Sunday, September 25, 2011

Medical Insurance to Supplement the Gap

I come to remember today about my supposed appointment with my oncologist.  I think I should have seen her last month, but because I got too engrossed with bowling, the medical appointment slipped from my mind.  Oh yes I know, seeing my oncologist shouldn’t be taken for granted even though I was issued a clean bill of health. 

Who would want to be sick nowadays, let alone be afflicted with a dreadful disease such as the big C? Ugh! I’m sure most of you are aware that I once had the dreadful disease called Cancer. It’s the kind of illness that could have drained us of our finances had it not for the miraculous blessings via the medical insurance provided by hubby’s company employer. I am fortunate that all the medical expenses have been covered by the insurance.  But every once in a while, I can't help asking myself what could have happened to me if we had to shoulder even just a portion of the huge amount we spent on those skyhigh-priced treatments I had.  We haven’t heard of the Medicare supplement insurance before, but I realized, it is a must for those who’s got only the basic Medicare insurance coverage. I came across the Medicare on the web and learned about helpful infos regarding medicare and being diagnosed with cancer before acquiring medical insurance.

Well, we all are predisposed to all kinds of illnesses but we need not worry if we are armed with the right medical insurances. Search here for the right Medicare insurance for you and you can never go wrong.

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PinayWAHM said...

Ay naku...that's the only reason why we're keeping our insurance...expensive as it is....for the 'unexpected'.

How's the weekend Ate Beng? I hope you had a good one.

Just hopping by before I get on with the last bit of my Sunday...


Beng Gee said...

Oo nga Huling, we really need to keep them. Me armas tayo dapat just in case but may the Good Lord forbid na kailanganin natin gamitin!

Thanks for dropping by. Sana sunny day dyan. Dito, worrying for Pedring to wreck havoc. Sana hindi. Take care!

Cheryl said...

So glad for you that you are healthy! Insurance is one thing we cannot afford to lose, but so many people cannot afford it. It is scary to imagine not having coverage.

Beng Gee said...

Yes, Cheryl, with God's blessing, am now healthy and was able to survived the big C thru the help of the insurance. Luckily, we didn't pay anything for the insurance. It was totally free from hubby's employer.

Thanks for the visit Cheryl! Hope you're always doin' fine! Take care!

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