Friday, November 25, 2011

The stumbling block

Our flight to Davao, a province located in Mindanao Island south of the Philippines was early Saturday morning.  We needed to be in the airport at least 3 hours before departure time.  As we were running out of time to reach the airport on schedule, hubby sped up his driving.  However, in so doing, he wasn’t able to avoid running over a goddamn big rock lying on the middle of the poorly lit road.  The result?  A damaged oil tank that drained all the oil!  We weren’t even halfway to airport yet.  To cut the story short, hubby had to be left behind. His plane ticket wasted and had to book for the next day’s flight.  The car had to be towed and be brought to the repair shop. Since it was 2 am, he had to wait for business hour to call a towing service.  We, (the two big kiddos plus daughter's friend) were lucky that a taxi terminal was just few steps away from where we were stalled.  We effortlessly availed one that understood our predicament. We quickly transferred all our luggage.  The cab driver did well!  Good grief, I thought he was a bullet train driver! Haha..  We reached the airport without delay and we still were able to enjoy the luxury of some extra time before departure. 

That's all for now buddies! Just wanna share here the glitches we went through. Will definitely post our Davao adventures next blog time! Have a nice day!

3 Comentários:

Cheryl said...

Oh no! How awful to have had such an unfortunate accident. I hope your husband was able to catch up with you quickly. You certainly all deserve rest and relaxation!

Batangala said...

sinusupense mo naman kami sa davao trip nyo, he he he... hirap talaga pag nagkaroon ng problma especially when you're all ready and excited to go

Dhemz said...

wow!super bonggacious naman tong getaway nyo te....ganda nang wedding anniversary celebration nyo...thanks for sharing the looking at them...super fun!

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