Friday, September 23, 2011

So Much To Do In Minnesota, So Little Time

minnesota lakesIf you do any research into vacationing in Minnesota, you’re likely to find information about fishing. While it certainly is true that Minnesota lakes offer some of the best fishing opportunities that are available for freshwater fish in the United States, there are many other things which can be found in Minnesota that should not be overlooked. It is a great place to take a vacation in order to get away from the stresses of everyday life or to do something that is going to be exhilarating, including some rather extreme sports. What are some of the things that you should consider when visiting this state?
Depending upon the time of year that you decide to visit Minnesota, there may be different opportunities available to you. In the summertime, you will find that the lakes are rather cool and they give you the opportunity to enjoy a day on the water doing a variety of different types of activities. There are many state parks that are available throughout Minnesota which also offer you camping and hiking, as well as the opportunity to simply sit around and do nothing at all. In the wintertime, Minnesota ice fishing is an enjoyable sport but there are other winter sports that can be enjoyed as well. Regardless what time of the year you decide to visit the state, there are casinos in Minnesota that are operated by American Indians and are located throughout the state.

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angsarap said...

Ice fishing, that's interesting must be boring and cold waiting for the fish. Thats why I only do ocean fishing river and seaside fishing is so slow for me.

Beng Gee said...

@angsarap: oh, you go fishing too? that's nice and exciting if some fish bites the bait. haven't gone fishing myself. would be a great experience!

missed your cooking for a while. gotta to go and see what's the latest! see yah!

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