Monday, October 24, 2011

We love Shakey's Pizza

People here in the house are Shakey’s Pizza fanatics especially the big kiddos. Yesterday, being another lazy Sunday with nothing much to do (umm..there were lots of work actually, only we prefer to ignore. haha!) daughter  ordered to deliver a buy one take one family size pizza, 5pc chicken and box of mojos using her supercard from Shakey’s.  It arrived 15 minutes late. Since daughter was quite unsure if she would demand the late delivered pizzas be for free, she opted to ask the delivery guy what they’re gonna do coz he's 15 mins late.

Btw, just in case you do not know,  Shakey’s'  very popular promo tagline is “If it’s late, it’s free.” 
Meaning, they give you the exact time to expect the arrival of delivery. The alloted time allowance is
45 min. to 1 hour. And if they exceed that time, you get your order for free.  As daughter was 
already really hungry, she wanted  to get it on time. She made sure her time is synchronised with theirs andtimed them.

And as I was saying, daughter ordered pizza and it arrived 15 minutes late.  The delivery guy 
was himself unsure on how to respond to daughter’s query. Looks like he's new on his job 
or could be that this is his first time that someone is demandingthey keep to their word/slogan. 
After a brief explanation, he just asked for the receipt to be signed then informed daughter to 
expect a call from their store manager for whatever would be the resolution.  The call took place, 
but only to verify time involved.  Then nothing else ensued. 
 Hence, daughter’s pizza blow-out turned out to be Shakey’s blow-out.  Woot!

On the hindsight, daughter wasn't really that serious in getting the free pizza.  But on the contrary, 
who wouldn't  want one if allowed.  Right?  She was only toying around to the idea of "what if".
The truth is, she didn't believe that they would keep to their word/slogan.  But to her surprise, 
they did! Without any argument or debate!  Through that they earned our admiration! And 
got to love Shakey's  Pizza all the more! 

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angsarap said...

For me any pizza will do, Shakeys, Pizza Hut, Don Henricos or even Greenwich. A real comfort meal for me.

Batangala said...

wow.. shakey's! my favorite thin crust pizza, manager's choice of course, ha ha ha... did u know that we won a gift certificate from shakey's last year during my daughter's birthday celebration. she and some of her friends had lunch and we ordered their monster deal. their photo won the weekly prize which was worth a P1000 gift certificate.

Beng Gee said...

@angsarap: It's same here actually. It's just that we were accustomed to dialling Shakey's everytime we crave for pizza. Pero ang totoo, kahit ano basta pizza.

Thanks for dropping-by Raymund! Have a nice day!

Beng Gee said...

@Batangala: Oi, that's a wonderful treat from Shakey's huh?! Congrats for winning! Swerte naman ng birthday ni Angel!

Have a great week ahead!

Dhemz said...

ayay, miss ko na si shakey's...ehehhe...ala kasi yan dito...yung pizza hut dito super oily yung crust...kaya prefer nalang ako sa frozen then will add my own!

dko alam na may tagline pala sila na pag late free yung pizza...ehehe...pano pag na traffic...wahehhee!

pahiram nang cash titaBeng...ehehe....hope all is well...:)

Beng Gee said...

@Dhemz: Okay lang wlang Shakey's dyan. Looks like your own pizzas are much better than Shakey's naman eh.

Yes, yun ang tagline nila kaya nag-try si dawtah na i-claim for free yung dineliver na order nya kasi nga late.Na-surprise sya (pati ako) nung hindi umapila ung delivery guy even the manager who called also didn't argue about the claim. Kaya ayun, nasama sa photo yung perang dapat sana pambayad. hehe.. sige pahiram kita ng peso pero pahiramin mo ako ng dollar ha? Lol!

Always happy to see you here Dhemz! Thanks and ingat!

PinayWAHM said...

Uy galing! Nothing tastes better than FREE food! Woooot! And tama lang na si daughter e nagtanong about it. It's good to know that they keep their 'words' na libre kapag late. Meron ding ganyang slogan dito...but so far never pa silang na late sa amin...sayang. We rarely order pizza naman din [once a year ata...hehe].

Nabiktima ka din pala ng blog comment ghost ko. I specifically assigned that ghost to spook the commenters....aha! Actually, both your comments came through. Si Tuks dehins...wawa naman...hehe...

Hay naku ang aking esposo eh sobrang bising bising bisi [o super na yan]. Kagabi nga he came home around 10 na...calling every hour kasi ayaw nyang matutulog ang anak nyang di nakaka pag goodnight sa kanya so he allowed her to stay up later than usual...which thrilled her to no end syempre kasi mahigpit kami sa bedtime nya. Two more days of this and hopefully back to normal na ulit.

O sige na Ate Beng...antok na ko...este umaga pala dito. Inaantok ako talaga eh...I hope your week is going well...


Beng Gee said...

Kurek ka dyan Huling! So sarap lalo't libre! haha..

"Corrected by" na yung comment ko sa post mo. mali-mali na ako. lol!

At least he came home late because of work. Not because of just getting some good time. At ang pinakamaganda nun eh he makes sure na he gets to bid goodnight sa kanyang mga sweet inspiration before calling it a day. How sweeeet talaga!

Okay, you can go back to sleep now Huling! Beauty rest na!

J said...

if it's free, it's for me. that is indeed a wonderful treat.

walang Shakey's dito. ang only love ko sa Shakeys - any thin crust and ok na ako ng once a year. truth of the matter is I was never a pizza person hanggang sa napadpad ako rito for good. yung NY pizza dito runned by authentic Italianos in any Italian pizzeria tastes like real Italian made. yan ang isa sa dinadayo dito sa NY. although, mas masarap pa din ang pizza sa Italia siyempre.

hope your week is going great Tita B. sana walang ulan diyan.

Paul Hafalla said...

I enjoyed reading your blog post, a few days ago we had a snack at Shakeys.

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