Monday, November 14, 2011

Davao here we come!

As a way of celebrating our wedding anniversary, which is to happen a week from now, I had proposed to hubby that we go out of town again, just like the past years.  As soon as he consented to my out of town proposal, I delegated to daughter the planning and bookings.  I originally wanted to go to Palawan but daughter wasn’t amenable coz she already has booked Palawan with her friends for January.  So we leave all the planning to her.   She brought up Davao to us and we agreed.  Thus booking is done in a breeze!  So far she’s still working on our itinerary, looking for the good places to see.  We don’t want to regret not having seen one good place in Davao. So if ever any of you guys have been there or are from Davao yourself, kindly drop me a few lines about the best places we should not miss in Davao! Can’t wait for Saturday to come! Ciao!

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Admin said...

Wow, congratulations in advance to your anniversary Mommy Beng. You won't regret to have chosen Davao.

Re: Place to stay... JK and I stayed at Chateau Veronica Apartelle for 16 days. Here's the website.

Medyo hindi nga lang updated but just so you will get to see pictures of the place.

Eto naman yung rates:

Superior room - single: 880
double: 980
Deluxe room - single: 980
double: 1, 180
Studio - single: 1, 180
double: 1, 380
Deluxe Suite - Single: 1, 380
double: 1, 580
2-bedroom unit (6persons) - 2, 580
4-bedroom unit (12pax) - 4, 280

Yung ibang details nasa website.

And as for place to visit, I would still recommend EDEN Nature Park.

You have to rent a car to go there Mommy. But if you do I suggest, rent a taxi. Should not be over 3000 for a whole day rent (from 7am-7pm)plus with that option you can ask the driver to take you to other places like Crocodile Park, nearby beaches and resorts or go ziplining at Outland Adventure for only 500/each.

For resorts, EMARS Wavepool is the newest in Davao. Add mo'ko sa Facebook so you can see recent pictures I posted there. (Nancy Janiola)We can chat from there too. :)

Dhemz said...

wohooo! malapit na pala wedding anniv nyo titaBeng ano...sila din ni mama sa Nov 20...:)

Davao is a great spot...looking forward to see your exciting!

Clara said...

Happy Anniversary!

J said...

Tita B, I was there 10 years ago (sobrang antigo ang reco ko ha) and stayed at Davao Insular. It was the best accommodation there was at that time, ewan ko na ngayon. don't miss their fruits, ang dami fruits diyan, in fact we went to a fruit farm but I forgot the name (useless ako hahaha). the highlight of the trip was three nights of stay at Pearl Farm. I strongly suggest mag side trip kayo. it's a beautiful place. paggising ko sa umaga parang nasa ibang mundo ako nun.

hope you'll enjoy your vacation, and your anniversary.

Batangala said...

may i suggest having dinner at Jack's Ridge. it overlooks davao city and at night you can see all the lights from the houses and buildings below.

also, the philippine eagle center is worth a visit

also, a side trip to island garden city of samal would be good

oh, and don't forget to have a taste of their suha, durian, mangosteen and marang

ha ha much to see in davao and such a big city

btw, where in palawan will your daughter be going? coron or el nido/puerto princesa?

Beng Gee said...

@Admin: Nance, just saw your lovely photos on FB. The big kiddos here are excited to try the Outland Zip line. We'll try to visit those places you've mentioned. Thanks for your time in sharing them. It's very much appreciated!

Beng Gee said...

@Dhemz: Hala, lagot ka sa mga Mama mo.. nakalimutan mo na yung date ng anniv nila. Lol! It's not 20 but 22. I know kasi pareho kami, nalaman ko lng yun sa blog mo, remember?

I'm pretty excited na for Davao eh! I hope the weather would allow us to enjoy! hehe..

Thanks for the visit Dhemz! Ingat!

Beng Gee said...

@Batangala: So daughter is doing good in her research pala, kasi she has included Jack's Ridge in our itinerary.
Thanks buddy, for sharing what you've enjoyed in Davao. I hope we won't be missing any of those you mentioned. I just don't think I'll dare taste the durian. I don't like the smell!
Thanks and see you again!

Beng Gee said...

@Clara: Thank you so much! Cheers!

Beng Gee said...

@J: Wow, Davao Insular is amongst the best I think and so is the Pearl Farm. Yes, we'll have a day tour in Pearl Farm and have a taste of their buffet.(God willing!) Wish ko lang dun mag-stay pero sabi nitong husbandah dito, not practical nga daw dahil whole day kami gagala. Sayang lang daw ang mamahalin na hotel. But if I know, gusto lang magtipid. hehe.. Saan kaya yang fruit farm na yan? Sarap sana puntahan. Pahahanap ko nga.
Thanks for the input J! Na-excite tuloy ako sa mga na-mention mo! See you again!

PinayWAHM said...

Let me just clarify: YOU PROPOSED????? Hala lagot na at wala ka na talagang kawala! Tee hee...nang asar pa noh? Happy Anniversary! Pwede bang sumabit?

Heniwey.....enjoy the trip Ate Beng & Kuya T and the DD & DS. Ang pictura taken para remembrance wag kalimutan hane?


Beng Gee said...

@PinayWAHM: Yes Huling, kailangan mag-propose, para sa budget approval! Lol!

Tara na! Sama na kita sa booking. hehe..Uwi na sa Pinas at baka di mo na matandaan ang mga lugar dito!

Praying for sunny days ahead! Thanks for the well-wishes and salamat sa pagdalaw! Gandang araw sa 'yo!

PinayWAHM said...

Hi Ate Beng...

Napadpad dito ulit....I emailed you some Halloween pics kasi di ko pede ipost sa blog...baka ako eh ibitin ng patiwarik ng tatay kasi bawal....hehhe

MH [Madam Huling....bwahahaha]

Beng Gee said...

@Huling: hehe.. medyo delayed ang reply e. alam mo na kung bakit.

Salamat sa precious time MH!

J said...

Davao Insular kasi ang nakasanayan ko from all those years of staying there on business trips c/o P & G. tapos yung Pearl Farm naman twice akong libre for R & R c/o P & G din. syempre, libre yun but nung dinala ko si asawa 10 years ago siya ang taya hahaha.

hala at talagang I can't recall the name of the fruit farm. parang festival kami for the whole afternoon, sa fruit buffet eat all you can. go kayo sa Pearl Farm ha. awitan mo si husband kahit 1 night lang. highly recommended.

enjoy your vacation. take care!

Lainy said...

Hola Tita B! Advance happy wedding anniversary. I felt honored to have you visiting

I am 3 hours away from Davao but I don't know much about the place except for Pearl Farm. My fiance and I went there last year. He fell in love with it and would love to come back again for a longer stay. You've got to take it from Nancy. She is from Davao and must know every nook and cranny. Been to Eden PArk. It's so nice there too.

Can't wait to read your updates on your anniversary celebration.

See yah!

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