Saturday, June 25, 2011

Finally got the result

I had always postponed going back to the hospital for the result of my lab test.  It’s because I have been too busy with the household chores since my angel left for good a week ago.  I don’t know why, but I wasn’t so anxious anymore as I was before the lab test.   I simply don’t worry about it that I didn’t have the urge to see the result quickly.  I just requested hubby to pick it up for me in his free time.  And this morning, I saw this paper on top of my lappy.   It’s the result!

Couldn’t help but utter:  OH, THANK YOU MY LORD!  

Both the CEA and CA 15-3 tumor counts have gone back to its very normal state.  Woo hoo!  Obviously, my hunch is right!  I was right not being troubled thinking about it.  Going back to my Onco to show the result should be SOP but I’d rather break it this time.   I’d just see her next month for my next  regular check up.   Weeeh!! . . .

Btw, thank you so much for all your prayers!  Prayers really work.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Pass up some lab exams

Have gone to my  Onco.  She requested for my blood chem exams which includes test for  uric acid level.  She didn’t  warn me about  fasting.  Nevertheless, I abstained after dinner just to be sure. Meaning, I didn’t have anything in my mouth since 9pm until the time I was in the extraction room the next morning.  Perhaps she considered I already knew.  But there were too many kinds of blood tests being done to me before which makes it hard to remember which one needed fasting.  Now, only  few blood details  are needed which includes CEA and CA 15-3; the test for tumor counts.  Actually,  I was the one who asked for these coz I was alarmed by the slight increase in the tumor count as seen  in the last result.  Although my Onco  has assured me that there’s nothing to worry about since it’s still within normal level,  I’m still bothered by the change. So she agreed. Maybe just to pacify me.

I was at the hospital lab early last Friday.  But there were too many patients ahead of me.  When my number was called in the extraction room, it was already 11:00 AM.  The Med tech asked it I did my fasting. I answered yes. But when she learned about the lenght of time I fasted, she declined to go on with the blood extraction.  It’s been way too long, she said.  My uric acid had shoot up for sure. The time required for fasting is only 6 hours. But the tests for CEA and CA 15-3 need no fasting so I went on with it. 
The abdominal ultrasound, which I thought was due wasn’t due yet.  My Onco wants me to have it on the actual sched which is next month.  I mentioned the pains I have once in a while in my right side abdomen.  She advised that I observe it first.  If it persists and is severe, I can come back to her. But if not, I'd go through the normal sched of this lab exam.   Fortunately,  I don’t feel the pain anymore.  Nonetheless,  am still keeping watch on it.

The Med tech handled the extraction expertly. Didn't feel the needle at all.

 I haven’t obtained the results yet.  Still praying it'll be good.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Seeing my Onco today

Been enjoying  the outdoor for a while now that I almost neglected my  health work-up  sked  this month of June.  I’ll be seeing my Onco today to ask for my regular laboratory exams request.   Can’t help but be anxious for the results as I ‘ve had a once in while darting pain in my  right side abdomen .  I hope and pray it’s nothing serious. 

Anyway,  I think nothing can stop me from keeping an eye on an airline’s fare promo as well as Boracay Resort’s promo deals.  Travel and leisure aren’t so expensive these days anyhow!  Travel promos pop up every now and then.  My itcy feet are raring to step on those powdery white sands and crystal clear blue waters.  Hoping to catch one good deal soon!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

World's Shortest Man is a Filipino

It’s confirmed!  Guiness World Records has declared  18 year old, Junrey Balawing as the Worlds Smallest Man.  The boy/man is from Sindangan, Zamboanga and measures 23.5 inches (60 centimeters).  Balawing has the size of a toddler and the demeanor of a child.  He took over  the record from  Kagendra Thapa Magar of Nepal who measures 26.4 inches. 

Balawing came from a very poor family.  He is in the Guiness Book alright but the crown doesn’t come with any cash reward.  Hopefully , his popularity will bring him blessings of gifts and cash from Donors all over the globe to help him and his family support his medical needs. (Read here .).

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Glimpse of Antipolo

My MIL long wanted to go to Antipolo Church since she came back from Autralia last April. She finally got her wish when we drove for her there last Saturday.  We reached the place almost noontime, thus we decided to make a stop at one of the nice looking restaurants along the highway first before proceeding to the Church. (Very unorthodox indeed! he he..)  The name of the place is Romeo’s.  It  is quite big, like a huge veranda overlooking metro manila.  In those kinds of eating places,  it’s already expected to find only native dishes on their menu.  Many of the dishes listed are everyday recipes at home. But there were  few that I haven’t tasted yet, let alone cooked.  Like Ginataang Pagi. (Sting ray in Coconut milk).  And other kinds of fish, which name escaped my mind.   MIL said she missed the Pesang Dalag (Mudfish) ‘cause they don’t have it Australia. She didn't know, I missed it too!

To cut it short, our lunch was a success! We were full and satisfied. It wasn't cheap nor so expensive, but relatively acceptable and the food was rated satisfactory by the group (hubby, mil, sil, aunt, cousin, grandson, and me).After attending mass, I thought of visiting and inspecting Casa Ibiza. A resort we are to visit soon. However, we got lost and didn't find the way to the mentioned resort so we  went straight home.  Anyway, another mission was accomplished. And many more to go!

Remembered to take pictures only after ingesting everything served..
The view overlooking part of MetroManila.

Hubby footing the bill.
The Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good voyage on the end of the road.

We were lucky it was a bright sunny weekend.  I wish all coming weekends will be the same!
Thanks for your visit!  Have a great day!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wishing for another kitchen makeover

Our little house underwent some repairs and renovation a year ago.  As some of you know, I have posted about its construction and how tough it was to supervise workers .  Fortunately, the renovation  was done without any hitch and I can say I did well on a task which is supposedly not a woman’s job. The husband and the big kiddos were happy with the result.  I’m glad with that!  But looking at my kitchen now,  I regret not having replaced the ceramic tiles with a longer lasting granite together with an undermount sink that goes well with the latter.  Hmmm..  had I seen those excellent quality undermount sinks from  M R  Direct,  it would have been a different story for my kitchen.  But who knows?  The family’s financial resources might soon afford another kitchen makeover!  And if that happens, I definitely would deal with M R Direct!      


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