Friday, November 4, 2011


I first saw this fashion jewelry displayed in a showcase in Landmark, Trinoma. I wanted to buy it right there and then but I was taken aback upon seeing the tag price.  It’s an Anne Klein Charm swarovsky silver tone bracelet alright but I think it’s a bit overpriced at had to forego the desire.  At home, I described to daughter the item I fancy.  She took something inside her room and brought it out to me. “Is it like this?”  Showing me an exactly similar bracelet.  I learned it was a gift from the boyfriend.   I was green-eyed!  I saw it too in the internet but had qualms ordering online if not thru paypal.  Then, I saw one in Royal Duty Free in Subic.  But had a second thought coz it’s still priced higher than those in the net.  When I heard that my sis was in Subic weeks ago, I requested her to buy it for me and will just reimburse her.  However,   when she was about to buy it, I backed out again (for the nth time! hehe). Ooh lah lah..  yeah, that’s me! This time, very fickle minded and has gotten over the OCD!  Lol!  Umm..  are you now bored with my long story?  Hehe..  please don’t be. Hold on a li’l more!  Haha!

So let me continue..  last week, my US Navy nephew and his family arrived from the US for short visit and for their baby’s baptism.  We went to see them in Bataan.  After long updating, daughter raised her own arm along with my NIL’s, (nephew’s wife) showing me the identical twin bracelets they were wearing. Yes, they both have the same bracelet I’m longing to have.  I was told it was also a gift from her hubby, my nephew. After knowing that it’s cheaper in the US Naval Base, I asked her if she can buy me one from there to be reimursed upon delivery and she readily agreed!  Then we all met again in the cemetery last Sunday.  Iya, my NIL,   announced she has a surprise for me as she handed me one small black suede pocket.  When I opened, it was the bracelet nephew gave her.  She said she decided to give it to me coz she knew I wanted it so much and it will take a long time before she can deliver my request.  Aware that it was a gift from her hubby, I was a bit adamant to accept but she insisted.  Nothing to worry she said.  And how can I refuse my ever coveted Anne Klein Charm bracelet.  This niece-in-law of mine truly knows how to please people most especially us, her in-laws! Lol! I was overwhelmed! I'm pretty sure, she knew how much she made my day!

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PinayWAHM said...

WowZa! Bait naman ni NIL. She must love and like you a lot to gift you with a gift from her hubby!

Parang nakikita kong nagniningning ang iyong mga ng parang mga bituin sa langit nung malaman mo na ang iyong pinaka aasam-asam na pulseras ang nasa loob ng maliit na bag.

Sumakit ulo ko dun sa tagalog ko...haha. Seriously, ang ganda naman kasi ng charm na yan. Out of curiousity tiningnan ko sa online and I found it on Amazon. Grabe naman ang patong na presyo sa Landmark ah...dinoble nila. Oh well ganun talaga sa malls or they won't be able to make any money kasi mahal din ang renta nila.

Enjoy your new charm bracelet. I have a feeling it won't be leaving your wrist for quite a well. Am I right or am I right???

Happy [talaga] weekend, Ate Beng!

Beng Gee said...

Hahaha! You're very, very right Huling! Nag-uumapaw ang kaligayahan sa aking puso nung makita ko yung bigay ni Nil! O,ayan.. talo ko ang tagalog mo! haha! Di ba naman, sobrang doubled and almost tripled pa nga ang presyo ng landmark? 'Tsaka fashion jewelry lang sya para magbayad ako ng ganun kamahal kaya urong sulong ako sa pagbili kahit sobrang gusto ko sya. Lol! SAbi nga ni Janina,(si daughter) kaya daw pala di ko mabili-bili eh may magbibigay sa kin. Ganun yata talaga, pag bumukol, talagang ukol! hehe..

Hayz.. what a nice weekend that was. Rest naman ngayon kahit another long weekend ulit dito. Stay lang kami dito sa bahay.

Huling, salamat palagi sa oras mo!! Alam mo naman, you always make my day din! Enjoy your weekend with M & E!

Dhemz said...

awwwwwwwwww....the end! hehehhe....I can't afford cute ang bait pa ni NIL ha....:) maagang pamasko...ehehe!

J said...

what a nice gesture! thinking back, parang ganun din when I gave my friend my used necklace.

enjoy your charm bracelet. love it!

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