Monday, February 27, 2012

It’s treadmill for us

In my previous post, I have mentioned about cornering the financier (hubby) to buy us the workout machine we need. We dragged him to the mall (SM North) yesterday and coerced him to buy us the workout machine we’ve set sights on. :)  We are grateful he didn’t react negatively. Well, in fairness to him, he hardly ever declines our requests. That, always earns him 'pogi' points! haha!..  Thus, daughter and I took advantage of him again yesterday. Wink!

We picked treadmill over the elliptical after hearing it’s better than the latter.  As soon as it was brought out of the car, we all took turns in trying it out.  Certainly, it’s fun and beneficial to have such fitness machine right inside our home.  I can't thank hubby any better!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Treadmill or Elliptical Machine

My reflection on the mirror tells me I need to be serious with my fitness workouts.  The bulging tummy seems really difficult to deal with.  Daughter and I used to carry out a hip hop aerobic fitness exercises religiously, a ‘feel good’ kind of exercise for us.  However, seems like the excess belly of mine is too stubborn to leave my sexy body. (Aha haha! Of course, that’s a big joke!)

All along, didn’t know that daughter is genuinely troubled with her increasing weight as well.  Although for me, it isn’t as bothersome yet as she thinks it to be.  Nonetheless,  it’s undeniable, we both feel troubled somehow with our own physical fitness.  And we are determined to upgrade our workout regimen.    

What we plan now is to corner the financier (hubby) to buy us a good exercise machine.   He’s out of the house at the moment, but in the meantime, we are now trying to find which one is good for us.  A treadmill or an elliptical? Can you help us decide?

We hope to have one asap.  Hopefully too, the financier won’t oppose our plan. :)  Gotta wait and see!

Thanks guys, for the visit! Hope you all have a great weekend!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Got to fix my mood

(photo not mine)
 I miss going to RJ Bistro at Dusit Thani Hotel in Makati City.  All I want now is to listen to Ramon Jacinto’s music of the 60’s and the 70's.  Yes, it may only be four months ago when we last visited the place with an old pal.  But unluckily, it wasn’t RJ’s band scheduled then but a band of youngsters with sexy young crooners belting out some unfamiliar pop songs.  Oh, they weren’t bad!  I did enjoy them too.  It’s just that I wanna listen to some RJ’s music, live!

Unfortunately, the husband here can't make it tonight. He begged to move it next week.  I might as well just carry my bowling ball and aim hard to hit the head pins for a strike then ultimately releasing the frustration brewing inside me. It would be just as entertaining, right? 

Alright!!  I gotta go now to prepare for the waiting bowling lanes.  Brb!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Roses for Valentine

Hubby kissed me goodbye for work this morning while I was still half asleep. I didn’t remember hearing any Valentine greeting or anything to that effect at all. Hence, I was pretty much upset! My day is already ruined. ... or so I thought! Until Janina, my daughter, called and asked me If I have already seen the box of roses laid on top of my lappy. She handed it to me and instantly, my mood changed. I presumed he left it in the car and just brought it out this morning. That’s him, always playing mean to me!
Mean or not, I love this man! (ahem!) Thanks for the pleasant surprise, dear!

Happy Valentines to everyone! I hope you all had a blast!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Dinner at Romeo’s in Antipolo

Yesterday, a Sunday, the husband here was out again pedalling with his biker group.  The daughter was with officemates enjoying the Hot Air Balloon festivities in Clark, Pampanga while the son was with his gang on the village’s basketball court.  And me.. I was alone with my "angel" who is mute like, coz she's too lazy to speak a word. I was so glad my friend Lyn very timely asked me to go bowling.  In a dash, I was all set to go.  Out we went and did at least four games with good enough scores while Art, Lyn’s hubby watched us play with all intent.

After bowling, Art suggested we go on a road trip and have dinner in Antipolo. It was easy to say yes, coz I would just comfortably sit at the passenger’s seat of their car while Lyn would do the driving.  Nonetheless, I was also hesitant at first.  But not until I realized I had already prepared my family’s dinner earlier.   With nothing to worry on my part, Lyn stepped on the gas, sped off and  we’re in Antipolo in no time.  We attempted to park on one or two good eating places we passed by along the highway but we were not lucky to find a space.  Finally, we ended in Romeo’s, the eating place my family used to frequent whenever we were in the area. 

Romeo’s, I found out, shows a totally different ambiance in the evening than in daytime.  The hanging colourful lamps, the soothing piped-in music plus the cool evening breeze would make you want to hang out much longer not considering the fantastic view overlooking the Metro’s flickering city lights.  If only we could stay there all night, we would. The place is awesome and the food was great with the exception of Grilled Tuna Belly which turned tough due to over cooking. But other than that, everything is A-okay! 

And before I forget, thanks to my friend Lyn for the treat  again! I owe you one!

Shrimp Ampalaya (Bitter Gourd)

Tuna Sashimi

Ginataang Kuhol (Scargot in Coconut Milk.)


Grilled Tuna Belly

That's all folks.  Have a fantastic week ahead! Happy blogging everyone!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Janina's Birthday in Baguio

Baguio is still the best place to be at this time of the year here in the Philippines.  Me and my family were there last Sunday to Monday and we loved every minute of our stay.  Monday happened to be my daughter Janina’s birthday.  I wanted it to be special for her so I thought of using the voucher I bought many months back.  It was for an overnight stay in Mines View Park Hotel.  So glad we used it at the right time.  The weather was 10’C or 50’F.  It was freaking cold but since we never have yet experienced such low temperature here in Metro Manila, such chilly weather was a welcome respite.

If I may add, hubby as usual broke away from us when we reached Rosario, La Union.  He pedalled his way up to Baguio thru his favourite bike trail, the Kennon  Road.  He accomplished his goal and reached the hotel 3 hours behind us. I guess, nothing or no one can stop him from his passion, which is biking mountain trails.  I just pray for his safety everytime.

Daughter and me at the hotel's front yard.

The Mines View Park Hotel

The Hotel's Restaurant.

A tree's trunk curved with Igorot designs.

My family having breakfast.

Hubby's bike resting at the hotel's terrace.

Soul Siren Nina performing in SM Baguio.
Image Detail
Kennon Road.  (photo not mine)
Thank you for taking time to read this post.  Enjoy your weekend! God bless!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Two-day Shopping and Pig out

Few days after our Subic road trip, I packed a pair of clothing and commuted to my Ate’s (big sis) place in Balanga City, Bataan.  It is where I run to whenever I need some de-stressing although I was far from being stressed that time. Ha ha..  Well, I just miss going there because Sis never fails to cook good food. And not only that,  she doesn’t get tired driving me around to shop for some real good bargains and to treat me to the best eating places she knows of, notwithstanding if the restaurant is in Subic or in Marquee in Angeles or in SM in San Fernando, Pampanga. Fortunately for her, her daughter can now drive and she has since then been spared from that job most of the time.

On the day that I arrived there, we went shopping at the town's Tiangge. Came night time, Mae, her daughter drove us to Subic to have dinner at Meat Plus Cafe and again for another bargain shopping on the duty free shops in the area.

The following day, we headed to Marquee for my Fitflops, then to Fortune Tea House at SM San Fernando for supposedly Peking Duck lunch but unfortunately, it was out of stock. (Sigh!) We still had a great fill anyway!

It was a real chillax day for the three of us.  Thanks to my Ate for the grand time I had!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Another Road trip to Subic and Angeles, Pampanga

Because of Subic’s proximity to Quezon City, it is usually our choice whenever we want to go on an out of town day trips.  Seems like I really could never get enough of Subic no matter how many times we’ve visited the place. That’s why when my friend, Lyn asked me to come with her and her hubby for a road trip to Subic, she needed not repeat the invite.  We were there Sunday, January 22.  With her behind the wheel, we drove around and stopped by at every nice places her husband wanted to see. If I may mention, Art, her husband has been partly paralyzed due to stroke. Because of that sensitive health condition, she’s been spending all  her time for his total welfare.  She has become the ever loving caregiver, driver and all to him.  Seeing him getting bored at home, she thought of bringing him to Subic and Marquee Mall in Angeles, Pampanga to somehow lessen his ostensibly growing boredom.  I could dare say that he’s such a lucky man for having such a tough, caring and loving woman like her.  If there is such an accolade as the "Best-est Caregiver-wife" (Lol!.. ) it could be her. Kudos to you my friend!

Thank you for your time here. Have a great week everyone!

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