Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Top 5 Bargain Activity Breaks

Ski deals and cheap holidays to Lake Como are just two of the most popular ways to take an action packed break on a budget.
When you like your getaways to include a good ounce of adventure, an activity holiday specialist can ensure you get the adrenaline fuelled fun you are longing for.
1.     Skiing and Snowboarding
Many exclude the idea of a skiing escape due to cost, but with last minute ski deals you can reach some of the most distinctive destinations on budget.
Whether you want a lux trip to the French Alpes with a partner or a fast paced fitness getaway with a group of friends, ski deals ensure you get the most for your money.
2.     Walking and Hiking
Guided hikes around exclusive European resorts can introduce you to parts of the region you would have never discovered.
Unravel the beauty of natural olive groves on cheap holidays to Lake Como or the rocky coves of Rovinj and Porec, the opportunities are endless.
3.     Dinghy Sailing
Guide your own vessel through the oceans. Fun for all, dinghy sailing is an exhilarating activity which can be mastered quickly.
Often considered as the first step in sailing, dinghies have minimal controls to master for stress free stints on the sea.
4.     Snorkelling and Spas
When your sense of adventure lies deep within the depths of the ocean, snorkelling breaks are a relaxing respite from the dreariness of daily life.
Enhance the tranquillity by indulging in holistic treatments at your resort’s spa.  
5.     Mountain Biking
Routes on mountain biking holidays can be tailored to suit the proficiency of individual travellers.
Once your guide has been instructed on your preferred intensity level, enjoy a soothing cycle through local villages or challenging rough terrain tracks.

Search online for the best ski deals and cheap holidays to Lake Como – whatever your pursuit of preference, there’s an activity getaway offer for you.

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