Friday, May 18, 2012 is Shutting Down

I used to whine about minor technical hitches I encounter with But I understand it now. is the free web hosting site of the first blog I created, or rather, Tom, my hubby had created for me almost 5 years ago.  I gave that first blog the title “My Quiet Zone” for the reason that it’s like a peaceful Shangri la to me after performing the demanding and chaotic household routine of a stay at home wife and mom.  My Quiet Zone, with url -  is also the blog that amazingly reaped loads of paid opps on its heydey. (Naks!)   But really, I am very surprised by the figures My Quiet Zone has produced.. For that, I must acknowledge that was greatly a noble part of it.   With its hiccups and all, I won’t deny I owe much to  It was like my kindergarten school in the techy world.

However, as the saying goes, “Nothing is permanent in this world”, is shutting down due to difficulties of the time.  And  “My Quiet Zone” as well as all the other blogs it hosts will eternally disappear if not saved.   I was informed I can transfer my blog to Wordpress and support  will assist me with it. I appreciate the offer, however I’m having tough time figuring out the procedure.  I hope to save each and every detail of at least all the posts I have in the site so  that it would be like having the original blog with me, only in a new home. Hence, I am now trying to relocate all my posts from i,ph to Blogspot .  It’s currently under construction and by the looks of it, seems like it would take me much longer time before it can be finally published.

To, my heartfelt gratitude for the good times and the benefits My Quiet Zone has had with you.  Hat's off and  God bless to all the people behind it!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Romantic Mini Breaks in Newcastle

Thinking out of the box is paramount when treating the special person in your life to a romantic mini break. Newcastle has so much to offer and is an alternative option to the standard destination choices. Book a night at the Travelodge Central hotel in Newcastle for some of the best deals.

Do you really want to blow your budget on overpriced Newcastle hotels? You can book Newcastle hotels to budget, saving you cash for expensive meals, nights out and dreamy days in the city.

Although there are no Michelin starred restaurants in Newcastle, that will not hinder your options for an amazing night of eating and drinking.

Café 21 is located in Quayside, close to most central Newcastle hotels. The restaurant serves uncomplicated, perfectly presented, good quality food.

Although it is yet to claim a star, Café 21 isn’t short of awards. It currently holds 1 AA Rosette and 4 Good Food Points.

Expect dishes to consist of honest food with an emphasis on meat dishes. Medallions of Northumbrian Venison and Roasted Rump of Lamb both headline the main menu.

Prices are slightly higher than the average a la carte menu. A visit to Café 21 is worth the cost, especially when you are treating someone special.

Although Newcastle doesn’t shout about it, theatre is available in abundance in the city. The Theatre Royal is where to go if you are a fan of Shakespearian plays, as the Geordie home of the Royal Shakespeare Company.

If you prefer your entertainment to have a swing in its step and a song in its heart, try the Sunderland Empire theatre where varied west end productions often claim the billboards.

Or, why not spend a day relaxing in the gorgeous Le petite spa at Quayside. Speak with a therapist in advance who will be able to advise a ‘his and her’ treatment package, personally recommended for you as a couple.

Can anyone really resist the Geordie charm? Book Newcastle hotels online and take your chances.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mothers' Day 2012

Belated Happy Mother's Day to all Moms!  I hope, all of you Mommies out there were able to enjoy this special day dedicated just for us, mothers.  As a mom myself, I am happy that at least I had the chance again to celebrate the day with my family and two other moms, my MIL and SIL.  We picked them up early Sunday morning and headed to Liliw Resort.  Although we have just been there few weeks back, we thought of bringing them there for the balikbayan’s  (mil) sake.  She’s here again for another 6 months vacay.

The trip to Laguna was only a whole day affair. We trekked the Manila East Road and entered Laguna via Mabitac.  We stopped-by at a restaurant named Toks in the same town for our breakfast at around 8am.  I must mention that the place looks good from the outside which misled us to think that their food is worth stopping-by.  Anyway, at least we came to know we should find a better place than Toks next time around!

We passed-by a signage of Panguil Eco-Park.  Made an attempt to see the place but when we were about to get our entrance tickets, it rained.  Expecting that it was a long walk from the main entrance to the stream/picnic place, we aborted the plan. We just went on with our original destination. 

It didn’t take us long to reach Liliw Resort. We only took a picnic hut and hubby and son tied hammocks on trees in case MIL or anyone would want to rest comfortably.  We have tried the resort's food back on our first visit that’s why I preferred ordering from them again instead of going through the laborious preparations I usually do when on outings like this.  Everyone seemed to have good comments on the food delivered in our picnic hut. Hence, my guilt for not preparing picnic food was relieved!
We left Liliw at 3pm and reached Quezon City in time for dinner.  We parked at Eton Centris  in Quezon Ave./EDSA with the plan of dining at Yang Chow Restaurant but we were disappointed  to see the place (and mostly all the other eating places in the area) fully packed. It was Mother’s Day so it’s already expected.  We ended up in Larry and Mau. Another nice place but not nice food.  Will talk about it in another post. :)  For now, I’m happy to have enjoyed our day, the Mother’s Day!
Btw, I sincerely appreciate this Photo Greeting Card of cutie Akesh, the darling daughter of Dhemz Dias which arrived through postal service.  The Dias princess is truly adorable! Thank you Dhemz for the special greeting and Happy Mom's Day to you too!
                                           (no scanner. reproduced by reshooting.)

It's another wonderful day today!  Blessings to everyone!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Amid economic doldrums Brits look to book cheap holidays

It seems there is little good news coming from the UK these days, especially where the economy is concerned. The country is officially in a double-dip recession and criticism of the government’s handling of the matter is at its peak.

Thousands of jobs have been shed by the financial services industry, one of the country’s most important economic drivers. However the good news is that summer is around the corner and while times may be tough, the average Briton will still be looking to book cheap holidays. And the pound’s current strength against other European currencies means that once the flight is booked Brits will have magnified spending power.

Turkey and Bulgaria are the destinations where Britons will be able to get the most bang for their buck and already statistics show that savvy holidaymakers are scrambling to book flights to these destinations.

Of course there is also the other side of the Atlantic, which is always a popular destination. Vacations in Florida especially have always been popular for a gamut of reasons. Florida is not known as the sunshine state for no reason, with temperatures in the 30s the norm. Its beaches are renowned as some of the best in the world, and cities like Miami and Tampa have reputations as being some of the most exciting in the US.

South Beach is undoubtedly the most popular and well-known neighbourhood in Miami, and where many holidaymakers flock to. It is located east of the city proper and is known for its long sandy beaches, almost constant sun and Art Deco architecture. The area also boasts some of the liveliest nightclubs in the city as well as some of the very best restaurants.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Marriage counseling anyone?

A "marriage made in heaven" is a figure of speech we usually associate to a perfect marriage.  But is there really a perfect marriage?  With many relationships breaking up here and there, it is more often believed that perfect marriage is merely paradoxical.

Although no marriage is without any hiccups (that's what I think), there are many ways to keep the relationship alive and nourishing.  For me, I always say that love, trust, respect and a huge deal of communication are the main elements that comprise a happy marriage.  A problem is never solved if it will be left unsettled and undiscussed.  Silence doesn’t always mean peace and contentment.  

If in some point these important elements are lost and marriage is at the edge of breaking up, there are marriage counselling which are of ultimate help to restore cracked relationships.  Beyond doubt, marital  problems are easily resolved by marriage counseling.   So don’t lose hope and don’t give up on marriage if it equates with the world to you. See a marriage counselor if you need to.

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