Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Pink Ribbon

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 What’s with the Pink Ribbon?  The Pink Ribbon is the international symbol of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It represents fear of breast cancer, hope for the future and the charitable kindness of individuals and businesses that visibly support the breast cancer movement. It is intended to inspire solidarity with women who have breast cancer.

Now that it’s October, being the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, there are various activities being held everywhere in the world to support breast cancer advocacy.  Likewise, you can find a number of bazaars promoting countless products claiming proceeds of sales will go to charitable institutions that support patients with breast cancer. Well and good if they do!  I just hope that these so called charitable institutions are not just taking advantage of the funds entrusted to them by the real good Samaritans who only want nothing but to alleviate the conditions of the breast cancer patients.

As a breast cancer survivor myself,  it is my fervent wish that breast cancer or any kind of cancer for that matter, will soon be eradicated from the face of the earth.  ...and all those afflicted especially the one person very dear to me, will triumph against the monstrous disease!

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Clara said...

Thank you for your support and inspiration to people like me who are trying to win the fight!

Your being there inspires me that I could beat this one just like you!

Beng Gee said...

Hi Clara! I know exactly how you feel. Endless fears and pains may sometimes overcome your senses but never ever give up hope and faith. Remember that there are people around you who are with you in your journey to absolute recovery. You have a prayer warrior in me. Stay strong and be well!

And don't forget, GOD loves you!

J said...

I've been religiously giving my share in support of the Pink Ribbon, Tita B. This advocacy is dear to my heart because a dear childhood friend (a doctor at that)succumbed to breast cancer 3 years ago. Besides, I'm also being closely monitored by an Oncologist for benign fibrocystic breast condition na ayaw paawat (lol).

good to know that your weekend is dry. dito malamig lamig na although, we had a good run of Indian summer.I can't complain... for now hahaha.

enjoy your Sunday Tita B.

Beng Gee said...

Ohh.. glad to know that you religiously share and support this Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, J! I give my share too, in my own little way. Actually, have tried to involve myself in some charitable institutions but lose my interest when it's not clear where the funds go. I think they are just using the presence of the breast cancer survivors to raise funds.
Anyway, sad to hear that you got a friend who succumbed to BC. Talagang hindi sya discriminatory. Kahit sino, pwede nya tamaan. Imagine, doctor pa ung friend mo. Hayyz! About your benign findings, just keep an eye on it. Nothing to worry as long as it's monitored.

Thanks for the time J! Ingat lagi!

PinayWAHM said...

Your story will always be a source of inspiration & hope to all of us women out there [with or without the dreaded cancer disease].

Hi Ate beng! I was here a few times already but I wasn't able to leave my footprints...either I didn't have much to say or I was in a hurry...but it's good to see you back kasi awala ka naman eh...hehe.

Eto na naman ang isang linggo...bubunuin na naman natin. Oo nga pala at may long weekend kayong padating dyan because of Todos Los Santos [na kapanganakan ko....kasi ako ay Santa - santita...aguy!] Di uso dito yun eh so it's one of those things I truly miss considering I grew up celebrating sa Campo ba din ang tawag mo sa sementeryo? Sa amin sa Pamp baka walang ganong tao sa sementeryo kasi binaha din yun eh...baka nga baha pa din hangga ngayon. Kasi it's location on the other side where the flood water has nowhere to go [but evaporate, I guess?] so sobrang bagal ng pagbaba ng tubig.

Anyway, that's my long contribution este comment ko pala. Till next time...LOL...


Beng Gee said...

Sana nga, I get to inspire other people esp. those who are presently battling the illness. Hope is the key. If we lose hope, we lose the beauty of life!

Oo nga, I saw on TV the situation on your bothers' place. Looks like they'll have to deal with it a bit longer. I doubt if they can celebrate Undas! Kasi yung mga nitso inanod din ng baha. Kalungkot!

Wow, at ang araw mo ay araw ng mga santo at santa! Kaya pala sya holiday eh, kasi birthday mo! haha!
Advance happy birthday Huling! What's the plan?

Have a restful day in your back porch! Sarap mag-relax dyan! TC!

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