Saturday, January 28, 2012

Parrot of Crocodile Park

This is just one of the many parrots being taken cared of in the Crocodile Farm in Davao.  Unlike other parrots, this one has six striking colors. More common species have usually three or four, but this one has six various colors like, green, blue, red, pink, black and yellow-green.  Parrot's photo taken during our trip to Davao last year.

Making this my entry to Color Connection.


Have a happy and enjoyable weekend to all my blogger buddies  and visitors!

6 Comentários:

Joyce Lansky said...

Beautiful bird.


chubskulit said...

That's a colorful parrot TitaB. Thank you for linking up again with CC kaso ang nalink mo ata dun is yung last week hehehe..

Lainy said...

Hi Tita Beng. It's great to be back here. I haven't been online much. And if I am, it should be regulated.

Thanks for swinging by at and over at while I was away. I truly appreciate it.

May you enjoy your Sunday in grand style. Hugs!

Beng Gee said...

@Joyce Lansky: Thanks for liking it and for the time here.

Have a great day!

Batangala said...

sayang. we never went to the crocodile park when we went to davao. i think we just saw too much of buwayas when we were in puerto princesa and here in manila, respecially the airport and roads leading there, ha ha ha

Dhemz said...

super cute! I love the color...:)

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