Monday, August 29, 2011

Beware to deal with Metrodeal

I’m sure most of you are aware of the rapid mushrooming of Group Buying sites.  Here in the Philippines, there are a good number of them which have quite made a name. Surprisingly, one of them is Metrodeal.  I wonder how they were able to build a name when this group buying site is absolutely ignorant of the proper way of handling their business/ customer service.

I have bought a voucher from this site before because the price was so enticingly low apart from the fact that travel promos are a bit hard to resist for me.  Likewise, it is stated in their website that they will refund the amount paid in case the customer changed mind.  That gives a feeling of security to customers like me.    The first deal was delivered quite smoothly with only insignificant snags on booking.  I won’t deny that we enjoyed that Casa Ibiza promo l bought from them.  Thus, when I saw the El Nido Palawan  advert for Php9,900 for a 3D/2N accommodation, airport transfers, island hopping,  etc.  for  2/pax , no batting of eyelash, I paid for two (2) vouchers amounting to Php19,800. through Paypal.  Deal was completed in a breeze.  Payment was confirmed by Paypal and acknowledged by Metrodeal in just few minutes. 

How excited I was with the great deal I got!  Or so I thought.   Unluckily, it turned out that the mentioned accommodation in the purchased Promo isn’t worth the price I paid.  It’s only a cheap cottage/Inn by the beach and not a hotel that I expected it to be.  What do you think should be my next action?  Of course, I immediately emailed them and demanded refund!  Got an automatic reply that says they will attend to my inquiries within the next working day.  Zilch reply after that!   I religiously followed up thru emails each day but was only totally ignored until I realized they really wouldn’t want to release the money they already have in their hands.  I then requested for convertion from El Nido to Apo Island, Dumaguete deal with same value.  How quickly they replied with matching smiley emoticon thanking me for patronizing Metrodeal.  So, I was right!  They really wouldn’t want to part with my money.   I thought that ended my problem.  ..but no!  I was back to my nerve-wracking moments when the voucher for the converted deal was nowhere to be found. Endless emails were sent again everyday but to no avail.  They were on a "Hide n Seek" mode once more. Then I panicked.  Don't want to think I just blew my money away!  Anxiety engulfed my being.  Boiling mad inside, I sent a number of furious letters reiterating payment refund. Made clear to them that I don’t want any deal conversion anymore.  I only want my payment back, no more, no less!!  Then to my surprise, the vouchers became available in an instant!  See?  It’s that simple to issue the voucher but took them ages to have it done?!   Thanks but no thanks!  Didn't accept it.  Don’t want to deal with them any further. Enough is enough!  All I want is to get my money back. Then they can add me to the long list of irate customers they had.  As I've discovered them here,

Yesterday, I received Paypal’s  notification of Metrodeals refund for two (2) Php9,900. or a total of Php19,800.  Hallelujah!!  I think notifying Paypal and my Credit card bank about the dispute helped in a way. Nonetheless, despite those stressful days and sleepless nights I went through with this group buying site,  I wanna thank them still because they taught me a big lesson.  I'd be very cautious to transact business online next time around.    And not to commit mistake of dealing with Metrodeal again. Not even with the most tempting offer! No way! 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Move to a new place

A friend vehemently complains of the arrogance of some of their next door neighbours.  Every morning she said she would endure the infuriating attitudes that are intentionally thrown on her.  Until lately, she’s fed up and can no longer take any further provocation.  Now, the solution she has in mind is to move to another place, a solution of which I discourage her from doing.  But from the looks of it, she’s keen on moving to a fresh and trouble-free community for her family.  This brings to mind the difficulties that go with the process of transferring to a new place.

If you are one like my friend who’s decided to relocate, plan ahead.  What’s the easiest way to move the whole household without exerting a lifetime of effort?   Nowadays, it is a lot simpler than you could imagine.   Get the service of one of the Local Movers in case the household transfer is just locally or get in touch with one of the Long Distance Movers if you plan to move to a distant location.  It’s best to inquire first for some Moving Estimates or ask for Local Moving Quotes.   With prices to compare, you can pick the best priced movers.  What a huge help for those who are thinking of relocating just like my friend.

I surmise, she is inexorable from carrying out her believed right solution.  She won’t  face much trouble though, in case she pushes through her plan.  I only wish she’ll thoroughly weigh things up before she jumps into such decision.  Nevertheless, she deserves to be happy. And it's all that matters.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Something good out of scrap

If you’re gonna ask what occupied my time all these week,  I’d say nothing  has changed a bit.  I spent each day doing the laundry and fixing bits and pieces in the house plus looked after the cabinet maker who fixed our old TV cabinet.  The new TV doesn't fit well with the old design so it needed some alterations.  I thought it would take him one whole day to work on that TV table but I was amazed when he was over and done with in just few hours.  With much time remaining for the day’s contract, I saw some pieces of woods dumped in the garage and ask him if he can make a center table out of it. I gave him my design and surprisingly, he finished it in the remaining half of the day.  I was quite impressed with the work so I gave him a little extra.   Can’t believe a fine and sturdy center table can still be produced with those scrap pieces of woods.  Nice feeling to be praised  for some good ideas created and finding one good carpenter worth recommending to friends. 

It's past 2am now, got to retire to bed.  Good night/morning everyone!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Old friends meet again

Thanks to the internet!  I found a long lost friend through FB.  She was an officemate, a “barkada” (a close friend) a witness to our civil wedding, which goes to say that she is our Ninang and also a secondary sponsor in our church wedding.   I’ve long been searching for her and other friends in the net but so far, found only her and few other friends whom we have spent carefree youthful moments together.  Sadly, one or two have already passed away and one girl friend seems not be interested in us anymore.  The cold shoulder response really breaks my heart!  Well anyway, my friend and I finally met again after more than three decades of no communication.  I learned they are now based in Guam and periodically visit the country for business matters.  We agreed to meet at the Dusit Thani Hotel Lobby last Saturday night with our husbands then proceed to RJ Bistro which is now housed in the hotel. 

Three decades passed stealthily.  You can just imagine the transformation of two young girls in their  early and mid-20’s to oldie moms now in their golden years.  Haha!.. I know, the lines on our faces betray the years that passed by.   Hmmn... but who cares?! Not the two of us that I know of!  Honestly though,  I truly appreciate the sight of her. I know I have really missed her along with the time we spent with other remarkable people that touched our lives.  It was one stage of my youthful life that I sincerely loved and enjoyed.  The active, fun days of 70-‘s ...disco hopping, watching, and basketball games cheering, ...night swimming, ...bump car rides in the then newly opened Harizon Plaza, and  many other  "happenings" which is now referred to as "gimiks" of todays' generation!
I still yearn to be in those places we used to frequent but more likely than not, some of those don't exist anymore.  I only wish I could have a time machine to traverse me back to that period of joyful camaraderie, and special bonds we once had.  It was indeed one hell of a time for us! 

With all those reminiscences...  this Beatles song comes to mind.  I feel a slight pinch in my heart as I listen to it!     Oh yeah,  ...I know I'll often stop and think about them..!  ...In my life...

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011 sucks

I started my first blog almost 4 years ago in another free website host named "". After creating a blog site for me, hubby taught me the how to’s of blogging and  then eventually, paid blogging. It was fun learning things at the same time earning.  It was “a season of plenty” then,  I was getting quite a lot of ad offers, one after another until  some advertisers revised their paid ops scheme and just about the same time, my blog site turned difficult to manage.  The used to be plenty now appear in trickles.

Well, I have to admit that I still am in the process of discovering the pros and cons of this blogging world.  And since I was left here now on my own, I am grasping for every good opportunity that could explain on how  or what to do with the  bummer website host of my other blog.   Yes, it sucks.  It really sucks!    It loads so verrrrry slow that oftentimes  it brings  you to error 404 pages.  I guess that’s what happened when the latest advertiser checked the paid article it has already approved days ago.  It has expressed disappointment  as it continually fails to load my blog.  And what do you think happened next? The advertiser then placed the approved post on probation within 30 days.  Hmmp.. WTH is happening to!   It even placed a huge annoying  pop-up ads  which prompted the Entrecard management to delete my blog from its registry.  Grrrr!...  I could have utter invictives  for too much irritation!  I’m now contemplating on  getting my own domain.   But honestly though,  I have no idea on how to get one.  Or better still, a good one that’s not heavy on my pocket.    

Moving  my blog in a new domain is the best thing to do I guess.  

Mind sending some good tips on how and where to acquire my own domain?  Geez, dying to have one asap!

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