Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Sessions 2012: Faliraki Holidays

What do you mean you’ve not booked your Club 18-30 holiday? It’s summer, officially, since the 19 June. It’s time to get shimmy on and pick a spot in the sun. If you’re looking for a little inspiration for a hot holiday destination, take a peek at Faliraki holidays.

Not a pervy peek, just a little one. Not Peeping Tom stylee. No, just a quick search on the Club 18-30 holiday website should do it.

Faliraki holidays have been hitting the top of the clubbing holiday charts for some time. With outstanding summer temperatures, blue flag beaches and an epic collection of bars and clubs, Faliraki is every party rockers dream.

The beaches in Faliraki are something else. One of the nicest on the island of Rhodes, and as well as bathing here you can get your 007 on and try out a spot of speed boating and other adrenaline fuelled crazy offshore antics. Expect to pay around €4 for a sun lounger – not bad for a full day of sun, sea and… sand.

No one in Faliraki is going to apologise for its absolutely immense nightlife. There’s no need to consider that anyone here may be sleeping post 22:00hrs, everyone is here for the same reason and that reason, my friends, is to party gawd damned hard.

On your first night, make sure you and your mates acquaint yourselves with Bar Street. Bar Street is to clubbing what 34th Street is to Christmas miracles. Here you will find Bed, Hit Q and Liquid and foam parties a plenty.

Just off Coastal Street you will find The Water Park. Yes, that’s its actual name. Original, isn’t it? But don’t judge a water park by its imaginative title; this is one of the best parks in Europe and definitely an activity to add to your holiday itinerary.

Book your Club 18-30 holiday now. As if you’ve left it so late, you unorganised loveable blighter, you.

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