Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012, Welcome 2013!

In just very few hours, 2012 is about to end. But before we welcome 2013 and let go of the old year, let us look back and reflect.  There had been disasters and misfortunes, senseless killings, and lots of unwanted events that took place,  however,  despite the heartbreaking occurrences, we know we are strong and could carry on. No matter what, 2013 is filled with loads of hopes and dreams. 

 Let us face the New Year 2013 with great faith and enthusiasm.   New Year is a new chance to enjoy a much beautiful and brighter tomorrow.

Goodbye 2012!  ...thank you for the happy times!
Welcome 2013! ....looking forward to wonderful days ahead with you!

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!  

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

It's the joyful day of Christmas

Let the spirit of love and charity fill up our hearts. Merry Christmas to all my relatives and friends and all the visitors of this blog.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Daughter wins iphone5

The latest Apple iPhone 5 was recently released here in the Philippines, ( December 14 to be exact.)  In conjunction with its launching in the local market, the two leading mobile networks, SMART and GLOBE set a promo contest thru the celebrities of the different entertainment media utilizing the social networks like Twitter.  Maxene Magalona, a movie and TV personality was amongst those delegated by SMART Network to initiate the promo contest thru her Twitter account.  Daughter Janina, ( a.k.a. Janinoks in Twitter) being Maxene’s follower, took her chance and joined in.  Extensively kept tweeting and re-tweeting the iPhone5  theme for a thousandth  time (wink! this is exagged!) until she received the message that she was the winner of one of the newest released iPhone 5. 

When she told me about it, I was doubtful if it’s for real.  You see, I always had that (wicked) notion that prizes of most contests are always given to someone whom they personally know.  Obviously now, I was wrong!   My utmost respect and apology to Maxene Magalona and Smart Network!   Will forever have this high regard for her and for Smart Network as well (especially now that Smart’s rival Globe’s service is too much of a pain in the ass!   We get no signal most of the time in this part of MetroManila!  My Globe sim card is  getting useless!

Anyways, much for nitpick!   Honestly, I’m happy like I’m the winner of iPhone 5.  What more of the actual winner, Janinoks!  Haha.. I think she’s still in cloud nine!

Have a blessed day everyone! Thank you and hope to see you here again!

Top 10 Reasons Holiday Makers Overspend

Only few more sleep and it’ll be Christmas. Many of you must be very busy planning what to have, what to do or where to spend the magnificent holiday of the year.  This is one season where we can’t help but have fun and make our loved ones happy. Hence, spending on food and gifts or going on a holiday trip are essential fragments of giving joy on Christmas. Just be sensible on your spending.  Take note of the top 10 reasons holiday makers overspend. Be cautious! But in case you got entangled with some extravagance and you ran out of cash, you know where to go. Just click the link for a speedy Payday Loan.


Friday, December 21, 2012

My love affair with birds

I don’t know why, but I have this special fondness for birds.  Years back, I remember having pushed DH to buy the pair of parrots we saw being sold along NLEX.  DH refused at first because it was too expensive (Php5,000.) but I wanted it so badly that I had to think of a way to make him give in. Thus, I requested him to make it his anniversary gift to me.  Ultimately, he gave in and I was really thrilled when I brought those parrots home.   That was many years ago and those parrots are now in Birds' Heaven . I couldn't forget how devastated I was then.  

There was also a time when  I couldn’t help but buy two pairs of parakeets from a pet shop in a mall. I was always charmed by their cheerful chirps all day and  amused as I watch then play and kiss inside their cage.  One day,  oblivious to my then little 4 year old daughter who went to unlock the cage and left it open (looked like she was experimenting what the birds would do).  I was panic-stricken when I saw the birds flying around the garage hesitant to fly away. Good thing, I easily caught each and brought them back to the cage again.  It’s one of those many unforgettable event  I had with my pet birds. There were many different others that I’ve bought and taken care of.  All of them gave me special joy just like what this Martines bird or Crested Mynah is giving me now. Martina, (that's how we call her) is with us for 7 months now. She was being peddled in our village and when I saw her, I wasn't able to control my love affair with birds again.  I have seen a Martines bird that talks so I am hoping that we would also hear her talk one day. So far, she's very cheerful and lively and talks much. Only, we couldn't understand what she's saying. Lol!

Just recently, DH brought out his mobile phone and showed me what he caught on video. I was thrilled seeing this Ring-Eyed African Lovebird hitchhiking with him on the windshield wiper of his car.  It looked comfortably enjoying the ride for a very long while until it got disturbed by a passing pedestrian which prompted the bird to abort the joy ride.  It broke my heart when I saw it flew away! Ahh.. if I were with DH that time, I definitely would have grabbed this cutie love bird! I'm sure it's not hard to catch just like the lovebirds that we had before.

(Sorry that I can only post photos.  I'm having trouble uploading videos on my lappy.) 

Have a bright sunny day everyone! Don't stress yourself too much for the coming holiday season. Be well!

Friday, December 14, 2012

20th Year of Journey to Cancer Free Life

Twenty years after my breast cancer diagnosis, I can't help but look back.  I am trying to decipher why I made it through while others did not.  I suppose, God must have set out a greater mission for me to have leased me a second life.  That mission is still unknown to me till now.  I hope one day, I would realize that I had accomplished that mission without delay.   I am grateful that I am blessed to still be around today enjoying life, ..laughing and loving.  There are times of aches and pains but it is an integral part of being alive.  It is not a half-empty glass but rather a half-filled glass for me.   Always, countless blessings exist anywhere, everywhere.  "One’s healing depends on his state of mind. If you think you are sick, then you surely are. Whatever your mind perceive, you’re body will achieve.”  These words from my doctor makes sense to me now.

It is said that to be diagnosed with Breast Cancer is to live with it through the rest of your life. Nonetheless, I would like to think that I had hit it right in the head which knocked it down completely without the chance of getting awake.

Come celebrate with me and cheers to all of us, Breast Cancer Survivors!  Whether still on the arena and giving a good fight or declaring a knock out win, we are all winners for having strength and courage to face the challenge!

You may care to read my cancer story here. 

Thank you so much for the visit and spending time to read. Have a great day!

Of Sin Tax and E-Cigarettes

It is a proven fact that smoking and alcohol drinking are hazardous to our health.  That is one of the reasons why some lawmakers passed the Sin Tax Bill.  This bill aims to lessen, if not to eradicate the rising number of smokers and alcohol drinkers thereby reducing health ailments caused by cigarette and alcohol abuse.   Likewise, it would help increase the revenues badly needed by the government. The lawmakers expect that the number of smokers and alcohol drinkers will diminish due to its prohibitive price.  And after the many years that the bill for the said sin tax has been discussed and debated over,  the bill restructuring the excise taxes for cigarette and alcohol products was finally ratified by  Congress and Senate last Tuesday, December 12.  Ultimately, paving the way for the Sin Tax Bill to be passed and signed into law by President Noynoy Aquino. 

Now, if you are a smoker, would you be alarmed?  I bet, you would be with the health issues as well as with the extortionate prices of the vices you are into.  Nonetheless, have you heard of the E-Cigarettes?  I am a  non-smoker,  hence I have no idea what pleasure the smoke gives that makes it hard to discard from the system. They say E-Cigarette is a good alternative for real cigarettes.  Better to read more to  learn more about the facts of the product .  There are many questions about its safety  but I guess, sans the tar of a real cigarette, it is a little safer than the real one.  And for the excessive prices this sin product have in the offing, is E-Cigarette the answer to Sin Tax?  Hmm.. for smokers, you gotta know!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Post Script: Boracay Food Trip and Puka Beach

Okay, I’m back.   Just sad that laziness struck again. Nevertheless, I’m still posting the last leg of our Boracay getaway no matter how stale it is.

One of the pleasures of travelling is food trip.  In Boracay, one can always find the right food that fits the budget.   Scrumptious meals are easy to find with prices that are easy on the pocket to the priciest buffets of the lavish five star hotels. 

Our first lunch as mentioned before was in Mang Inasal.  If you’re on a tight budget, this place is worth seeing as with Andok’s. Both have chicken as their specialty. For dinner, we tried  few of the buffets set out on the beach.  Priced much higher but it is already expected  because of the prime location and the presence of musical performers.   After dinner, we went for some drinks on the beach while watching sexy tourists in skimpy bikinis.  Noticed some youngsters making "architectural" sand castles although such activity is already prohibited.  Seen one sand castle almost fully finished but was stepped on and destroyed by a watch man. Nonetheless, as soon as the watchman left, the youngsters  went on creating a new one. " Ang kukulit talaga! (truly difficult kids!Lol!) But in fairness, their work was impressive.

Our second day lunch was pizza and pasta in Shakey’s.   Please be warned that although it’s hot and sunny in Boracay, Shakey’s Parlor here doesn't have air conditioners.  Just wipe and dry if you perspire. Lol!

The eating place I enjoyed most was at D’ Talipapa.   This place is comparable to Dampa in Paranaque or the seaside paluto restaurants in Macapagal Ave., in Pasay.  I was pleasantly surprised to find fresh lapu-lapu fish and other seafoods cheaper than in Manila.  Probably because it was lean season then. 
Everything in the market is fresh and cheap but the frugal in me is automatically "on"  for haggling. Don’t know why, but it always gives me extra delight if I get discounts. :) 

For our last day adventure, we reached the serene and lovely Puka Beach on an ATV again.   The kiddos enjoyed the ride so much that they chose to ride it again instead of getting a much, much cheaper tricycle.
Puka Beach appeared forlorn.  . No single tourist was yet present that early Saturday morning.  It was all ours that time except for hawkers of puka shells accessories.  I noticed the beach is not as flat.  We we’re told by the people around that it was because Pres. Erap gathered and brought an enormous part of sand to "his used to be Boracay Mansion".   Hmmn... tsk tsk..

We were back at the hotel in time to pack our luggage.  At exactly 12 noon, we checked out and left our bags at the hotel  Then headed to D’Talipapa again for some souvenir shopping and lunch.  Our return flight was in Kalibo which is way farther than Caticlan.  We had to travel more than an hour from the port to the airport. It’s alright anyway, coz I had the chance to see both airports.
Buffet food of La Carmela
Roast Beef Pizza
Shakey's Fried chicken
Carbonara and Garlic Bread
Dining place in D'Talipapa
Sweet and Sour Lapu-lapu

Garlic /Buttered Scallops
Fish Sinigang
Kiddos' fave: Camaron Rebosado
Grilled Pork
Grilled Squid
Choosing the freshest fish at d' talipapa.
While waiting for our food.
Nice place to chillax.

La Carmela's Buffet by the beach.

The kiddos exploring Puka Beach.
Fishermen docking(?)
almost washed away.
Daughter posing for Kuya's underwater camera

ATV ride, 2nd time around
Hanging out by the lobby.
Fruit vendor.
Dreamland amusement park.

At the airport.
Boarding time w/ DH.
Our Boracay getaway was long way over. Yet the beauty of the No 1 Island in the World wouldn’t leave my mind.  I wanna go back to that enchanting beach island soon.  Next summer, maybe?! Keeping my fingers crossed. Haha..

Thanks for coming by. 

Have a fantastic day everyone. See you around! 

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