Tuesday, August 2, 2011

i.ph sucks

I started my first blog almost 4 years ago in another free website host named "i.ph". After creating a blog site for me, hubby taught me the how to’s of blogging and  then eventually, paid blogging. It was fun learning things at the same time earning.  It was “a season of plenty” then,  I was getting quite a lot of ad offers, one after another until  some advertisers revised their paid ops scheme and just about the same time, my blog site turned difficult to manage.  The used to be plenty now appear in trickles.

Well, I have to admit that I still am in the process of discovering the pros and cons of this blogging world.  And since I was left here now on my own, I am grasping for every good opportunity that could explain on how  or what to do with the  bummer website host of my other blog.   Yes, it sucks.  It really sucks!    It loads so verrrrry slow that oftentimes  it brings  you to error 404 pages.  I guess that’s what happened when the latest advertiser checked the paid article it has already approved days ago.  It has expressed disappointment  as it continually fails to load my blog.  And what do you think happened next? The advertiser then placed the approved post on probation within 30 days.  Hmmp.. WTH is happening to .i.ph?!   It even placed a huge annoying  pop-up ads  which prompted the Entrecard management to delete my blog from its registry.  Grrrr!...  I could have utter invictives  for too much irritation!  I’m now contemplating on  getting my own domain.   But honestly though,  I have no idea on how to get one.  Or better still, a good one that’s not heavy on my pocket.    

Moving  my i.ph blog in a new domain is the best thing to do I guess.  

Mind sending some good tips on how and where to acquire my own domain?  Geez, dying to have one asap!

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Batangala said...

have u tried wordpress? check out http://en.wordpress.com/products/

i tried reading it but it all looks greek to me, ha ha ha

Beng Gee said...

Done checking out the wordpress. You're right, looks hard to comprehend but have to see yet. Thanks for the tip!

PinayWAHM said...

Ay naku goodluck Ate Beng...I wish I can be of help but I don't know much about acquiring a domain even if I already have one. I think somebody helped me out big time when I got my domain...now all I do is to renew it every year...

Thanks for the visit and comment pala...ako ngayon lang nakapasyal kasi alam mo na....hehe.

About being a 'heavyweight'...dream ko dati yun...hehe. Payatot kasi ako dati so ang gusto ko lang talaga eh tumaba....wish granted...tapos ngayon nagpapayat naman....hay buhay.

I hope you're having a good week kahit pasaway ang i.ph na yan. Sana may makatulong din sa yo in acquiring your own domain....goodluck!


angsarap said...

Try wordpress, it is good. If you want it free then use wordpress.com but you need to get at least 25K hits to have a 50/50 share on ads or you can go self hosted wordpress it is called wordpress.org where you can freely do everything. The application alone is really good and a lot of hosting companies are offering wordpress hosting

Princess Sarah said...

I have blogspot and wordpress. In blogspot you can buy your own domain but in wordpress you need to consult Online Mommy's Corner, she was the one who helped me. Just drop some words if you need my help in blogspot, (only 10$ per year).

Sarah of His Unfailing Love

J said...

hello tita B. if only I can help, but I'm clueless about anything technical at mga coding na yan. my blogs were set up for me at mula noon hindi ko ginagalaw. I only knew how to purchase my domain and hosting hahaha.

sana may angel kang mahanap to help you out.

take care and enjoy your weekend.

Beng Gee said...

It's alright Huling! Stand-by lang naman muna ang paghahanap ko ng bagong domain. Hopefully maayos ko rin ito in due time.

I guess pareho tayo sa pagka-busy. Although itong pinagkakaabalahan ko e walang kita. Alam mo na, being an all around maid dito sa bahay! Di naman pwede mag-resign.. hayyz..

Dalawa na ngayon ang hinahanap ko: own domain pati na rin househelper! :\

Thanks for your precious time Huling! despite being busy eh you still managed to drop by! -X-

Beng Gee said...

@angsarap: Ay naku, shameful to admit but really, I have no idea on all these self hosting websites. But I know, I have to give it enough time to learn and do it on my own. I'll look into wordpress for sure. Thanks much for the advise Raymund!

Have a nice day!

Beng Gee said...

@Princess Sarah: Oh, didn't know that you can buy your own domain in blogsot. Pretty interesting suggestions! Expect further queries from here Sarah!

Thank you so much for the advise!
Take care and God bless!

Beng Gee said...

I do understand you J! That's very common sa mga bloggers, that somebody had created their own domain for them. Pasasaan ba at we will also learn doing it on our own!

I think I just need full time to spend on this, or as you said, find an angel to help me out. But in the meantime, I gotta to face the more important tasks around here.

Thank you so much for spending your precious time here.

Have a wonderful sunshiny weekend! God bless at ingat!

chubskulit said...

I feel your frustration TitaB, kaya ako i am pro Blogger ako kasi madali kumuha ng domain and it doesn't require you to be techie hehehe.. Try importing it on blogger TitaB and then just buy your domain from them, it's easier kesa you will consult ahost pa.. With blogger it only cost $10 a year..

Beng Gee said...

@chubskulit: Naku Rose, I will look into that. I surmise blogger is really one good blog host as also mentioned by P.Sarah.

Thank you so much for the advise.

Dhemz said...

I have to agree with sisRose...blogger is good...mura pa...eehhee...never hear of i.ph before.

sensya na po titaBeng if ngayon lang ako nakabalik...glad to be here...hope all is well...ingat po!

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