Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Chateau Royale: Our first out of town trip...

...For the brand new year 2012, that is!  Last weekend, we had the chance to use another promo voucher I bought online.  With my kiddos, daughter’s friend and 2 grandchildren, we trekked the SLEX and headed to Nasugbu, Batangas.  We were joined in by my nephew and his family who had to take the public transport coz we’re short of space inside the car and by hubby who biked the more or less 125 kilometer road from Novaliches, Q.C. to Nasugbu, Batangas via Tagaytay City.  It was already mid-afternoon when the troop was completed in Chateau Royale.

I’m glad I grabbed this promo deal from a group buying site.  I think 1,999.Php for 4/pax , breakfast for four included, free use of swimming pool, and free tour of the flower farm and other spots was truly a good buy!  Kids below 12yrs old were also free of charge.  We were 8 adults and two kids in all. Just the right number for the 2 vouchers I purchased.  Log Cabins are the rooms assigned to this promo deal. Since it is kinda cheap, I didn’t expect the room to be that spacious and nice.  It has two comfy double beds,   decent bathroom, LCD  TV,  and enough space for the kids to play around.  We could all be accommodated in one room but the kiddos just chose to transfer the one mattress from the other room and left the lonesome bed (and the whole room) all to my nephew and his family’s use.  Nonetheless, it was only occupied for sleeping and comfort room utilization.  We couldn’t afford to waste the precious time together thus it was all of us together in our log cabin until sleeping time.

There was no clear prohibition in bringing in foods, so  we brought some to make sure we can get by in case we don’t like the food in their restaurant.  We almost finished the big bowl of carbonarra brought in by niece-in-law, while hubby  feasted on the chicken adobo, shrimps and sandwiches,  yet by dinner time, we still took the 5 minute drive to Tagaytay and dined-in at the popular Dencio’s Restaurant.  ‘Twas a sumptuous meal although quite pricey (to me).  Well, I guess, we paid high not only for the good food but for the name and the ambiance.  No regrets though coz we enjoyed the food and the service. Plus some singing and dancing entertainment from a group of talented kids.

The weather was chilly. You would think that you are in Baguio.  Yeah, that’s the selling point of Tagaytay especially at this time of the year.  Good thing, it was pleasantly cold too in Nasugbu. Back in our room(s), it wasn’t long when everyone was slipping under the comforters and eventually in deep slumber.

Sunday morning was a wet one.  Swimming was aborted except by the kids.  By 12nn, we’re on our way home with a stop-over in Mang Inasal in Tagaytay.  Just met nephew and his wife there coz their kid was with us in the car.  Hubby as usual went ahead of us earlier at 10am coz he's again biking his way home.  When we reached our place, hubby was already there tinkering his beloved Mountain bike!

'Twas an enjoyable weekend for us! I hope yours was much more enjoyed!  Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone! 

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Ika Devita Susanti said...

Wow! Interesting trip. Nice place to visit too. You must have a very delightful days!

PinayWAHM said...

Wow...what a great start to your 'year long' lakwatsas! Tanong....may bike trail bang ginagamit si Kuya T when he bikes that far? Siguro naman noh? Kakatakot kasi kung same road ginagamit nya with the vehicles.

Thanks for sharing about this place...who knows one day eh mapadpad kami dyan di ba?

Thanks for the visit Ate Beng! May 'tamaritis' ako ngayon so I haven't been blogging much....laging nasa FB...ay naku....


Batangala said...

i never did get to buy a voucher for this resort because reviews from the tripadvisor were mixed. sayang, he he he

Beng Gee said...

@Ika Devita: Yes, we had delightful days in that trip we had! And you are right, it's really a very nice place. I hope you can come visit here in our country and see the beautiful places we have here! :)

Thank you for the visit Ika! Be well and take care!

Beng Gee said...

Yeah, sana maganda syang buena mano sa aming mga out of town travels! hehe.. far as I know walang bike trails dito except sa malawak na Commonwealth Ave dito sa QC. Ay naku Huling, I used to worry every time he'll go out on his bike. But his usual reply is: 'pag oras mo na oras mo na'. Kahit nasaan ka, at kahit ano pa ang ginagawa mo. No one can stop him from biking that far! He has gone much farther pa nga e. Nasanay na rin ako. I just pray na lang for his safety.

Sana nga you can come home so E and M could see the nice places here!

Thank you so much at kahit may tamaritis pa eh you still have the powers to drop by!

Have a lovely day Huling!

Beng Gee said...

@Batangala: This promo is really "sulit"! I think they are running another similar promo in another group buying site. Grab na! Lol!

Thanks for the visit Noel! Ingat!

PinayWAHM said...

Ay naku ang reasoning nga naman noh? hahaha...but that's true...kung oras mo na talaga eh wala kang magagawa....toink!

Kaya ako nagtanong kasi yung first cousin eh nabunggo ng van [daw] habang hinihila/tinutulak nya yung motorsiklo nya just after last Christmas. Sadly he didn't make it. I don't know the entire story but when I read na na nag-bike lang si Kuya T papunta sa Batangas eh bigla kong naisip. It looks like Kuya T has the safety gears & all....and I doubt may ganyan yung pinsan ko...probably not even a helmet kasi sa probinsya din yun eh. I guess it's his time na din [sabi nga ni Kuya T...hehe].

TGIF na..yay! Mag biking kami this weekend siguro....3-wheeler nga lang...hehe...

Have a good weekend!


Beng Gee said...

@PinayWAHM: Omg! Sad to know about that fatal accident of your cousin Huling! Condolence to you and the family! I don't think Helmet would be enough to shield them. Yan talaga, that kind of eventuality is what scares the hell out of me! Eh rampant pa naman ang motorcycle accidents dito ngayon. Hay naku, prayer lang talaga ang security armour nya! I just leave him to our Lord Jesus!

Biking or triking? ay, exciting! hehe.. heavy duty trikes ba yan Huling? Light or heavy, basta do it safely, masaya! I tried bking in Nasugbu and enjoyable nga talaga. Kung kaya nga lang ng powers ko, I'd like to go with Tom. Kaso, super layo nman nya e. Di kaya ng battery ko! haha..

Happy TGIF na! Woo hoo! Enjoy your activity at ingat syempre!

Nuna said...

Oh I really want to go there with my family. I hope next month if the budget permits. Or if I get a promo deal. btw, thank you for following my blog. i followed you back. ^_^

ann abrio said...

Hi Mr. Marc Montesa this is Ann Abrio. I don't know if you still remember me but i talked to you regarding my concerns/complains during our stay in Chateau Royale last Dec 27-29.. I wasnt able to write it all in your comment sheet.

Me and my whole family went to Chateau Royale for Christmas vacation last Dec 27 to 29,2012 but unfortunately,we are disappointed with the service.Was not expecting such BAD EXPERIENCE because in your website it looks like the place,people,service is very good but its not.I listed my concerns/comments/complains/observations.

1) Dec 27 arrival- log cabins needs maintenance & looks old.tried to transfer to bigger log cabins but so plenty of ants and finally decided to just get 2 rooms in Skylight Premiere.

2) Housekeeping/personnels who attended us dont know exactly what is the standard bed set-up per room as if they are new employees.I keep on asking them if how many beds are really included so i would know how many extra bed i would be needing.

3) Switch of light & door lock in CR are defective in Room 1 Skylight Premiere.. Door lock of CR in Room 2 Skylight Premiere also defective..We asked for your maintenance to repair but the door lock is still not ok.I thought rooms in Skylight Premiere are your best rooms but i think its not maintained...And why is it your water heater has schedule?so uncomfortable for the guests..

3) Veranda Cafe- dont use menu anymore if most foods are not offered or indicate it in the menu if its not available.that's why when we had our luch in Veranda Cafe i just asked the waiter, WHAT DO U HAVE?since most of what we want to order are not available.???? Then the next morning i called them for food delivery ( breakfast)..the one who answered the phone doesnt know the available breakfast,she even called the waiter.the waiter itself not that familiar which food is available & even ask your kitchen first..

4) Dec 28 we had breakfast in the ballroom behind Veranda Cafe then next day we assumed that same venue for breakfast but its not!!! we were in the main reception already when we found out that the breakfast is offered in your floating restaurant!!!we walked from our rooms to the main reception then walked again back to floating restaurant that is just beside the Skylight Premiere!!! When we arrived in the floating restaurant,almost all the tables are dirty!! no one is cleaning it.hayyy


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