Saturday, October 29, 2011

Quality Uniforms for Business Impact

Voluminous files, busy staff, walk-in clients along with some difficult claimants; those were the basic sights and everyday scenario in the insurance office I used to work with eons ago.  This was also at the same insurance office where husband and I met.  As some of you may recall, I have already mentioned here in this blog how mediocre looking he was to me the first time I saw him when he first reported for work and then introduced to all of us, the officers and staff of the company.  It was probably because he reported for work in a rugged looking attire not suitable for the work environment whereby, the whole work force was visibly in smart-looking corporate uniforms. Nonetheless, he  exuded a better aura when he eventually donned the supplied uniforms for men of long sleeves polo shirt with matching tie.  That gave him added good looking points.  Oh well, don’t get me wrong.   This entry is not about the romance that took place in the workplace but rather the one element that could provide big impact for the impression a company tries to show off.  It’s about corporate uniforms,  health care uniforms or any kind of uniforms worn in a workplace.

So what’s in uniforms?  In the current trend of business world, it is a given fact that competition should never be taken for granted.  To be at par with other competing company or better yet to be a cut above the rest, corporate image must well be considered.  It does not only mean giving out the best quality service neither producing excellent products.  It is projecting those concepts through an impressive looking work force wearing imposing, quality uniforms.  

 In this context, Total Image can well be relied upon. It specializes in the delivery of quality uniforms, promotional merchandise, safety and industrial wear and custom design manufacturing to all businesses in a multi-national management scale.  Throughout the years, they have been providing uniforms Australia wide where they have evolved and grown to cater to a multitude of industries, designing corporate uniforms, chef wear uniforms, healthcare uniforms, retail and franchise uniforms and safety work gear.  Hence, providing good image for business entities isn't a difficult task since Total Image is there to run to.


Monday, October 24, 2011

We love Shakey's Pizza

People here in the house are Shakey’s Pizza fanatics especially the big kiddos. Yesterday, being another lazy Sunday with nothing much to do (umm..there were lots of work actually, only we prefer to ignore. haha!) daughter  ordered to deliver a buy one take one family size pizza, 5pc chicken and box of mojos using her supercard from Shakey’s.  It arrived 15 minutes late. Since daughter was quite unsure if she would demand the late delivered pizzas be for free, she opted to ask the delivery guy what they’re gonna do coz he's 15 mins late.

Btw, just in case you do not know,  Shakey’s'  very popular promo tagline is “If it’s late, it’s free.” 
Meaning, they give you the exact time to expect the arrival of delivery. The alloted time allowance is
45 min. to 1 hour. And if they exceed that time, you get your order for free.  As daughter was 
already really hungry, she wanted  to get it on time. She made sure her time is synchronised with theirs andtimed them.

And as I was saying, daughter ordered pizza and it arrived 15 minutes late.  The delivery guy 
was himself unsure on how to respond to daughter’s query. Looks like he's new on his job 
or could be that this is his first time that someone is demandingthey keep to their word/slogan. 
After a brief explanation, he just asked for the receipt to be signed then informed daughter to 
expect a call from their store manager for whatever would be the resolution.  The call took place, 
but only to verify time involved.  Then nothing else ensued. 
 Hence, daughter’s pizza blow-out turned out to be Shakey’s blow-out.  Woot!

On the hindsight, daughter wasn't really that serious in getting the free pizza.  But on the contrary, 
who wouldn't  want one if allowed.  Right?  She was only toying around to the idea of "what if".
The truth is, she didn't believe that they would keep to their word/slogan.  But to her surprise, 
they did! Without any argument or debate!  Through that they earned our admiration! And 
got to love Shakey's  Pizza all the more! 

Friday, October 21, 2011

"I'm Gonna Love You Through It"

Thought of posting here this touching video shared by my niece thru Fb.  I sensed a lump on my throat after watching it.  I felt the care but more than anything else I felt her fears.  Because you see, she unfortunately caught the big C gene from me. Grateful it didn't leave her disfigured, but she's been diagnosed nevertheless. She learned about it last year. I know, she’s a strong woman and a fighter in life.  She’s been thru a lot and surpassed them all.  However, I thoroughly understand that no matter how emotionally, mentally and physically tough one can be, the thought of the big C assault could be enough to topple the mighty strength in one’s being.   I know precisely her worries and the anxieties that dwell in her once in a while.  It could be pretty hard at times but I know damn well that all those fears will soon pass by. And with God's blessing, together with the love and care of the family and friends; I'd confidently say, OUR battle is won. 

And here's the video she shared:

Monday, October 17, 2011

Where's The Pink Blog?

A couple of years back, I arduously put up another blog.  It set sights on sharing updates on breast cancer and overall health in general.  It was fed a few number of posts, but due to some reasons,  it never was given much attention until ultimately, I decided to permanently delete the said blog.  Hmmn...  well, I just come to remember about it because we are now in the month of October and it was this Breast Cancer Awareness Month that gave me the idea to create that health blog. But “The Pink Blog”  now is deleted!  So carelessly and unthinkingly!  Ugh!  Then, regrets!

I, myself is unsure what was running in my head that time which pushes me to click the delete button.  I should have just left it all by itself, even if dormant.   But it’s over and done!  I wish I could find time to create a new and better one with sustainable entries.   I really want to have my own domain.  Creating my blog in my own domain is kinda techy task for me.  I certainly need some assistance on this. But who knows?  I may know how to execute it on my own. Let’s wait and see!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Pink Ribbon

 rib3.gif - 3.2 K
 What’s with the Pink Ribbon?  The Pink Ribbon is the international symbol of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It represents fear of breast cancer, hope for the future and the charitable kindness of individuals and businesses that visibly support the breast cancer movement. It is intended to inspire solidarity with women who have breast cancer.

Now that it’s October, being the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, there are various activities being held everywhere in the world to support breast cancer advocacy.  Likewise, you can find a number of bazaars promoting countless products claiming proceeds of sales will go to charitable institutions that support patients with breast cancer. Well and good if they do!  I just hope that these so called charitable institutions are not just taking advantage of the funds entrusted to them by the real good Samaritans who only want nothing but to alleviate the conditions of the breast cancer patients.

As a breast cancer survivor myself,  it is my fervent wish that breast cancer or any kind of cancer for that matter, will soon be eradicated from the face of the earth.  ...and all those afflicted especially the one person very dear to me, will triumph against the monstrous disease!

Monday, October 3, 2011


Yes, I was ... to the highest level !  So while the original driver of the car (hubby) was out on his regular weekend biking spree, I made a date with SIL and asked son to drive us to Ortigas.   SIL’s daughter and her own family are staying in a condo unit in one high rise building in that Pasig Business Center. They got a swimming pool on the roof deck which is the 39th floor and that was my target.  ‘Twas quite a long time since I last took a dip in a pool.  Finding a space to park in the area was tough so we decided to bring the car to the nearby Robinsons Galleria’s basement.  After which, we looked for some foodstuff.  It was already lunchtime and didn’t want to bother the couple for our meal.  We picked roasted chicken, grilled boneless bangus and green salad along with big sodas and packs of chips.  Glad that everyone enjoyed the simple lunch then no time was wasted and we headed to the roof top.  The pool was all ours except for one or two.  They didn’t stay long anyway so the place was enjoyed well.   Heavy rainfall and cold breeze didn’t stop me from enjoying the dip.  It even added more fun!  I wish I own the roof deck.  It mav only be a small one, but I love the pool.

I'm bored no longer. I hope you guys never were. Have a wonderful week!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Still Searching for the Right Web Hosting

Only few weeks ago, I have posted about my disappointment over the present website host of my other blog.   I really want to transfer it to another web hosting site; however, I’m not techy enough to carry it out on my own.  Likewise, I need to know more about web hosting stuff, how and where to find a good one.  Nonetheless, I’m aware that it’s laborious to search and make comparisons. Hosting reviews help me out on this somehow.

So, what exactly is website hosting?  And this is what I got from the net: Web hosting is a service which apportions space for clients to showcase their websites on computer servers that are connected to the Internet 24/7.  There are many types of website hosting; each caters to the different needs of customers.   Prices for web hosting vary from free to hundreds of dollars a year but based on my experience, free web hosting has too many drawbacks so I would rather spend few bucks and be trouble free.  This is mainly the reason why I am looking for the right website hosting for my blog. 

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