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Davao Day 2 - Part 1: Phil. Eagle Center, Kookel's, Jack's Ridge, Japanese Tunnel

This is a long delayed post.  But I’m posting it just the same for the sake of documenting the memorable vacation/celebration of ours. 

On the second day of our trip to Davao, we're up from bed early in spite of the tiring tour we had the first day. We were picked up by our driver/tour guide ahead of the appointed time and headed early to the Philippine Eagle Center.   We have heard much about this center where the famous Philippine Eagle named Pagasa is being taken cared of and that made us curious how the birds are doing there.  We found out that Pagasa and another one named Pagkakaisa were products of artificial insemination, a successful attempt to increase the dwindling population of the Philippine Eagles. It is now 19 years old. Pagkakaisa, I think is younger. Pagasa is indeed huge! I can only imagine how magnificent it could be if seen out in the wild freely flying high! Hopefully, time will come when humans will be gentler and would stop their poaching activities for the survival of the wild life.

Our trip to Philippine Eagle Center was more of educational than leisure. Pythons are displayed on a couple of stores just like an ordinary pet cat or pet dog.  They rent it out for photo op purposes. The two boys dared posing with one.  I couldn’t help screaming out of fright! More so when I saw a man placed her little baby girl inside the cage of a massive python just to prove to us that the python isn’t at all ferocious. Oh my!

Pagasa: The Celebrity Phil. Eagle

Buying few little souvenirs.

Son with the albino python.

Patronizing native accessories being sold by a Maranaw boy.

The little baby making the python's cage her crib.

It was noontime when we finished exploring Phil. Eagle Center.  Subsequently, our tour guide/driver brought us to Kookel's  for our eating escapade.   Kookel’s is another Filipino inspired restaurant located in Bangkal, Davao City. It is also one good eating place with considerably fine ambiance. It has two al fresco dining section and one air conditioned area. We chose to stay inside the aircond room since it was humid and hot that noon.  Food choices were the usual Pinoy fare the kiddos enjoy.  Sisig, chicken barbecue, chop suey and the likes.  I’d say food was great and reasonably priced which is likewise highly  recommendable to those who’d visit Davao.

Wanting to see a lot more of Davao’s popular places, we rushed to see the historical Japanese Tunnel but passed by Jack’s Ridge along the way.  Located at the top of Shrine Hills in Matina, Jack’s Ridge is a  resort  with restaurants and bars to choose from and a pool which we were not able to see.  From here, the breathtaking view of Davao can be seen crisp and clear on a bright sunny day. Likewise, we were told that it is more interesting at night coz the city lights brings forth more enigmatic scenery than daytime.  After some good photo sessions we proceeded to Japanese Tunnel.

The big kiddos while waiting for our driver.

The Japanese Tunnel is a historical spot that was conserved and safeguarded from further destruction. The remaining tunnel is only about 300 meters long but is said to be much, much longer and crisscrossed had it not been occupied and owned by other private individuals.  It is totally dark if not for the light bulbs that lit the place.  It’s hard to believe how this tunnel took its shape.  From there, you can clearly visualise the sufferings of the Filipinos who were forced to dig the tunnel under the harsh supervision of the Japanese conquerors.  It was indeed a nice actual review of our Philippine history.

The facade of the Japanese Tunnel.

Japanese lady statue to welcome you as you enter the tunnel.

Can barely see but I'm in the photo. Lol!

Countless birds' nests attached to the "ceiling" of the tunnel.
The place has become birds' sanctuary of sort.

Railings are placed around the water spring
for safety measure.

The big kiddos as they came out of the tunnel.

There goes my very late post. Thank you so much for taking time reading this entry! Have a great day!

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PinayWAHM said...

Ahasssss!!! Ayaw ko ahassss....takot ako eh....dito nga nakakita ako ng baby garter snake sa may harapan...2 araw akong di lumabas...hehe...duwag ko no Ate Beng?

Kamusta na? Mukhang bisi ang buhay buhay ah. Ako eto at pasimple lang...tamad mag blog at mag hop....

Anyway..enjoy the week. Konting tulog na lang pasko na naman....hay kay bilis ng panahon talaga....


Beng Gee said...

Ako din naman sobrang takot sa ahas Huling! At naku, may baby snake ba ika mo sa garden mo? Hindi ba dangerous yung garter snake na yun? Ingat lang ha.

Yes, medyo busy ng konti. Pabalik-balik sa mall sa pagsosoli ng xmas lights. hehe.. hanggang ngayon di ko pa rin tapos ang pagkabit e pasko na. ay yay yay!

Tumpak ka dyan Huling. Ilang tulog na lang lampas na ang pasko at 2012 na! Grabe amg bilis!

Have a nice Wednesday!

angsarap said...

Wow that's a Philippine eagle, the last time I saw one was when I was 10 years old

Princess Sarah said...

wow na wow talaga ang mga eagles sa pinas, anyway, thanks for the visit and the comment Beng, blessings always.
Bacolod and Beyyond

Dhemz said...

ang ganda talaga nang Davao...kakatakot naman yung python...ayayay!

parang nalibot nyo na ang buong pinas titaBeng...ehehhehe!

Dhemz said...

honga pala titaBeng..pede paki PM yung mailing add nyo...maraming salamat po!


chubskulit said...

Your son is very brave TitaB, snake is one of the most feared living creature of my life. No matter how small it is, it always gives me a creepy feeling every time I see one lol.

Advance Merry Christmas TitaB and the whole family!

Admin said...

Whew!! I can only imagine how draining your day was but i must say every inch of that day is worth it.

Have you tried Durian?

Beng Gee said...

Good for you, Raymund, you're still lucky! Ako nga, at my age,(don't ask how old) it was my first time to see a Phil. Eagle eh! Wawa naman ako 'no? Lol!:)

Thanks for dropping by buddy! See you again!

Beng Gee said...

Princess Sarah: I agree! Phil Eagles are really amazing! Don't mention it, your blog is amongst those worth spending time with.

See you around!

Beng Gee said...

Ganda talaga ng Davao Dhemz! Would love to go back there if there's a chance! Pareho lang tayo, super takot din ako sa snakes!

That's my wish. Ang malibot ang buong 'Pinas. Too many beautiful places yet to see. Hopefully, we'll see them all! :)

Have a great day! Ingatz!

Beng Gee said...

@Chubskulit: My son used to be a bit scared of snakes too. I'm glad he overcame his phobia. Pareho mo Rose, sobrang takot din ako sa snakes. Natural lang siguro yun. haha..

Thanks! Sending back a warm early Christmas Greeting! Take care!

Beng Gee said...

@Admin: You're absolutely right Nance! I love every minute of our stay in your wonderful city. So peaceful but exciting! A "must see place" for tourists, locals and foreigners alike!

Durian? All my companions were addicted to it. I still wonder why! haha.. It was the first time for them to taste it pero na-addict na sila. ..except me! hehe.. I simply can't take the smell. eek!

Thanks for all your suggestions. We were somehow guided by it.
Have a nice day! God bless!

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