Thursday, May 26, 2011

One Gorgeous Summer Almost Wasted in Phi Phi Beach Resort

How do I begin now?  After hibernating for quite a long while from blogosphere, it seems so taxing to find how and where to start.  Have been busy  lazy for a long while  and now, my brain needs some oiling to strip off the  toxic rusts that seem to cling ever so tightly in my head. Lol!  Oh my!

Anyways,  don’t you find it so frustrating that summer is almost over?   I  still intend to savour more of the sun and the beach but the antagonistic rainy season is slowly showing its arrogance.  It’s a good thing,  I was able to enjoy  some sunny days in Phi Phi Beach Resort just recently with the family.  And if you’d ask where the hell that resort is, it is in the forever easy to access beach town of Morong, Bataan, our favorite beach town, wherelse?
But hey,  don’t get me misunderstood!  I did enjoy the sunny days on the beach but  definitely not the resort itself.  It's still fine, anyway,  coz it has always been a hit and miss for us anyhow, as we only depend on the internet to find our beach resort destination.  I must make mention here however,  for the benefit of those who’s planning to visit this resort,  that this Phi Phi Hotel and Beach Resort absolutely did not meet our expectation.  With a soaring high room rate of 6,400php plus additional 500php for the extra pax per night,  my two thumbs are down for them! And why not?!!  They  squeezed in layered beds good for 12 people in a space that is normally good for four.  Although we were only nine adults and a child, we imagined a much bigger room since we were  charged much higher.  But then again, to complain was useless.  My sis has already paid the 50% reservation fee.  One thing more, they claim it to be a hotel.  Shame on them!  Hotels  provide towels and toiletries,  in this supposedly hotel/resort  you won’t find any!  Well.. well!  

I’m just thankful  that the clan is always bright and breezy!  Never was there a dull moment being together.  Perhaps it was the result of eating too many delicious Chicken caldereta and oodles of creamy and cheesy Carbonara that my nephew and his wife prepared. Ha ha..  Great to have crazy clan! Lol! Our weekend getaway in Phi Phi Beach Resort  wasn’t totally wasted! Thank goodness!

Part of Phi Phi's beach front.

My grand nephew, Kalvin, in another part of the resort called Phi Phi Island.

Kalvin by the pool.

Nephew Jon's super yummy Chicken caldereta.

All busy at  Sis'  kitchen.

Thanks to all who dropped by and peeped in.  Sorry, I was always sleepin'! Lol!  Hope to see you around!

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Dhemz said...

waaa...super enormous naman ang rate hubby would rather stay in a nipa hut for that! what a rip of naman..ala pang toiletries...sige lang basta happy naman kau sa getaway galore nyo.

wow, laki naman nang kitchen ni sis mo te...sarap nang handa...yum!

thanks for dropping by po pla...hahaha...natatawa ako sa comment mo...been trying to get pregnant again...kaso ala parin eh...naligaw ata yung X&Y!

have a wonderful weekend po!

angsarap said...

Wow that rate is really expensive, 6400 a night thats even expensive than good hotels here.

PinayWAHM said...

Ate Beng!

Good to be back here. Hay naku super busy talaga...sana nga yumaman na kami para wala ng werk werk pa....hahaha. Weekend M is home...working in the yard while I'm doing some chores in the comfort of our humble bahay kubo...hehe...

Spring pa din dito pero feels like summer na...officially kasi June 21 pa ang summer dito so we have a long way to go with this hot humid temps...right now we're in the 90s na. Baka pag summer asa 100 na kami...kahinit!

Have a good week...


Beng Gee said...

@PinayWAHM: Good for you! Being busy means being blessed! Ang mahalaga kayang harapin ang isang damakmak na trabaho. he he..

Dito naman di na masilayan si haring araw! Hayy, tag-ulan na nga dito talaga!

Same with you Huling! Enjoy the week!

J said...

hola! thanks for your visits as always. parang ang tagal akong nawala.

phi-phi tags itself as a hotel???? grabe at whoever owns this property must not know what hotels normally provide. indeed a rip off!!!

our summer here in NY this year has not started yet,but I officially started my own summer when we were in Pinas. I think I will not complain this time na very short ang summer ko. palagi kasi short ang summer namin but not for me this year as I've had a good soaking under the Philippine sun for 3 weeks.

have a great week ahead Tita B.

Beng Gee said...

@Angsarap: It's super expensive indeed! Resorts around here are really taking advantage of the avalanche of beach goers during this season. Anyways, we are learning our lessons from them. They can't expect dissatisfied customers to return after the first visit.

Beng Gee said...

@J: Medyo may katagalan nga ang iyong pagkawala! Imagine, 3 weeks?! Na-miss ka ng husto dito sa blogland!
Good to know you had a nice stay kahit napakainit dito the last few weeks!

You're exactly right! Rip-off ngang tunay itong resort na ito!

Buti pa kayo, about to have summer pa lang!

Take care. Enjoy the heat of the sun!

foongpc said...

I thought Phi Phi Beach Resort is in Thailand! So Philippines have a Phi Phi Resort?

What?! No towels and toiletries? No towel is still OK cos sometimes I dread dirty towels but no toiletries is a BIG no for a hotel! Unless it is a "no frills" hotel and charge budget price of course.

Beng Gee said...

@foongpc: I think this local Phi Phi Resort just made use of the name of Thailand's popular resort. A copy cat! Lol! Hence, this one here is a far cry from that of Thailand's. :(
This Phi Phi here although new is relatively a sub-standard resort even if only compared to some resorts of its caliber in the area.

Multibrand said...

Interesting post.

Thank you for following back on Google Friend Connect.

chubskulit said...

I like your g family getaways Tita, it seems that you guys are always having get together all the time, that's pretty nice. Kalvi is very cute.

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