Monday, August 29, 2011

Beware to deal with Metrodeal

I’m sure most of you are aware of the rapid mushrooming of Group Buying sites.  Here in the Philippines, there are a good number of them which have quite made a name. Surprisingly, one of them is Metrodeal.  I wonder how they were able to build a name when this group buying site is absolutely ignorant of the proper way of handling their business/ customer service.

I have bought a voucher from this site before because the price was so enticingly low apart from the fact that travel promos are a bit hard to resist for me.  Likewise, it is stated in their website that they will refund the amount paid in case the customer changed mind.  That gives a feeling of security to customers like me.    The first deal was delivered quite smoothly with only insignificant snags on booking.  I won’t deny that we enjoyed that Casa Ibiza promo l bought from them.  Thus, when I saw the El Nido Palawan  advert for Php9,900 for a 3D/2N accommodation, airport transfers, island hopping,  etc.  for  2/pax , no batting of eyelash, I paid for two (2) vouchers amounting to Php19,800. through Paypal.  Deal was completed in a breeze.  Payment was confirmed by Paypal and acknowledged by Metrodeal in just few minutes. 

How excited I was with the great deal I got!  Or so I thought.   Unluckily, it turned out that the mentioned accommodation in the purchased Promo isn’t worth the price I paid.  It’s only a cheap cottage/Inn by the beach and not a hotel that I expected it to be.  What do you think should be my next action?  Of course, I immediately emailed them and demanded refund!  Got an automatic reply that says they will attend to my inquiries within the next working day.  Zilch reply after that!   I religiously followed up thru emails each day but was only totally ignored until I realized they really wouldn’t want to release the money they already have in their hands.  I then requested for convertion from El Nido to Apo Island, Dumaguete deal with same value.  How quickly they replied with matching smiley emoticon thanking me for patronizing Metrodeal.  So, I was right!  They really wouldn’t want to part with my money.   I thought that ended my problem.  ..but no!  I was back to my nerve-wracking moments when the voucher for the converted deal was nowhere to be found. Endless emails were sent again everyday but to no avail.  They were on a "Hide n Seek" mode once more. Then I panicked.  Don't want to think I just blew my money away!  Anxiety engulfed my being.  Boiling mad inside, I sent a number of furious letters reiterating payment refund. Made clear to them that I don’t want any deal conversion anymore.  I only want my payment back, no more, no less!!  Then to my surprise, the vouchers became available in an instant!  See?  It’s that simple to issue the voucher but took them ages to have it done?!   Thanks but no thanks!  Didn't accept it.  Don’t want to deal with them any further. Enough is enough!  All I want is to get my money back. Then they can add me to the long list of irate customers they had.  As I've discovered them here,

Yesterday, I received Paypal’s  notification of Metrodeals refund for two (2) Php9,900. or a total of Php19,800.  Hallelujah!!  I think notifying Paypal and my Credit card bank about the dispute helped in a way. Nonetheless, despite those stressful days and sleepless nights I went through with this group buying site,  I wanna thank them still because they taught me a big lesson.  I'd be very cautious to transact business online next time around.    And not to commit mistake of dealing with Metrodeal again. Not even with the most tempting offer! No way! 

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angsarap said...

That's alright if its an online transaction using a credit card you can always ask for refund the buyers are always protected specially with the likes of PayPal. But to go with that ordeal here you will also get compensated

PinayWAHM said...

Hi Ate Beng...I'm alive! Tee hee...I just realized na hindi ko pala na update yung PinayWAHM ko....sus! My other blog na update ko kasi may offer...hehe...I'll be udating soon kasi I have a task din na about to expire. I let several tasks expire kasi ala ako sa mood magsulat eh..tapos kabising buhay pa...

Napaka stressful naman ng experience mo dyan sa Metrodeal na yan. At least you're able to find out na yung expectations mo sa place eh hindi na meet....still kakasuya kasi it would have been a great experience. Maybe next time. I like PayPal pagdating sa ganyan kasi they really do their best to get your money back. Takot na lang ng Metrodeal kung di nila ibalik yung pera mo kasi PayPal would have banned them.

On to the next deal...hehe.

Have a wonderful week! Hopefully di na gaanong maulan. Kami dito gusto ng ulan kasi MAHINIT!!!

Uling...este Huling pala

Beng Gee said...

Hi Huling! Glad you're still alive! Ahahaha.. As if ang tagal nawala eh 'no? Medyo nag-isip lang bakit ilang araw ka nag-disappear kasi it doesn't normally happens. Ay, di sya magkandaugaga sa dami ng tasks. Dito zero. ekkk.. pero K lang, tamadtamaran naman kasi.

Kurek, sobrang na-stress ako dito sa Metrodeal na to. Tagal kasi bago ko naisip inform ang Paypal at Crdit card bank. Buti na lng naayos. Nkatulog na rin ako. hehe..
Yes, on to the next deal!:) Walang kadala-dala! Meron pa ngang deal na di pa napapareserve eh. Ibang site naman yun.Sana lng di palpak!

Mahulan pa rin dito Uling!hehe.. (remember ko tuloy yung manugang naming Kapampangan like you. We love listening to their conversations.)

Thanks ng marami for your precious time! You always make my day! Take care!

chubskulit said...

Hah, it is really hard to deal transactions there TitaB, that's what my husband always tells me. Imagine the refund we are asking for the lot we are buying, it's been three years since I requested it. I hired an attorney already but still the process moves like a snail.

I feel your frustration. Glad that you are persistent in following up, I think they wish that you would just quit and they could keep the money hahaha.

Oh well, at least you learned your lesson so next time you won't undergo the same problem again.

Ingat lagi!

Beng Gee said...

@angsarap: Really? You can ask for compensation if you had that kind of ordeal like I had? Sarap naman dyan sa NZ! Naku, dito wla! Pag naggive-up ka, sigurado talo ka kasi keep na lang nila ang money mo. That's the good thing in using Paypal. they really help when you have dispute with merchants. I hope di mo pa na-experience ang ganitong nakakainis na online transaction.

I always appreciate your visits Raymund! Have a nice Wednesday!

Beng Gee said...

@Chubskulit: What? 3 years na still no refund? OMG! I'm sure di birong halaga yang involve dyan since it's payment for a lot. Grabe Rose! Yan ang tunay na nerve-wracking at super stressful! I hope you can get back that big amount soon. Yung small amount nga like this, di na ko nakatulog e, ganyan kalaking halaga pa! Wahhh..

Yeah, maybe they wish I'd give up. Ano sila hilo?!! Lol!

Thank you for dropping by,Rose! Always glad to see you here! Ingat lagi!

Flavio said...

Hi Beng Gee,
Nice blog you have. Mine is also related to travelling. Would place a link to my blog on your 'Blogger Buddies' list on the right side of your blog?
Something like: About New Zealand.
Then the person would go to:

Many thanks in advance from New Zealand! :-)

Beng Gee said...

@Flavio: Hello! Okay will have your link listed in. Thanks for dropping by and for the compliment. Hope you'll get to visit again!

Batangala said...

It's been a long time since I've had a transaction with those sites ever since i bought the hotel room at the global city with and never got a satisfactory reply from their customer service. nuncam iterum, he he he

Beng Gee said...

@Batangala: Yes, I could see you've managed to avail a number of deals from group buying sites. I hope you won't make mistake of dealing with this pesky Metrodeal.

Ummm.. nuncum iterum...let me guess! hehe.. does that mean "not anymore?" oh well.. will google it up yet.aha haha..

Thanks again for stopping by! Have a nice day!

J said...

hello Tita B!

bakit nga ba ako nakiki-Tita. baka pwede naman Ate hahaha o B na lang. alin ba dun ang dapat? (LOL)

napakagat ka in short. umobra yung una kasi. but with the El Nido deal,isn't that too good to be true in the first place? what kind of hotel kaya can they give you with the fee they are charging? opinion ko lang yun ha kasi knowing how rates can be that steep in Palawan paano kaya nila ma-fulfill ang description ng offer nila?

anyways, glad to hear that you got your money back. lesson learned? - when it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. nanermon pa ako hahaha.

have a great Sunday Tita B. sana walang ulan this weekend.

Beng Gee said...

Hi J! Call me as you wish! Doesn't really matter. Pwede rin ate Beng para pareho na kyo ni Huling ng tawag. Hehe..

Actually, not all are too steep in Palawan! I wasn't expecting a five star hotel. E sanay naman kami talaga sa ganun cottages. Oo nga. I paid cheap, I get cheap!. Lol! Pero I was told kasi that we can find much better accommodations with that price. And the add-ons like island tour can be availed cheaper din since the 4 of us will be boarding only 1 boat and not the originally offered 2/boat . Well, everything’s water under the bridge now. Still not losing hope though to see Palawan one of these days even on a tight budget. Lol!

Salamat sa sermon J! Ahahaha! Ingat na ko talaga next time!
The sun is out today. Hopefully tuloy-tuloy na. Take care always!

w0rkingAth0mE said...

I'm glad because i didn't encounter such thing but i just purchased facial cleaning and happy with the result :) Well good thing they gave your money back :)

Bhong Amandi said...

Hi Beng,

I also purchase from MetroDeal a Hongkong DisneyLand voucher for 5 worth 11.7K each but sad to say we found out that their merchant for this deal is now close, and so we requested for full refund last month but as of this moment nothing happen. When I saw your blog I'm also hoping that one day I will receive the same message from Paypal... (cross fingers)

Beng Gee said...

@workingAthomE: Good for you that your transaction with Metrodeal went well. But I'd advice you to still be careful to deal with them. I've read countless complaints against them. Thanks for dropping by. Hope to see you back again. Ingat.

Beng Gee said...

@Bhong Amandi: Sad to hear that you are amongst those who got entangled with that controversial Metrodeal. Is that the promo that involves the Pabs Travel and Tours? I've seen it being featured in XXX/ABS-CBN last Monday. I sympathise with you and the many others who fell victims to the scam.

Don't lose hope. Just inform your credit card bank and Paypal about the dispute and they;ll take care of it. Let it be a lesson to us. Lol! Thanks for your time here, Bhong!

Mrs. Kolca said...

This is why I never buy anything from Metrodeal or any coupon sites! Thanks for the post!!

Beng Gee said...

@Mrs. Koica: There's a lot of good deals kasi sa mga group buying sites. Yun lng nga, just be careful. Thank you for your time. Feel free to visit again.
Hope to see you around.

Beng Gee said...

@Zach's Mom: I'm glad that didn't have any problem with regards to Metrodeal.Good on you! But I decided not to approve your comment for the reason that the Metrodeal review link that you mentioned isn't a review but a plain promo deal advertisement. Thank you for your time though!

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