Monday, June 20, 2011

Pass up some lab exams

Have gone to my  Onco.  She requested for my blood chem exams which includes test for  uric acid level.  She didn’t  warn me about  fasting.  Nevertheless, I abstained after dinner just to be sure. Meaning, I didn’t have anything in my mouth since 9pm until the time I was in the extraction room the next morning.  Perhaps she considered I already knew.  But there were too many kinds of blood tests being done to me before which makes it hard to remember which one needed fasting.  Now, only  few blood details  are needed which includes CEA and CA 15-3; the test for tumor counts.  Actually,  I was the one who asked for these coz I was alarmed by the slight increase in the tumor count as seen  in the last result.  Although my Onco  has assured me that there’s nothing to worry about since it’s still within normal level,  I’m still bothered by the change. So she agreed. Maybe just to pacify me.

I was at the hospital lab early last Friday.  But there were too many patients ahead of me.  When my number was called in the extraction room, it was already 11:00 AM.  The Med tech asked it I did my fasting. I answered yes. But when she learned about the lenght of time I fasted, she declined to go on with the blood extraction.  It’s been way too long, she said.  My uric acid had shoot up for sure. The time required for fasting is only 6 hours. But the tests for CEA and CA 15-3 need no fasting so I went on with it. 
The abdominal ultrasound, which I thought was due wasn’t due yet.  My Onco wants me to have it on the actual sched which is next month.  I mentioned the pains I have once in a while in my right side abdomen.  She advised that I observe it first.  If it persists and is severe, I can come back to her. But if not, I'd go through the normal sched of this lab exam.   Fortunately,  I don’t feel the pain anymore.  Nonetheless,  am still keeping watch on it.

The Med tech handled the extraction expertly. Didn't feel the needle at all.

 I haven’t obtained the results yet.  Still praying it'll be good.

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Clara said...

Hi Tita Beng!

In my case, I did fast since 9pm last night only to learn that the blood tests do not require fasting. :)

But since I already fasted, I requested for an FBS, just because I'm wondering about my blood sugar level.

Luckily, all my results are normal and it means I can go ahead with my third cycle.

Beng Gee said...

Hello Clara!

Hah!! Nakaka-disappoint! But least you were able to use the chance to take your FBS blood test.

Nice to know the results are normal.
God bless you on your next cycle!

PinayWAHM said...

Praying right along with you Ate Beng! Naku dito din sobrang haba ng pila pag nagpupunta kami sa lab. We usually go there bago sila magbukas...around 6 AM para di ganong maka abala sa trabaho ni M. But the last blood test I had, it took us only 10 & out kasi may bagong bukas na lab dito sa may amin.....woo hooo!

@FD...we went to YMCA for E's first swimming lesson with Dad...they were able to spend time together sa pool...hehe. I made a little video for him with E singing in the background...just like last year. I'll email you the link sa You Tube video kasi ginawa kong private so kailangan may link for you to view it.

Bummer naman pala at di kayo nakalabas on FD....maybe next....week? hehe.

Take it easy Ate Beng...hope your week is going well so far.


Dhemz said...

oh my...grabing gutom yun kung ako siguro...:)

hoping for the good results titaBeng...hope all is well!

belated happy father's day po pala kay hubs mo! have a good one!

angsarap said...

I never knew that there are different time span for fasting pala.

Beng Gee said...

@PinayWAHM: Thanks for the prayer Huling!I have a very strong faith that prayers work. I need that!

Father and daughter had a wonderful time at the pool for sure. How about you, di ka nag-join sa pool with them?

Hey, thanks for the link to your youtube video. Very heartwarming! Sobrang nakaka-touch! I wish kaya ko rin gumawa ng ganun! Congrats! Pwedeng panlaban para sa Best Cinematography! ^_^

Midweek na ulit, lapit na naman weekend. LOl! Relax and enjoy!

Beng Gee said...

@Dhemz: Tama ka! Super gutom nga talaga! Kaya lang walang magawa eh. Kailangan magtiis. he he..

Thanks Dhemz! Am really hoping for the good result.

And thanks too, in behalf of the husband here!

Ingat lagi!

Beng Gee said...

@Angsarap: Is that so Raymund? Well, same here. Neither did I know that I only need to fast for 6 hours for the uric acid test. Now, I'm doubting the veracity of the previous result. It might be above the normal level only because my fasting time exceeded 6 hours. Sigh!

Thanks for your time and take care!

Cheryl said...

Hoping your test results come back as you hope. Thinking of you. P.S.

Beng Gee said...

Hi Cheryl!
Thank you for the kind thoughts! So glad to see you back here. I missed your visits and your hearts too! :)

See you around and take care!

J said...

are the results in yet? hope everything is normal.

rainy weekend ba diyan? kami din dito we were greeted with rain on the first day of summer and it has been gloomy and drizzly the past few days.

have a great weekend!

chubskulit said...

You're an inspiration TitaB. Glad your result is good!

cathy said...

Filipinos are very good in taking blood. Hindi naman mga bampira. hek hek hek.

Me, kapag hindi Filipino ang kumuha ng blood ko at nagkabit ng IV sa akin, asahan mo para akong bingbog ni Duterte sa kamay.

Mura pa diyan ang blood test. Dito isang blood test, nagkakahalaga ng more than a hundred dollars.

Kaya pag marami akong blood tests, nagwiwithdraw ako sa banko ko sa Switzerland (oy baka may maniwala). o kaya nagbebenta ako ng dugo. yukyukyuk kung hindi naman nagsusuot ako ng ray ban at umuupo ako sa sidewalk. SPARE CHANGE. hahaha

Beng Gee said...

Hello Cathy!
I'm extremely delighted to see new visitors like you around! Or are you? Unfortunately, can't trace your URL. I hope you'll be back and leave your link. Anyways,that's true! Pinoys are good blood extractors! Can't believe blood tests are priced that high in your location, which I believe is US of A? NOw, you gave me a good deal of guessing game! Haha.. Well,.. I love your great sense of humour! It lightens up my day! Hope to see you around again soon so I can visit your site!

Thanks much for your time! God bless and take care!

cathy said...

ako si pinaysaamerika.

Beng Gee said...

@Cathy: Yesss! I knew it! Very familiar na kasi yang bongga mong sense of humor.

Hope to see you around again! Ingat!

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