Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mann Hann’s Chami

Chami is my most favourite food in Mann Hann, (a Chinese Resto located in various big malls).  Everyone in the family knows that.  Last Friday, daughter went out with friends to see a movie in Trinoma.  The moment I heard she was in Trinoma, I texted her right away and requested her to bring home one order of Seafood Chami from Mann Hann.  She said they’d probably finish the movie by 10pm yet and more likely than not, restaurants would have been closed by then. Hence, I just let go of my cravings. Cravings for Chami that never end!   Because you see, I was with my friend in Greenhills just the day before and we had a Chami snack in Mann Hann Greenhills.  ‘Twas my first time to try their Seafood Chami and the more that I got smitten by this special noodle fare. 

When daughter came home by around 11pm, she brought this out.

She bought it before the movie started but only after catching seats for them.  Really, a smart move!  By just looking at it, my mouth  never stops getting watery. Mmmm..  I guess nothing can stop this craving. Not even the continually rising price of it. From 185php few years back, it is now 285php. Whew!

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Cheryl said...

How sweet and kind of your daughter to get your food! Looks delish!

Beng Gee said...

Hi Cheryl! Good to see you again!
Yeah, I'd say she is sweet. Always trying her best not to let me down.

Thanks for the surprise visit Cheryl!
Have a great day!

PinayWAHM said...

Nakakatulo laway naman talaga kahit peechure lant eh. Brownie points si dawter kasi she really went out of her way to satisfy the mader's craving.

How's your week so far Ate Beng? Drs & dentist appts in the agenda. Not fun....oh well...hopefully everything comes out okay naman.


Beng Gee said...

Hello Huling!
Haha, brownie points nga! Sumipsip lang yata kasi lamyerda sya out of the country the following day.

All is good here so far. Ako din yata may sked ng appointment sa aking onco. Na-overlooked ko na sa sobrang busy.

God bless and ingat!

Farida said...

I have not tried eating in this place but from your description, food is really great! I love noodles. This is one of my comfort food.

Beng Gee said...

Hi Ida! If you are a noodle lover like me, you have to try this place. I'm sure, you'll like this seafood chami too!

Thanks for the visit! Have a nice day!

Dhemz said...

oh,my! drooling...kakagutom tuloy! tsaka added bonus yung kalamansi....hehehhe!

wow, 100 pesos yung nadagdag...well, if it taste good it's worth the price....:)

musta na po's been so long since the last time I'm here...sensya at ngayon lang po ulit nakadalaw...been pretty busy in the real world lately...skul break kasi nila akesh kaya once in a blue moon lang ako nag ba bloghop...sensya po.

hope all is well...thanks po pala sa comment at visit...much appreciated!

i♥pinkc00kies said...

Looks yummm!! i gott try it. Try the one from Buddy's too!

Beng Gee said...

Hi Dhemz! It's really yummy. I hope you can try the Chami when you get a chance to come home here in Pinas.

It's alright Dhemz, I understand! I always drop by on your sites naman pag nami-miss na kita eh. hehe..

Sorry sa delayed reply. Na-overlook ko na. :(

Ingat lagi, Dhemz!

Beng Gee said...

@i♥pinkcOOkies- I think you really should try Mann Hann's Chami my friend!You won't regret it. :) Oh yes, Buddy's! We never miss it whenever we're near one. We had it at their main store in Lucban, in Kakarong Makti and in Kalayaan, Mkati, not sure though if the latter still exist at this time. We love Buddy's Pancit Lucban!

Btw, there's no link to visit you back. I hope to see again. Thank you for your time. Very much appreciated!

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