Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Back to normal

Yes, I’m back to my regular household routine again after my “angel” left for a vacation to her hometown in the Visayas.  She’l l be gone for two weeks and will be back right after the said period.  Hmm, that’s according to her but I’m not expecting.  I’m already sick and tired of these alibis.  I’m coping and so far, I like it without her presence around here.  The only problem that I see right now is the lack of time to go online.  Trying to manage, but obviously this blog is affected.  Anyway, I know I’ll get by.  I don’t wanna miss you guys!  Hope you’ll bear with me but will do my best to visit you all back.  Thank you so much for the effort to drop by.

Have a sunshiny day folks!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Our Holy Week-end 2012

It’s over a week now since the long weekend holiday here in the country.  It was Holy Week, the time of year when the weather temperature usually gets high and people take advantage of the long holiday to escape the humdrum of the demanding city life.  I found my family not exempted from it.  Even only for a couple of days (Black Saturday and Easter Sunday), my family along with my nephew and his own, headed to Liliw Resort in Liliw, Laguna and took refuge in its natural surroundings.

We have attempted to come to this place years back, but we lost our way and ended up in an inferior resort in the area instead.  Funny but we still lost our way again this time despite the GPS gadget of nephew.  Hubby was misguided by the newly opened Star Toll after SLEX.  Nevertheless, we were fortunate that we eventually found the place.

Earlier on, people here in the house were unaware that I have reserved for an overnight stay in the resort.  I was anxious if they would approve the place, especially the daughter who’s a little picky when it comes to resorts. I haven’t actually seen the place, as usual, but the photos of the awesome waterfalls and swimmer- friendly river prompted me to send our 50% reservation fee thru LBC.  I know a one bedroom hut would be quite uncomfortable for 6 people but had no choice cos it’s the only one left unreserved.  Otherwise, no overnight outing for us.

An entrance fee of P50/pax was collected at the entrance of the resort then we were directed to our reserved hut, named  “House of the Rising Sun”. (Ha ha.. what a name!) For P1,700. we settled in a small hut like the one you see in the country side.  It is devoid of modern tech items like air-con or even just a fan, TV, ref and WI-FI!  Nonetheless, I liked its barrio style ambiance.  For the simple me, as long as there’s a private bathroom, I’m fine.  Good thing, no one complained.   Hubby expressed liking the place better than beach resorts.  Surprisingly, the big kiddos, especially the picky girl uttered fondness for it too, requesting that we spend all our coming Holy Week vacays in there. Their reason? It isn’t crowded and very peaceful especially at night.

This is for those who are uncomplicated as I am and wanting to escape to a peaceful hideaway.  It's simply awesome!

Sharing here some photos:
photo taken  by daughter.

Thank you for your time reading this post.  Hope to see you around again.  Have a great day!

Friday, April 6, 2012

I mess up my blog

I think I made the biggest blunder in my blogging activity.  With little knowledge on the consequences of shifting from blogspot to own domain, I have no idea where I went wrong that advertising offers become totally extinct.  The decision to shift was prompted by the hope that it would increase the paid opp tasks I am getting.  But what did I get instead? Zilch ad offers!  Even the adsense on my  home page are all gone! Omg!!  I have a feeling the Url Feeds and SEO’s have something to do with it. Not sure though. I can’t even trace my google feed.  Ouch!  Well, I know I can find it in the net. I just need to be patient.   I have mentioned over and over that I am not a techy person.  Hence, it’s taking much of my time to find where actually  the error lies.  If only I knew that this would be the result, I should have not even dare think of the dot com thingy!
In the meantime, you gotta bear with me and my laziness.  When will this blog come back to its old active life?   I hope and I pray ....   it'll be soon!

Have blessed Holy Week everyone!

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