Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mothers' Day 2012

Belated Happy Mother's Day to all Moms!  I hope, all of you Mommies out there were able to enjoy this special day dedicated just for us, mothers.  As a mom myself, I am happy that at least I had the chance again to celebrate the day with my family and two other moms, my MIL and SIL.  We picked them up early Sunday morning and headed to Liliw Resort.  Although we have just been there few weeks back, we thought of bringing them there for the balikbayan’s  (mil) sake.  She’s here again for another 6 months vacay.

The trip to Laguna was only a whole day affair. We trekked the Manila East Road and entered Laguna via Mabitac.  We stopped-by at a restaurant named Toks in the same town for our breakfast at around 8am.  I must mention that the place looks good from the outside which misled us to think that their food is worth stopping-by.  Anyway, at least we came to know we should find a better place than Toks next time around!

We passed-by a signage of Panguil Eco-Park.  Made an attempt to see the place but when we were about to get our entrance tickets, it rained.  Expecting that it was a long walk from the main entrance to the stream/picnic place, we aborted the plan. We just went on with our original destination. 

It didn’t take us long to reach Liliw Resort. We only took a picnic hut and hubby and son tied hammocks on trees in case MIL or anyone would want to rest comfortably.  We have tried the resort's food back on our first visit that’s why I preferred ordering from them again instead of going through the laborious preparations I usually do when on outings like this.  Everyone seemed to have good comments on the food delivered in our picnic hut. Hence, my guilt for not preparing picnic food was relieved!
We left Liliw at 3pm and reached Quezon City in time for dinner.  We parked at Eton Centris  in Quezon Ave./EDSA with the plan of dining at Yang Chow Restaurant but we were disappointed  to see the place (and mostly all the other eating places in the area) fully packed. It was Mother’s Day so it’s already expected.  We ended up in Larry and Mau. Another nice place but not nice food.  Will talk about it in another post. :)  For now, I’m happy to have enjoyed our day, the Mother’s Day!
Btw, I sincerely appreciate this Photo Greeting Card of cutie Akesh, the darling daughter of Dhemz Dias which arrived through postal service.  The Dias princess is truly adorable! Thank you Dhemz for the special greeting and Happy Mom's Day to you too!
                                           (no scanner. reproduced by reshooting.)

It's another wonderful day today!  Blessings to everyone!

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Batangala said...

oh no! you passed by panguil eco-park. so near and yet so far, he he he. it's a good thing you by-passed it. they say that its kinda dangerous when it rains because it might be raining upstream and sudden floods might come rushing down.

still have to visit liliw with my family to include nagcarlan and the underground cemetery.

Beng Gee said...

Oh yes! Actually, I don’t wanna miss that place you have earlier suggested so I was intently keeping an eye for that Panguil Eco Park signage. Maybe, if my MIL wasn’t with us, we would have proceeded despite the rain coz I really want to see that ecopark. Well, there’s always a next time anyway.
It’s quite hard to believe that you haven’t been to Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery and Liliw Resort when your wife is from Laguna herself. Hehe.. Inggit nga ako say o eh, kasi she’s from the province that has too many beautiful resorts and historical spots.
Thanks for dropping by Noel!

PinayWAHM said...

Woo hoo! Happy talaga ang Madir kasi nakapag liwaliw sa Liliw...hehehe...korni ko! Happy Mader's Day to you Ate beng!

Kami...we stayed home for a change. It seems we've been going out every weekend so it's welcome rest for me. Yung mag-ama lumabas for some errands on Sat while I stayed home.

Anyway, hope your week is going well.


angsarap.net said...

Looks like a wonderful day indeed, Belated Happy Mothers day

Beng Gee said...

@Huling: Hahaha.. ang totoo, nakakabaliw ang magliwaliw sa liliw! oh, hala, pakornihan ba? hehe.. Happy mother's day to you too!

Nasawa ka na ba sa kakalabas? At least you were able to rest last weekend. Ako, never yata magsawa! Kasi naman pag dito sa bahay, sobrang pagod naman ako kasi nga walang maid. Paglalabas lang makakapag-relax. Hayyzz!

Btw, am still waiting for the photos and videos you promised ha?

Have a nice wednesday! Ingat!

Beng Gee said...

@angsarap.net: It really was, Noel! Thanks for the greeting and for the time spent here.

Have a great day!

Beth said...

I'll be back to read your post about Toks ha? I'm interested...

Liliw Resort must be so good that you keep coming back there, Ate Beng. What a nice way to celebrate mother's day!

In Love With Sunflower said...

Belated Mother's day Ate Beng :)

The resort looks really gorgeous and it's not far from the Metro! When I was younger, we frequented places like this. However after the injury, this place would surely be an arduous place to visit. Nonetheless, I enjoyed viewing the photos. I knew that f-u-n was really experienced by everyone!

Beng Gee said...

@Beth: Why Toks? Any plan of visiting the country and going to Laguna? All I can say is, don’t make Toks your pit stop. Or it’s up for you to see. I just don’t like their food! It’s turo-turo style and I have a feeling some are not freshly cooked. It’s salty and bland. Although not expensive, it would only be a waste of time and money stopping by that resto.

You're right Beth! Just can't get enough of the charm of Liliw. hehe.
Take care always!

Beng Gee said...

@In love with Sunflower: Yes, it's indeed gorgeous however it's no easy access for someone with injury. My close friend also wanted to see the place but he's having second thoughts coz he walks with cane (due to stroke.) I do admire him as I do admire you! Very positive outlook and very inspiring!

Have a great day! Ingat!

A Mom said...

wow, the foods te Beng looks so yum!:)

Beng Gee said...

@A Mom: Thank you! Hope to see you around again, Myrna!

Enjoy your weekend! Take care!

w0rkingAth0mE said...

Nice, parang super cold ng water dyan .. We visited Liliw twice but never had a chance to visit their resort, belated happy mother's day!

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