Monday, October 17, 2011

Where's The Pink Blog?

A couple of years back, I arduously put up another blog.  It set sights on sharing updates on breast cancer and overall health in general.  It was fed a few number of posts, but due to some reasons,  it never was given much attention until ultimately, I decided to permanently delete the said blog.  Hmmn...  well, I just come to remember about it because we are now in the month of October and it was this Breast Cancer Awareness Month that gave me the idea to create that health blog. But “The Pink Blog”  now is deleted!  So carelessly and unthinkingly!  Ugh!  Then, regrets!

I, myself is unsure what was running in my head that time which pushes me to click the delete button.  I should have just left it all by itself, even if dormant.   But it’s over and done!  I wish I could find time to create a new and better one with sustainable entries.   I really want to have my own domain.  Creating my blog in my own domain is kinda techy task for me.  I certainly need some assistance on this. But who knows?  I may know how to execute it on my own. Let’s wait and see!

2 Comentários:

J said...

hala you deleted it? that too was my initial decision when my host accidentally deleted a lot of my post on my world blog. buti na lang inawat ako at baka pinagsisihan ko.

I hope you had a good night sleep Tita B. mga buwaya dyan sa gobyerno,dapat paalisin sila.kung madali lang sana noh?

have a great Tuesday.

Beng Gee said...

Yes, J, with much regret! Ewan ba ano nakain ko at pinakialaman ko yung nananahimik ng blog na yun! Lol.

Ay, dami ng good night sleep ang nagdaan. Na-overlook ko naman ito. Due to senior moments maybe? hehe..

Hava a cool weekend J!

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