Friday, October 21, 2011

"I'm Gonna Love You Through It"

Thought of posting here this touching video shared by my niece thru Fb.  I sensed a lump on my throat after watching it.  I felt the care but more than anything else I felt her fears.  Because you see, she unfortunately caught the big C gene from me. Grateful it didn't leave her disfigured, but she's been diagnosed nevertheless. She learned about it last year. I know, she’s a strong woman and a fighter in life.  She’s been thru a lot and surpassed them all.  However, I thoroughly understand that no matter how emotionally, mentally and physically tough one can be, the thought of the big C assault could be enough to topple the mighty strength in one’s being.   I know precisely her worries and the anxieties that dwell in her once in a while.  It could be pretty hard at times but I know damn well that all those fears will soon pass by. And with God's blessing, together with the love and care of the family and friends; I'd confidently say, OUR battle is won. 

And here's the video she shared:

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John said...

That's great you have won the battle Ms. Beng. The doctor gave my brother three weeks to live after he was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago.

PinayWAHM said...

Hi Ate Beng!

When I came here yesterday I only saw the video and not what you wrote about your niece's battle with the Big C. Everytime I hear or read about someone [whether it's someone I know personally or not] being afflicted by this dreaded disease, I feel sadness and fear at the same time...kasi I know ANYONE can be afflicted by it...with or without the family history. I am hoping and praying that your niece will come out victorious just like her inspiring aunt!

Thanks for the compliment for my TH na pagkanta. I don't get to sing as much anymore...unlike when I was still single and didn't have much care in the world...hehe. In other words...."walanghiya" ako dati...hahaha. I even sang solo in one of our school functions in Taiwan [as a tribute to my Nanay who just passed away]..kasi pang Mother's Day yung program.

Hay...those were the days....

Have a great weekend!! Woo hooooo....


Beng Gee said...

Hi John!
Sad to hear about your brother's prognosis. I have previously learned about your brother's situation from Rose's blog. Have told her that he reminds me of my late brother's similar illness.

I believe in miracle. May he be one among the many proofs of it.

Thanks for your time John! God bless!

Beng Gee said...

Hello Huling! Glad I found where the trouble originated. I was unaware that that video was up and published while I was fixing this post. Anyways, thanks much for your prayers for my niece. I have a strong faith that she's gonna survive it too. It's nothing compared to my case actually. So nothing much to worry about with God's help.

Pwedeng pwede kang recording artist Huling! Apply akong manager mo ha?

Cheers to the newly discovered singer of blogland! Woo hoo!

J said...

hola Tita B. the big C is a dreaded disease. nakakalungkot to hear so many people afflicted with it. I'm sure that your niece will weather it through with loving family and friends around her. I pray for her strength to fight it.

sending you my wish for a great weekend. ingat.

Beng Gee said...

Hi J! Yes, cancer is a dreaded disease, pero contrary to the general perception, it doesn't necessarily mean death sentence, di ba? Naman!! :) Thank you for the prayer for my niece's strenght. With God's blessing,I strongly believe she'll triumph over it!

Sending you back that wish J, with added warm hug! TC!

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