Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another celebration

Last Wednesday, July 20, another year was added to my age.  Hmmn.. no stopping to wrinkles and all but am ever so grateful that I am given the chance to grow old!  Ain't it that at the end, it's not the years in your life that count but the life in your years?! I praise God for all the blessings and for all the people who care!

We went out for lunch in the newly opened branch of Kowloon Restaurant in Commonwealth Ave. Thanks to hubby for always making all our birthdays a no work holiday for him. Even if there were only the three of us, (with son coz daughter couldn't make it.)they're enough to make my day.  We were complete by dinner time and about to go out but it rained. Thus, the a pizza and chicken delivery. Plus the small birthday cake from daughter completes the day!

 It was another simple celebration with family.  Whenever it is with family, I'm more than happy!

""Live not one's life as though one has a thousand years, but live each day like it's the last". ~ Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Casa Ibiza-Antipolo: A small, quiet place

I'm back buddies!   Yes, I know! It’s been a long time without showing up here.  Blame it to the voluminous household chores that eternally keep on coming and eating up my drive to write. Or could this be plain indolence?   Uh, maybe!!.   Coz at the end of the day after all the works are done, all I wanna do is rest my body and sleep.  In my mind, a break was all I wanted.  Good thing, I have grabbed a Casa Ibiza promo voucher from MetroDeal few months back so my family availed it last weekend. 

Casa Ibiza is a small quiet place in the innermost section of burgeoning subdivisions in Antipolo.  It’s  accommodation units they call villas are like cute townhouses with two tiny bedrooms and a regular room, a small living room with LCD Tv, small dining room and kitchen with ref. (with no use coz bringing in food is prohibited)  The beddings are sparkling white, fresh and clean.  It has two toilets and baths which are equally dirt-free that come with clean white towels and  toiletries.

They have a resto that serves good food though a bit pricey.  The price of a cup of coffee (in sachets) is 60php while a bottle of SMBeer is 35 php. Hmmn.. shouldn't it be the other way around? A coffee for 35 and beer for 60php? Just seems not fair eh.  Well, anyway,  you  have to order food few hours in advance.  Bringing in food as I've said, is prohibited so you have no choice but to have your meals in their restaurant or drive out and look for a good place to eat. We arrived there before 12 nn not knowing they don’t allow check-ins before 2pm.  Hence after registering, we drove back to the town proper and had lunch in Max’s. 

Back to Casa Ibiza, we rounded the very small place and we couldn’t help but smile.  It is too far from what we expected.  Nonetheless, we’re happy with the find.  It’s got what we want.  ...comfy accommodation, (three bedrooms with an aircon each), and  a clean, clear watered swimming pool (although it’s just a small one).  But as I’ve mentioned, there’s no regret coz it’s a cute, peaceful place perfect for relaxation!

The villas

The function halls

The small swimming pool

The restaurant

The food

Us, after a satisfying dinner.

Thank you so much for the visit. Hope you'll never get tired of coming over! God bless everyone!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hearty Dinner at Peking Garden-Trinoma

Last Sunday, we had a clear day.  No rain! Hooray!  My vacationing MIL finally was able to go out.  (She’s very cautious about getting wet by the rain.) We picked them up and went to have dinner.  Hubby drove to Trinoma.  Then asked where we would want to eat.  When  I’m in Trinoma,  I only have few usual restos   in mind. Those that are good ones but not too pricey. But he led us to Peking Garden, (a posh Chinese Resto,) instead, . Just for a change, according to him.   We have eaten in Peking Garden in Glorietta a number of  times before.  And I think, that’s when I started  to always crave for Peking Duck. Cravings that even in my dreams while asleep, that fave food of mine exists. Hubby perhaps had much of my nagging request for this special Chinese cuisine that’s why he brought us here.


It was a delightful dinner,  no doubt about it!  Although the bill we paid was quite enormous  for the number of dishes we had, there's no regret.  Even if the price of Peking Duck keeps going up, (now priced 2,200.00 php for a whole that we had)  I think I’d still be coming back here, though not as frequent as I want to for they  sure would drain hubby's wallet. Lol!  Eating in Peking Garden is like eating in a fine Resto in Hongkong.   Allow me to declare that this is "The Best Local Chinese Restaurant"!  Well, that’s as far as I’m concerned.  To each his own!  Right?

Have a wonderful day everyone!

P.S.  Just google search Peking Garden-Trinoma for  better photos to appreciate the place.

Friday, July 1, 2011


How time flies quickly! Can't believe it’s already. . . myspace graphic comments

Bring in some fanfare music! Lol! Only 184 days remain in the current calendar year and before we know it, the 100 days Christmas countdown will be aired in every TV Channels and radio stations.  Well, that’s how fast the days go.  We're halfway now to year 2012!!  Actually, I don’t understand why time passes by quicker now that I am older, than when I was much, much younger.  Sometimes,  I still find myself talking about the time when  my kiddos were toddlers like it was just few years back.  Until it would just dawn on me that it was already way too far ago!  OMG!  It’s real, I’m truly  getting old!  There’s no stopping to wrinkles coming my way.  Huhu..  But hey!  on the contrary, with wrinkles and all, I feel so blessed.  Not many of my colleagues reached this age, let alone kick cancer's ass like I did.  (Of course, it's by God's grace!) Just can't contain my happiness coz there’s much to be thankful for! 

Again, here's to  remind one and all that LIFE IS SHORT!  Let’s not fuss about non-sensible matters.  Spend each day like it’s the last.  Stop being stingy but instead be generous with    ... LOVE!

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