Hahaha.. naging exclusive na nga kay mr google ang term to search the internet. ..'i-google mo' seems easier to say kasi.

Thanks for the time here Noel. Bukas ulit ha? Lol!

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