Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Seafront Beach Resort: Not worth the long travel.

Two days and one night of our long weekend holiday were spent in Seafront Beach Resort in Iba, Zambales.  That's after we passed by Las Casas in Bagac, Bataan.  Sis reserved a room for us via the internet, hence she relied on what is shown on their website alone.  When we reached the place, we were sort of disappointed to find out that those attractive photos featured in the website were not as attractive actually. It's only a very small resort with a beach that isn't so nice. We later found out from the receptionist that the resort is owned by infamous personality that is Dennis Roldan.  Yeah, I know him! He's a former movie actor, Congressman, then later incarcerated for a criminal case of kidnapping. He was always in the news before. The receptionist was even so proud to mention to us that Dennis and Mikey Arroyo, the former presidential son, are closed buddies.!  Dennis was there in the resort, but didn't bother to get near him.

Well, back to my rants on Seafront, the resort that  wasn't worth the long travel..  How silly I am to expect the water as enticing as of the waters of Potipot Island.  We should have had travelled few kilometers more and we could have been in Potipot. Anyway, we know now!  We sure won't make mistake of going back to that resort again!

The road up north. (photo by J.Drueco)
Only two beach parasols for seafront guests at the beach.
The beach similar to those near Manila.
No choice but to enjoy what is available
 Half of the room we occupied.
So that was what we had in Seafront Beach Resort.  Nothing extra ordinary really  ..except the sweet mangoes in the town of Iba!

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angsarap said...

At least you have those sweet mangoes, I miss them a lot. We dont have that here and if we have which only happens 1 month in a year its so expensive around $5.00 each.
Also thanks for the heads up, at least when we go somewhere in Iba somewhere in the future this will be out of the list.

Beng Gee said...

@angsarap: Your mangoes in NZ might have had gold in their seeds. Lol! Really so expensive eh!

Oh yeah, don't ever make mistake of going there when you come home. Or you'll be disappointed too! he he..

Feeling hungry now! Might as well see what's cookin' on your site.
Have a great day Raymund!

James said...

Nice of you to give us heads-up. At least the foods wasn't disappointing. Anyhow, lucky enough to have a vacation unlike me, I'm stuck with work.

Beng Gee said...

@James: Welcome to my site! Always glad to see new visitors around leaving some precious comments!

Hey, don't you think you're luckier coz you are working and earning? Haha.. vacations can always be there when you really want it! Right James?!

Thanks for your time here! Take care!

PinayWAHM said...

Yan ang gusto ko sa yo tell it like it is. Kala ko nakakulong pa din yung mamang yun? Di ba sya yung sa kidnapping? Bakit sya nakalaya? google I'm curious...hehe..tsismosa noh?

Hala bat gising ka pa? Sabi mo kasi sa comment 5 min more at TGIF na dyan...ibig sabihin hatinggabi na gising ka pa....hehe.



chubskulit said...

Ouch! Deceiving pala ang advertisement nila hehehe. At least you get to see what's the real place looks like hehehe..

Beng Gee said...

@PinayWAHM: kilala mo pala ang infamous character na ito? At nkalaya na nga sya! Di kaya me kinalaman si Mikey Arroyo? Ay tama nga pangtsitsismis ko. Bka ma-libel pa ako. he he.

Heto tulad pa rin kagabi, insomniac pa rin. How's your summer there? Dito grabe tlaga ang init! Kaya gusto ko lagi sa beach. he he..

Enjoy your weekend Huling! Ingat!

Beng Gee said...

@chubskulit: Absolutely deceiving talaga Rose! Pero ayos lang din. We got to travel a little farther than usual.

Thanks for the visit. Have a great weekend!

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