Thursday, September 8, 2011

Grab another promo deal

As many of you know,  I have this sort  of addiction to Peking Ducks or even to just ordinary fried itik.  And as one,  I was lured to bite this Peking Duck Kinulob promo deal!   Eh, why wouldn’t I?  I was seeing a very luscious looking Peking duck!   No rehab yet  for my kind of addiction, hence, no controlling to grabbing one whenever possible.  I bought two (2) vouchers for Php297 each, though it's kinda expensive.   I remember having bought  fried ducks in Victoria, Laguna when we passed by that town a year ago.  The taste was A-okay for the very cheap price of only Php190 each.   Seeing this SaveonPinoy  promo deal photo, I expected it to be a li'l  better since it is labelled as Peking Duck

They gave three (3) locations to pick up the product.  Caltex station in NAIA Rd, Pque.,  Caltex in Alabang and Caltex in SLEX.  The last location is just right I thought, since we planned to go to Tagaytay on a weekend.  Unfortunately, this Tagaytay plan didn’t push through thus, picking-up the product became a problem for me.  We’re from the farthest north of MetroManila while this Peking duck kinulob pick up points are all in the south.   It was an issue with my “personal driver”.  He wanted to just let it go as it is not worth the long trip. But the addict in me, wouldn't agree. He gave-in at the end
We drove the long road to Paranaque and reached the mentioned gasoline station.  I looked for the store with Perry's Peking Duck signage inside the gas station area but didn’t see one.   “What’s this? Am I deceived again? “ I worriedly asked myself.  I inquired one gas-boy and  he pointed me to a closed one-way mirrored glass door that looks like an abandoned stock room.  After which  a lady came out and confirmed she's with Perry's.  She asked for the voucher and went to the adjacent stockroom looking place.  When she came out, she handed me two (2) of this:

Which is too far lookin' from this:

Or this:

Didn't complain anymore.  Instead, I asked about their Hungarian turkey sausage.

Looks deliciously juicy in their promo photo thus I wanted to try even if the  price is a bit expensive. Not  bad, if to try only once anyway.  So I asked how much and I was surprised to hear her say "175ps po per 500gram." Haha! Ridiculous!  Can you see its price in the photo above?

I immediately bought a pack and she handed me this.

I have cooked and ate this Hugarian Turkey sausage and in fairness, found it good.  Sad though that I forgot to take photo after it's been cooked.

Again, I learnt another lesson in grabbing deals from these group buying sites.  Not all are real bargains!
But as long as it won't leave remarkable damage, it's just fine with me.  Woot!

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PinayWAHM said...

How was the itik? Masarap ba? Ako medyo takot sa deals when it comes to foods...maarte kasi ako eh....hehe....pero pag tinapa or relyeno...baka pwede pa...hehe. Kakatuwa naman kayo ng driver mo...parang ako at ang driver ko. Pakipot din tong akin sa umpisa e bibigay din naman in the end...hahaha.

Nagustuhan mo ba yung munting hardin namin? Ay naku pinaghalong pawis at ulan ang katapat nun kasi biglang umulan habang nagtatanim yung hardinero ko...but he didn't stop....takot ata sa AMO....hehe.

Huwebes na naman! Yay! Isang tulog na lang Byernes na ulit....

We only live for the weekend, eh? LOL...

Enjoy the rest of your week Ate Beng! Hopefully you'll stumble on that 'one great' deal with all these promos you're encountering. It's bound to happen one of these days you know? Baka naman trip to the US yun....woooo hoooo!!


Beng Gee said...

Hi Huling! Okay lng yung itik. I don't expect much from it kasi mura lng compared sa real peking duck which is 2.2k pesos. Nka-mind-set na kasi ang utak ko na pag duck, masarap. Ay yay yay! Oo nga, bakit ba ganyan yang mga driver natin?! :) Pinapahirapan pa ang loob natin e, bibigay din naman. hehe..:)

Really love your garden Huling! Ang swerte mo naman sa "hardinero", ang sipag na, artistic pa!haha.. takot ba sa amo? hehe.. palagay ko ayaw lng ma-outside de kulambo. Lol!

Yay, TGIF na dito! Thinking of bringing my MIL somewhere around. Sana matuloy. Enjoy the day Huling!

Batangala said...

We always pass by the town of Victoria on the way or coming from my wife's hometown of Pangil and we always see those signs "kinulob na itik".

Maybe next time, we'll buy one and try it for ourselves.

Beng Gee said...

@Batangala: Nice to know that your wife is from Pangil. I have heard the town has nice river resorts. Can you recommend one good place to visit?

If only I have the chance to always pass by Victoria, I'll never go home without a duck in my hand. hehe.. addict talaga eh! Lol!

Have a great weekend with your beautiful family! Ingat!

Dhemz said...

waaaaa...ehehhehe....frozen pala...masarap ba yung itik titaBeng? deceiving talaga yung promotion nila...well, at least nasarapan ka naman sa sausage...ehehehe!

a quick dalaw lang po..hope all is well! have a wonderful weekend!

Beng Gee said...

Hello Dhemz! Yung itik e nakain naman ng maayos. Kasi walang Peking duck kinulob na lumabas. What we had was "paksiw na fried itik." Lol! Ang layo sa nasa photo ad nila. Hayyy.. pero ayos na rin, came out good.

Samae to you Dhemz! Enjoy your weekend!

angsarap said...

Too bad there is no control for those product and services in the Philippines. Here those types of site are becoming popular and it changed how the way people buy their stuff online but lucky we have controls over here to so that what businesses sells are the ones you see on photos unless they put a disclaimer.

Beng Gee said...

@angsarap: I wish we could also be like NZ one day. But I doubt if it can still be realized. The lawmakers here are busy working on their self serving bills or if not, busy with corruption investigations that concern no other but their political enemies. Hayyy.. We are too laid back actually when it comes to laws that covers internet transactions. Kelan pa kaya mababago ang Pilipinas?!

Salamat sa pagbisita Raymund! Have a nice brand new week ahead!

Cheryl said...

Hi Beng Gee, finally stopping by after over two months blogging break. I must say you have perseverance in getting what you purchased! I too wonder sometimes what I might get when I buy something on-line. Hope all is well and I will be back soon to visit here.

chubskulit said...

Hahahaha nakakatuwa yan g experiences mo TitaB, very decieving talaga minsan ang mga promos lalo na dyan sa tin wahhh. Dito kasi di pwede ang ganyan because the business will get sued lol.

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