Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Glimpse of Antipolo

My MIL long wanted to go to Antipolo Church since she came back from Autralia last April. She finally got her wish when we drove for her there last Saturday.  We reached the place almost noontime, thus we decided to make a stop at one of the nice looking restaurants along the highway first before proceeding to the Church. (Very unorthodox indeed! he he..)  The name of the place is Romeo’s.  It  is quite big, like a huge veranda overlooking metro manila.  In those kinds of eating places,  it’s already expected to find only native dishes on their menu.  Many of the dishes listed are everyday recipes at home. But there were  few that I haven’t tasted yet, let alone cooked.  Like Ginataang Pagi. (Sting ray in Coconut milk).  And other kinds of fish, which name escaped my mind.   MIL said she missed the Pesang Dalag (Mudfish) ‘cause they don’t have it Australia. She didn't know, I missed it too!

To cut it short, our lunch was a success! We were full and satisfied. It wasn't cheap nor so expensive, but relatively acceptable and the food was rated satisfactory by the group (hubby, mil, sil, aunt, cousin, grandson, and me).After attending mass, I thought of visiting and inspecting Casa Ibiza. A resort we are to visit soon. However, we got lost and didn't find the way to the mentioned resort so we  went straight home.  Anyway, another mission was accomplished. And many more to go!

Remembered to take pictures only after ingesting everything served..
The view overlooking part of MetroManila.

Hubby footing the bill.
The Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good voyage on the end of the road.

We were lucky it was a bright sunny weekend.  I wish all coming weekends will be the same!
Thanks for your visit!  Have a great day!

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angsarap said...

Wow nakakamiss ang Antipolo, lalo na yung kasuy at mga kakanin. Saka meron akong recipe ng guinataang pagi -->, try it its good.

Beng Gee said...

@angsarap: Haha.. About time to come home and visit antipolo Raymund! Yes, it's as if you didn't go to Antipolo if you didn't have a taste of their suman sa ibus, kalamay and Cashew nuts. Oh, good you have the recipe for that yummy ginataang pagi. I'll definitely get a copy of that from your blog. Thanks, you offered!

See you around again and take care!

Liza said...

I was just there a few weeks ago. :)

Sorry for not visiting often ha. Hope all is well with you and the family.

Moms... Check Nyo
Mommy's Little Corner

Beng Gee said...

Sayang, di tayo nag-abot sa Antipolo. Lol!

It's alright Liza, I'm at your site anyway, every once in a while!

Thanks, we're fine! Same with you I hope!

J said...

haven't been to Antipolo in ages. my last visit there didn't allow me to explore as much. nakakalungkot but hopefully next year, andiyan kami ulit.

enjoy your Thursday.

Beng Gee said...

Nice to know you're coming back here. Sana maka pasyal kayo ng todo next time!

Thanks for the visit J! I know how busy you are. Almost TGIF na! Enjoy and ingat!

PinayWAHM said...

Ate Beng! Tara langoy tayo sa YMCA...hehe. Yung batang makulit dito hindi makapag hintay....bukambibig na ang YMCA.

How's your week? I hope it's not as wet anymore. Dito super duper kaduper init! Mid 90s is the norm now. Kami naman we need the rain kasi ang daming sunog sa mga ibang lugar....brush fire.

Enjoy your weekend!

Huling [and thanks for the bisita]

Beng Gee said...

Oo nga Huling, gusto ko din mag-swimming lesson! Lagi ako sa beach pero takot mapunta sa malalim. Kung ako nga excited pag magsu-swimming eh, si E pa kaya? Exciting kasi!

Naku maulan na dito. Signal #1 pa. Kaya cancelled ang pasok sa school. I like summer pero hirap naman pag brush fire!:D Pero okay lang pala, kasi wala naman palang brushes dito! Lol!!

Have a happy Friday!

Dhemz said...

wow, galing naman! feels great to go out of town pag marami ang kasama....vacay galore pala si MIL sa pinas...:)

hehehhee...I always do that...laging nakakalimutan pag masarap ang chibugan....:)

nakikidalaw lang po te...hope all is well!

Beng Gee said...

You are right Dhemz, it's more fun going out in a bigger group. Kaya si MIL, looking forward to another similar day! hehe..

Eh ganun yata talaga pag gutom na. Food first before photos. Lol!

Glad to always see you here Dhemz! Bukas ulit ha? (joke lang! hehe..)

Ingat lagi!

PinayWAHM said...

TGIF na dito....yay! Hahaha....

Naku Ate Beng...hindi lang dyan bagsak ang ekonomiya...dito rin. The only difference Pilipinas ang tagal tagal ng bagsak. Pag hindi nagbago ihip ng hangin dito...baka matulad na din dyan. Kaya ako pag may nagsasabi na gustong pumunta dito...ang lagi kong sagot...mag isip ng mabuti kasi it's not what it seems to be.

Hay ganun siguro talaga...the grass is always greener on the other side....kasi fake grass....hehehe...

Happy weekend!


chubskulit said...

Wow the view is so lovely Tita. I miss ginataang pagi, yum!

Beng Gee said...

Yes it is lovely! But your place in U.S. is much more lovelier than this view in Antipolo! Yes Rose, knowing you came from the place which loves guinataang "anything", ay saludo ako sa sarap ng food ng bicol!

Edsan said...

This Island Vacations enthusiast used to hang out at Cloud 9, one of the famous resorts in Antipolo when I was still atending my masteral classes at UP-NCPAG. The place is so enthralling. . . the mountain view of Metro Manila so inspiring.

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