Friday, June 29, 2012

Wanted: Travel Buddy to Hongkong and Macau

It was already more than a decade ago when I visited Hong Kong along with a friend.  I love the place although I had some unpleasant experiences with a number of its people. Nonetheless, we had a wonderful time exploring the various fascinating places and that’s good enough for me.  I long wanted to visit back Hong Kong.  My partner in crime (that's how I call my bff ) and I had once booked for it but unfortunately, the travel agent found her passport needed renewal since it was 3 months to expiry. Thus, it was postponed until a serious event transpired and the Hong Kong tour had to be cancelled. I was really aching to go so I asked daughter to accompany me. But she refused.  Later, I learned she was travelling with her friend and his family to Macau and Hong Kong.  That was a couple of weeks ago and they were back after five days of tour. And here’s what she got for me.  

                           3 cans (one can is missing) of crispy Mr. Squid and T-shirt.  

Oh well...  I guess it’s not the right time yet for me to go back to Hong Kong.  I’m not losing hope although I'm afraid I have already lost my budget for it!  Ouch!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Sessions 2012: Faliraki Holidays

What do you mean you’ve not booked your Club 18-30 holiday? It’s summer, officially, since the 19 June. It’s time to get shimmy on and pick a spot in the sun. If you’re looking for a little inspiration for a hot holiday destination, take a peek at Faliraki holidays.

Not a pervy peek, just a little one. Not Peeping Tom stylee. No, just a quick search on the Club 18-30 holiday website should do it.

Faliraki holidays have been hitting the top of the clubbing holiday charts for some time. With outstanding summer temperatures, blue flag beaches and an epic collection of bars and clubs, Faliraki is every party rockers dream.

The beaches in Faliraki are something else. One of the nicest on the island of Rhodes, and as well as bathing here you can get your 007 on and try out a spot of speed boating and other adrenaline fuelled crazy offshore antics. Expect to pay around €4 for a sun lounger – not bad for a full day of sun, sea and… sand.

No one in Faliraki is going to apologise for its absolutely immense nightlife. There’s no need to consider that anyone here may be sleeping post 22:00hrs, everyone is here for the same reason and that reason, my friends, is to party gawd damned hard.

On your first night, make sure you and your mates acquaint yourselves with Bar Street. Bar Street is to clubbing what 34th Street is to Christmas miracles. Here you will find Bed, Hit Q and Liquid and foam parties a plenty.

Just off Coastal Street you will find The Water Park. Yes, that’s its actual name. Original, isn’t it? But don’t judge a water park by its imaginative title; this is one of the best parks in Europe and definitely an activity to add to your holiday itinerary.

Book your Club 18-30 holiday now. As if you’ve left it so late, you unorganised loveable blighter, you.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Over fatigued?

I wasn’t feeling well when I got out of bed yesterday morning.  It wasn’t at all normal for me not to have appetite especially for breakfast. I used to consume 3 or 4 pieces of pandesal bread  with mayo and cheese, sometimes with corned beef and egg together with a mug of creamed coffee.  But yesterday was totally different.  I wanted to eat but I only got a bite and that’s it.  I was starving but couldn’t force myself to munch.  Despite the not so good feeling, I had to work on the heaping pile of laundry coz if not, I’d be buried in a mountain of soiled clothes.  I finished the coloured ones but the minute I’m done I left it to the big kiddos for them to take charge of spinning and hanging it to dry. And I dragged my body to rest.  Lunch and dinner were the same, still no appetite. The more I felt losing energy.  Tried to ingest a spoonful or two, but I only threw it up.  Good thing, I felt a li'l better today.  I’d rather take my time today than seriously face the tasks ‘round here.  I ain’t got a robotic body!  But even so, machines do breakdown too! Right?  What more of me!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Top 5 Bargain Activity Breaks

Ski deals and cheap holidays to Lake Como are just two of the most popular ways to take an action packed break on a budget.
When you like your getaways to include a good ounce of adventure, an activity holiday specialist can ensure you get the adrenaline fuelled fun you are longing for.
1.     Skiing and Snowboarding
Many exclude the idea of a skiing escape due to cost, but with last minute ski deals you can reach some of the most distinctive destinations on budget.
Whether you want a lux trip to the French Alpes with a partner or a fast paced fitness getaway with a group of friends, ski deals ensure you get the most for your money.
2.     Walking and Hiking
Guided hikes around exclusive European resorts can introduce you to parts of the region you would have never discovered.
Unravel the beauty of natural olive groves on cheap holidays to Lake Como or the rocky coves of Rovinj and Porec, the opportunities are endless.
3.     Dinghy Sailing
Guide your own vessel through the oceans. Fun for all, dinghy sailing is an exhilarating activity which can be mastered quickly.
Often considered as the first step in sailing, dinghies have minimal controls to master for stress free stints on the sea.
4.     Snorkelling and Spas
When your sense of adventure lies deep within the depths of the ocean, snorkelling breaks are a relaxing respite from the dreariness of daily life.
Enhance the tranquillity by indulging in holistic treatments at your resort’s spa.  
5.     Mountain Biking
Routes on mountain biking holidays can be tailored to suit the proficiency of individual travellers.
Once your guide has been instructed on your preferred intensity level, enjoy a soothing cycle through local villages or challenging rough terrain tracks.

Search online for the best ski deals and cheap holidays to Lake Como – whatever your pursuit of preference, there’s an activity getaway offer for you.

2012 Holiday Deals: Cheap Cyprus Holidays and Beyond

Looking for holiday deals can be time consuming. Browsing brochures is all well and good, but finding a break to fit your budget and which is suited to your holiday style can become a tiring task.
Whether you are looking for a short stint in Spain, cheap Cyprus holidays or frugal Floridian flights of fancy, a quick search online can bring up the best prices for short and long haul destinations.
Close to Home: Majorca
Majorca is always a popular choice among UK tourists.
Diehard clubbing fans should head to the party capital, Magaluf - while Alcudia and its local attractions are more suited to family breaks away.
Wherever you stay, it is guaranteed that you will not be far from one of the island’s 41 Blue Flag beaches.
A Little Further: Cyprus
Cyprus is an exceptionally beautiful island, with year round sunshine and stunning beaches. While Ayia Napa is infamous for its bars and clubs, there are resorts in Cyprus for all.
Those who like to soak up the culture of a destination will enjoy a break visiting the castles and mosaics in Paphos. The Tombs of the Kings, where many aristocrats were buried, is also an interesting excursion.
Far Away: Florida
Children definitely will enter heaven at the gates of Walt Disney World, Orlando – there’s no doubt about that.
Try Universal Studios if you are travelling with older kids and teens. This is the home of Shrek, Spiderman and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
Couples will enjoy the calmer areas of Florida. Clearwater is a great area to visit with its stunning white sand beaches and lovely little eateries.
Should you fancy a day away from the area, Busch Gardens at Tampa Bay is only a short drive away.
Look online for the best holiday deals in Majorca, fabulous flights to Florida and cheap Cyprus holidays.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

On Keeping Fit and Healthy

After those frequent "Eat all you can" adventures I had for weeks with a friend, and most of the time with family, I thought I already generated good amount of needed fats for my body. You see, I sometimes do it on purpose to gain weight.  However, when I stepped on the weighing scale to see how much I improved I was  surprised to see that nothing significant registered on the scale.  “That’s unfair!”  My friend and my partner in most of those dine-outs exclaimed.  “Why didn’t you increase your weight while I gained a great deal in mine?”   The answer to that, I actually have no idea.  I guess it’s in my gene or maybe it is due to fast metabolism. I have been slim (or thin for the more appropriate term) all my life. I used to hope that I would one day be a lot heavier than I actually am. However, all the opportunities had passed me by but the expected weight never was realized.  Others say I should be thankful because I don’t need to go on diet and undergo rigid exercises just to stay slim. Nonetheless, I realized it is still important to watch my food intake for health and fitness purpose.

Anyway, in case you are the opposite of me and wearing a triple XL wardrobe somehow bothers you, there are some weight loss tips that you can consider.

Here are some motivational tips:

·            *    The key to successful weight loss is consistency. Forget the all-or-nothing approach – it always backfires. So choose another route….
·             *    Don’t worry if you fall off the wagon, everyone does every now and then, but there is no choice other than to get back on track again. Forget starving yourself to compensate, or deciding to have a tub of ice cream for dessert because you couldn't resist the pasta for dinner.
·             *    Make sure you don't let one mistake bring you down. Look at yourself and instead of saying “I can't” say “I will” or “I can”

More tips for a slimmer you:
·         * Never skip a meal or snack. Eating 6 small meals per day will help keep your metabolism ticking over. Leaving it too long between meals can slow down your metabolic rate, so always remember the 3 hour rule.
·      *Enjoy a variety of vegetables. Think of the colors of the rainbow when you are choosing your vegetables, they all have different nutrients so having a colorful dinner plate will ensure that you get all the nutrients you need to keep you energy levels high. Go veggies! 
·         *  Sip on water. It might sound boring, but it is a proven fact that even slight dehydration will slow your metabolism, so make sure that you sip on water throughout the day.
·            *  Plan your walk. Put it in your diary and make time for your walk. Everyone can find half an hour in their day. Make it a priority, and don’t forget to use your pedometer.
·           *  Set yourself a small weekly goal. Have your goal written down on a little card, place it next to your bed, and read it every morning. And most importantly - reward yourself!

The road to success is paved by consciously making the choice to succeed. Remember, what the mind perceive, the body can achieve!

Wishing one and all a fit and healthy body.  Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mann Hann’s Chami

Chami is my most favourite food in Mann Hann, (a Chinese Resto located in various big malls).  Everyone in the family knows that.  Last Friday, daughter went out with friends to see a movie in Trinoma.  The moment I heard she was in Trinoma, I texted her right away and requested her to bring home one order of Seafood Chami from Mann Hann.  She said they’d probably finish the movie by 10pm yet and more likely than not, restaurants would have been closed by then. Hence, I just let go of my cravings. Cravings for Chami that never end!   Because you see, I was with my friend in Greenhills just the day before and we had a Chami snack in Mann Hann Greenhills.  ‘Twas my first time to try their Seafood Chami and the more that I got smitten by this special noodle fare. 

When daughter came home by around 11pm, she brought this out.

She bought it before the movie started but only after catching seats for them.  Really, a smart move!  By just looking at it, my mouth  never stops getting watery. Mmmm..  I guess nothing can stop this craving. Not even the continually rising price of it. From 185php few years back, it is now 285php. Whew!

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