Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Weekend in Manager’s Place Beach Resort

Feeling the early heat of summer, my family once again trooped to my sis’ place in Balanga, Bataan last weekend.  Thereafter proceeded to Manager’s Place Resort In Morong, Bataan.  Sis found the said resort in the internet as usual.   She warns us that she hasn’t personally seen the place so she’s uncertain what the resort really looks like.  The two big kiddos and I went ahead of sis and Mae,( her daughter) with the hope that hubby already reached the resort as he had biked his way to Morong  hours ahead of us.  But in just few kilometres to the beach, we passed by the biking hubby on the road and saw him get smaller as we left him behind us. 

The owner of the beach resort, Mrs. Paz Abella warmly welcomed us as we arrived at the resort’s gate.   While ushering us inside, she was humbly apologizing for the small area that they have.  Yes, the place maybe small compared to the other resorts in the vicinity but it is obviously well taken cared of.  The surrounding is clean, with beautiful blossoming plants in every nook and crannies. They have different cottages to suit your needs.  Their native roomsi with aircon can each accommodate four. We were six so we got two rooms.  And without us asking, we were given further discounts by Mrs Abella.  Her husband, the former Branch Manager of Land Bank Balanga (where the resort’s name came from) is equally accommodating.  Always on the lookout for anything that we would possibly need, from table to chairs to offering the transfer of heavy griller for our convenience.  Geez, where can you find such friendly customer treatment with personal touch?  We just found it here!  Or could it be because Mr and Mrs Abella discovered they have mutual friends with my sis?  Maybe so, but apart from that, I believe they are truly friendly and  hands on on  their  customer relation.

Besides the owner’s hospitality, what I like here is the clean beach. Unlike the other beaches we've visited,  this one is free from trash and rocks.  Overall, the Manager’s Place is worth coming back.  And I'm already aching to be back soon.  We had a worthwhile weekend!  I once again  took pleasure in my most loved place, the beach

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PinayWAHM said...

Hi Ate Beng! Kainggit naman kasi you're able to have another get-away. Ako eto may tamaritis pa din. I've been busy with a lot of things....

Glad you're able to find such a hospitable place. Buti naman may ganyan pa pala na may personal touch na resort. Yung iba kasi panay bisnes lang ang nasa utak when they start a hospitality business like that one....defeating the purpose kumbaga.

Anyway....thanks for the visit kahit madalang na ko makapunta here...


Pearl said...

Tita Beng,
This is a very nice place! I've never been to Bataan, although my lolo has brothers and sisters there. I heard about the beaches and how good they are.
Here, I can almost experience those because of the pictures you posted.
Thanks for always visiting my blog. It means a lot!

Beng Gee said...

Yes Huling, getaway pa rin kahit sumasakit ang tuhod. Lol! Hindi maitago ang eded. hehe.. But the beach did good to my knee. Nawala ang pain after magswimming! Beach therapy pala ang kailangan.

I understand how always busy you are. Hinay lang sa paghakot ng datung. Baka matabunan. Lol!

Thanks for your precious time Huling! Stay young and sexy! Ingat!

Beng Gee said...

Hello Pearl! Tama ka, it's really a nice place. But I'm sure your place is much more beautiful! Glad to know that you have relatives in Bataan. Baka related pa sila sa in-laws ng sister ko. hehe..

Have a great day and ingat sa pagda-drive!

Tulpar said...

Hi my beautiful Pinay friend. How are you? I like your post. Thanks for sharing..

Love from Antalya, Turkey

Dhemz said...

wow! I so love the place...parang residential lang yung dating....I really miss the Philippines...lalo na ang beaches and foodies!

Beng Gee said...

@Dhemz: Oo nga eh. Simple lang talaga yung place. But the beach is nice!

Come home na if you miss Pinas! But I doubt if you would, kasi ang gaganda ng mga places na pinapasyalan nyo dyan eh!

Take care!

chubskulit said...

Wowowow, looks like a beautiful and relaxing place to spend weekends with family!

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