Monday, January 30, 2012

What's the matter with Entrecard?

WTH is going on with Entrecard? I can’t load their page! Can't login since two days ago! Is it only me who’s getting this problem? I am a long time registered member but I started to make use of the EC only few months back. Since then, I had been enjoying the EC dropping thing as well as reading those interesting blogs out there. I've been getting a good number of drops back which I think must be appreciatively acknowledged. I'm dying to do my EC dropping thing but I'm getting frustrated not being able to login.

I wonder when the mess would end! Any feed back?

Have a wonderful start of the week! Thanks for visiting, buddies!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Parrot of Crocodile Park

This is just one of the many parrots being taken cared of in the Crocodile Farm in Davao.  Unlike other parrots, this one has six striking colors. More common species have usually three or four, but this one has six various colors like, green, blue, red, pink, black and yellow-green.  Parrot's photo taken during our trip to Davao last year.

Making this my entry to Color Connection.


Have a happy and enjoyable weekend to all my blogger buddies  and visitors!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Yellow Signage


We drove to Subic yesterday with my friend on the steering wheel.   Catching this yellow signage of the All Hands Beach, a nice beach with calm water which I plan to go back to for our summer outing.

Sharing this as my entry for Mellow Yellow Monday.  Have a delightful Monday everyone!

99.9% Unique Blog Award

What?? This blog of mine, 99.9% unique? Love it! (Big Grin!)  Nonetheless, true or not, A Single Mom's Blog has shared this award to this humble blog of mine.  Thank you so much my friend for this unique award. I truly appreciate it.

Consequently, I am sharing this awesome award to these admirable blogpals with considerably unique blogs! I hope you guys, like it!

1. PinayWAHM               
2. Dhemz                          .
3. Chubskulit                      
4.  Lainy    .           
5. Liz
6. Nancy
7. Ika Devita

Kong Hei Fat Choi!  May this year of the Dragon be a better year for all! Peace and Happiness to everyone!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Orchids of Bahay Pawid

These photos of orchids are taken when we stopped by in Bahay Pawid Restaurant in La Union the last time we went up to Baguio.  This place is our favourite pitstop before climbing up the zigzag Kennon Road.  I love this place because they have this orchid garden that is almost always bursting with blooms.

Posting these coloful orchids as my initial entry for Color Connection. Have a colorful day everyone!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Magic Trick

Our attention was caught by this "Magic" act being shown in the Mall yesterday.  The lady performer was carried by the magician and laid her body on two standing poles. Afterwhich, the pole supporting the lady's buttocks was taken away leaving only the pole that supports  the neck. Still, the lady remains horizontally suspended on air. Amazing!
This is my very first attempt to join a meme.  With the color yellow at the background setting,  this makes my entry to Mellow Yellow.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Christmas Parcel from Texas

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the parcel I claimed from the post office.  It came from a long time blogger buddy who's like a daughter to me. She is Demcy Apdian Dias or Dhemz to all of us, her blogger friends.   I never expected such act of thoughtfulness to come from someone whom I haven’t yet met in person although I seem to have known her and her family too well through her interesting blogs. I was indeed, very much touched by the kind thought she sent my way!

Thank you so much Dhemz!  I love each and everything you sent me most especially the greeting card with your lovely photos and the “Blogging Rocks” ref magnet. I'll treasure this new addition to my collection of ref magnets. The magnetic note pad is so pretty as well as the Las Vegas key chain.  I love the colour of the lipsticks too. .. and the lip smacking Texas chocolate bar, great!  Thanks for sharing the life in Texas thru your Greg and Demcy 2011 Newsletter. 

I only wish I could have the opportunity to meet you in person together with Greg and Akesh when you visit back the country. 

Again, my heartfelt gratitiude to you and family! God bless!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Chateau Royale: Our first out of town trip...

...For the brand new year 2012, that is!  Last weekend, we had the chance to use another promo voucher I bought online.  With my kiddos, daughter’s friend and 2 grandchildren, we trekked the SLEX and headed to Nasugbu, Batangas.  We were joined in by my nephew and his family who had to take the public transport coz we’re short of space inside the car and by hubby who biked the more or less 125 kilometer road from Novaliches, Q.C. to Nasugbu, Batangas via Tagaytay City.  It was already mid-afternoon when the troop was completed in Chateau Royale.

I’m glad I grabbed this promo deal from a group buying site.  I think 1,999.Php for 4/pax , breakfast for four included, free use of swimming pool, and free tour of the flower farm and other spots was truly a good buy!  Kids below 12yrs old were also free of charge.  We were 8 adults and two kids in all. Just the right number for the 2 vouchers I purchased.  Log Cabins are the rooms assigned to this promo deal. Since it is kinda cheap, I didn’t expect the room to be that spacious and nice.  It has two comfy double beds,   decent bathroom, LCD  TV,  and enough space for the kids to play around.  We could all be accommodated in one room but the kiddos just chose to transfer the one mattress from the other room and left the lonesome bed (and the whole room) all to my nephew and his family’s use.  Nonetheless, it was only occupied for sleeping and comfort room utilization.  We couldn’t afford to waste the precious time together thus it was all of us together in our log cabin until sleeping time.

There was no clear prohibition in bringing in foods, so  we brought some to make sure we can get by in case we don’t like the food in their restaurant.  We almost finished the big bowl of carbonarra brought in by niece-in-law, while hubby  feasted on the chicken adobo, shrimps and sandwiches,  yet by dinner time, we still took the 5 minute drive to Tagaytay and dined-in at the popular Dencio’s Restaurant.  ‘Twas a sumptuous meal although quite pricey (to me).  Well, I guess, we paid high not only for the good food but for the name and the ambiance.  No regrets though coz we enjoyed the food and the service. Plus some singing and dancing entertainment from a group of talented kids.

The weather was chilly. You would think that you are in Baguio.  Yeah, that’s the selling point of Tagaytay especially at this time of the year.  Good thing, it was pleasantly cold too in Nasugbu. Back in our room(s), it wasn’t long when everyone was slipping under the comforters and eventually in deep slumber.

Sunday morning was a wet one.  Swimming was aborted except by the kids.  By 12nn, we’re on our way home with a stop-over in Mang Inasal in Tagaytay.  Just met nephew and his wife there coz their kid was with us in the car.  Hubby as usual went ahead of us earlier at 10am coz he's again biking his way home.  When we reached our place, hubby was already there tinkering his beloved Mountain bike!

'Twas an enjoyable weekend for us! I hope yours was much more enjoyed!  Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone! 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Last New Year...

We didn’t buy fireworks and firecrackers like I used to. Not much food prepared either though I still did some cooking. I omitted my roast beef this time to give way to the kiddos’ and hubby’s much liked lechon kawali and menudo. For me to have something to eat, I made the easiest to prepare fried chicken as well as some macaroni spaghetti and fruit salad. I’m not a pork eater, hence, I let them do the taste test of the pork recipes I cooked. I guess it was good coz I got a thumbs-up for it. Lol! Added on the table was the tasty and crispy lechon (looks like to me, coz I didn’t eat it) handed out by our good neighbour. (Thanks, Ariola Family!) Nice to have such good neighbour like them!

We didn’t spend a single centavo on fireworks but we still enjoyed the spectacle of colourful fireworks and pyrotechnics.  Thanks to our neighbours!  We had fun watching.  What a good way of enjoying New Years' Celebration! ... penny-wise and safety-wise. wink!  (photo courtesy of Atty. Aimee Ariola)

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