Thursday, November 10, 2011

Blog Transformation

It wasn’t clear what comes to my mind when I decided to transform this blog into a custom domain blog.  I had long wanted a dot com site alright but I intend to get it for my other blog and not for this one. Maybe the intense desire to have a custom domain for my blog is the reason why I quickly followed the seemingly simple instructional details on how to change my present URL  into a dot com address.  After going through the process, I think I did well coz it’s now brandishing a brand new dot com address.   Hooray!  I was able to do it on my own!! Good job! (Patting my own back now. haha!)

On the contrary,  I doubt  if I really did the right thing.  I mean.. on turning this into a  blog . Because right after the URL changed,   the Google Friend Connect links disappeared luckily though, it showed up again after a while.  Then the blogroll links is nowhere to be found.  I’m just hoping it will come back too like the Google Friend Connect links. It's been days but looks like it has no plan of coming back. I'm now wondering how I would start gathering those long list of blogger buddies links again! Mind helping me? 
You can help by leaving your blog/blogs links on the comments box. You need not leave comment if you don't want to. But of course, I'd be pleased if you would. hehe..  

Have a great day everyone!

Post Script:
I guess the problem lies with java scripts of "some" URL addresses I find. No idea what it is actually (blush!).  I just find it showing up at the bottom of the pop-up page when I add blog URLs.  sigh!.. Obviously, I'm not tech savvy but trying my best to find solutions to the trouble.  My apology if you can't promptly see your blog/blogs names on the list.   Please bear with me!  - Thanks.

9 Comentários:

angelle said... -This is the link for my blog.
Maica Angelle

Beng Gee said...

Thanks Angelie! Linking is done.

Princess Sarah said...

wow, congrats... It's nice to have your own domain.

Bacolod and Beyond

His Unfailing Love

Beng Gee said...

Thank you Princess Sarah! Your Bacolod and Beyond is now linked again.

See you around!

PinayWAHM said...

Aha! Kaya pala parang nawala ka sa siguro ang ginagawa mo.....making your brain bleed transforming this blog into your own na.

May bad news lang Ate Beng for switching....your PR will go back to square 1....[yep, it may be as low as Bokya]. That's what happened to my PR back when I switched PinayWAHM from blogspot to my own dot come. So wag kang magugulat if you see your PR change one of these days.

Anyway...congrats sa iyong 'bagong' domain. Enjoy the weekend...yee haw!


Beng Gee said...

Kurek ka dyan Huling! Naging busy talaga sa pagbuno nito mag-isa. Pero okay lang, kahit papano nagawa ko kahit nga lng confused kung tama ba ang naging decision ko sa pagpalit into dot com.

Tapos eto at meron pa palang risk na mabokya ang PR. Hayyz.. At least I know now what to expect. Thanks for notifying me. At least di na ko magugulat pag mabokya man ang PR ko. Sana lang hindi na sya galawin ni Mr G.!

Have a sun shiny weekend!

angsarap said...

Good work, buti ka pa may dot com I am still planning to have one but i am afraid of the lenthy process.

Batangala said...

congratulation beng for having your own domain. i am also contemplating on getting one but am still unsure as how to go about it and if i can sustain it.

Beng Gee said...

@Batangala: Actually, I don't know yet what good it would give this blog. As I've mentioned, I'm confused if I did the right thing. Basta, bahala na lang! hehe..

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