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Davao Day 1: Eden Nature Park and Deca Wake boarding Park

More than a week had passed since I first set foot in Mindanao. Like any first timers, I got excited the moment I saw the Davao International Airport signage from the plane. From the airport we were fetched by the van daughter had previously arranged online.  We knew we were too early to check-in but we proceeded to our hotel just the same.  We were allowed to leave our luggage with them thus it sets us free to start our tour of the city. But before we started off, we had our breakfast at the dormitel's cafeteria.  They serve combo meals consisting of a cup of rice with two kinds of viands plus coffee or juice. I thought I could already claim our free 2 sets of breakfast but I was told and realized as well that we haven’t checked-in yet.  So I had to pay for all the orders.

After filling up, we began our day's journey. Our very first destination was..

Eden Nature Park –  This is the  mountain resort found at the foot of mount Talomo almost 3,000 feet high  above sea level.  It is a 40 minute drive from our hotel in Mt. Apo Street in Davao City.  We reached Eden Park at mid morning and people were already converging at the  reception area. The park offers recreational activities like fishing, horseback riding, zip lining and swimming but didn’t try any of those time consuming activities.  

We only wanted to see as many places as we can that day.  The guided tour cost P100 and the compulsory lunch or snack is P450/pax  and  P180/pax respectively. We chose the latter coz we preferred to lunch at the restaurant suggested by our driver cum tour guide. After paying at the reception, we boarded the shuttle service and were brought around the magnificent nature park. The breathtaking vastness of verdant greens and colourful flowers are amazing. There were so many lovely spots to see and appreciate. Unfortunately we didn’t have much time to see all the gorgeous spots. 

After a few more treks around, we boarded our rented van and proceeded to have lunch.

Penong’s Barbecue and Seafood Grille Restaurant.   We were told it’s one of the best in the city. I could say the food is really good especially their Chicken Inato.  I like all the food listed in their menu and mind you, the prices are surprisingly low! 

 We’re so filled up and satisfied with less than a P700 lunch for five (that’s the four of us plus our driver). Then off to the long desired sport activity of the big kiddos.

The Deca Wakeboard Park.  It’s a serene place of massive lake not far from the greeneries of the mountain side.  Located within the Deca Homes Residences, the place I think. is still an on-going project.  

There wasn’t too many wake boarders at the time probably because it was already 3pm.  That gave the big kiddos opporunity to enjoy the activity without queuing unlike in CWC.  It was more than two hours of extreme physical exhaustion for these herd of mine but I saw the great satisfaction on their faces when we left the place.  This wound up our first day of Davao tour.  Then we were back to our hotel.

Green Windows Dormitel - The place is a hotel and a dormitory in one  located in the 5th floor of FTC Towers in Mt. Apo Street.  Room rates are very affordable so we booked for the spacious room which is the Executive Twin.  It is only good for four hence, we needed additional bed when hubby arrived on the second day.  It is well secured and is only stone’s throw away from nice restaurants. The dormitory type room with double deck beds are for only P188/pax.  The place is relatively new and generally clean and well maintained. The service is likewise good.  For our dinner that evening, we asked for listings of food deliveries from the reception area, dialled one and we had our food delivered in no time.  

The first day high was over and we contentedly called it a day!

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angsarap said...

Looks like I havent seen much of the Philippines yet, I wanna see this when I go back for a vacation

Beng Gee said...

@angsarap: I'm here but haven't seen much of it yet myself. After seeing Davao, I highly recommend that you visit it too when you have the chance. Lots of nice places to see.

PinayWAHM said...

Nice! Looks like you really had a great time in Davao. Nag zip line ka ba Ate Beng? I don't think I'll be able to do that...I might pass out.

Ang terki namin eh part of history na...haha. M loves turkey at ang dami nyang alam gawin sa left over so it does not go to waste talaga. He loves the big bird so much that when it went on sale [in anticipation of TD], he bought 4 of them...ayun nakakulong sa freezer.

Have a great week Ate Beng...


Beng Gee said...

Hi Huling! Yes, we really had a great time! Kulang na kulang ang 4 days para ikutin lahat ang magagandang places. Zipline? Yes, I did! hahaha.. alam mo naman ako,kahit ganito na kagurang, bumabanat pa rin ng pang-bagets activities. Sooner or later kasi, sa edad ko, baka di ko na magawa ang gusto kong gawin di ba? Kaya habang kaya, go! Lol!

Nice to know na walang nasayang sa terki. Sarap kaya nyan!! Sa laki nyan at tatlo lang kayo kumain, you're lucky na spcialty ni M ang Turkey dishes! VErsatile talaga ang iyong poging husbandah!

See yah again Huling! Ingat lagi!

Princess Sarah said...

Beng, thanks for always visiting my places, blessings... Find me here too.

The places

Bacolod and Beyond

chubskulit said...

That's a very beautiful place TitaB! Parang lagi kayong nasa bakasyon ah hehehe.. Lovely photos. TitaB if you have time, join ka sa giveaway ko sa main blog, it will end today and pwede ka pa humabol hehehe..

Beng Gee said...

Hello Rose! Happy to see you here, as always! Yes, that place we visited is truly a very beautiful place! We go out of town once in a while when we have the chance especially when we have to celebrate an occassion like our anniversary this time.

That's an interesting giveaway you have there Rose! I'll see if I can catch up. See you again and take care!

Cheryl said...

What a lovely trip indeed! So many lovely photos.

Batangala said...

i like penong's, next to balai inato in puerto princesa and mang inasal, 3rd, ha ha ha

i remember all the waiters' heads are clean shaven and you just need to clap your hands to get their attention :)

Beng Gee said...

@Cheryl: Yes, it was a lovely trip especially for me coz it was my first time in that Southern island of the Phils!

Thank you for your time Cheryl! Have a great day!

Beng Gee said...

@Batangala: Hmm.. Puerto Princesa is next in our list. Well then, I should put that in mind, to drop by the Balai Inato if we ever get to Puerto Princesa!(keeping my fingers crossed. lol!)
Oh, I surmised they've grown all their hair back. No more clean shaven heads when we were there. Hey, you have photographic memory. You remember the style of calling their attention eh. Amusing, right? haha..
Thanks for dropping by. See you around!

PinayWAHM said...

Hi Ate Beng!

Weekend na naman...yeehaw!

Thanks for the visit. I'm doing much better na although the dizziness didn't go away completely until yesterday. Para ba akong high palagi...haha. I'll be going to the 'other man' in my family doctor on Monday to discuss what's been happening to my aging shell...hay buhay.

San tayo this weekend? Palawan or Boracay? hehe idea...lam mo naman kami walang plano plano...

Enjoy the weekend...


Beng Gee said...

Oh, that's good to hear that you're doing better now Huling! Hahaha.. sige, have a nice time with your "other" man!Lol! I'm sure he'll give you an assurance that nothing's wrong with you, only natural physical changes, kasi di ka na daw teen-ager. hihi..

I really wish to see Palawan but that would be months from now if ever. Tambay muna dito at bowling championship pa namin later this afternoon.

Same to you Huling, and have a wonderful weekend!

Admin said...

Great to hear from your Davao escapade te Beng. This made me miss zip-lining at EDEN. Parang tinitingnan ko lang sarili kong mga pictures, hehe.

Never tried wakeboarding at Deca but it sure sounds fun.

And the room you got looks pretty decent. I'm really glad you had a great time here in Davao.

EB naman sana tayo next time :D

Beng Gee said...

Hi Nance! After having seen and experience Davao, e parang bigla akong nainggit sa yo! Kasi you are in a nice place that seems to be ever so peaceful at halos lahat ng taong naka-deal namin e, ang babait! We're really so impressed with you Davaoeños! Di tulad dito sa Manila.. ay sows! No comment na lng! haha..

We did our ziplining in Outland Adventure. It's longer daw kasi.
Oh, just got lucky with our room. Nice and inexpensive!

Oo nga! We should have had our EB then. Na-over excite kasi sa places to see namin that time. Next time around, hopefully we can arrange our meet up. If ever you come to Manila please do let me know and vise versa.
Thanks so much for your time Nance! Ingat lagi!

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