Thursday, May 26, 2011

One Gorgeous Summer Almost Wasted in Phi Phi Beach Resort

How do I begin now?  After hibernating for quite a long while from blogosphere, it seems so taxing to find how and where to start.  Have been busy  lazy for a long while  and now, my brain needs some oiling to strip off the  toxic rusts that seem to cling ever so tightly in my head. Lol!  Oh my!

Anyways,  don’t you find it so frustrating that summer is almost over?   I  still intend to savour more of the sun and the beach but the antagonistic rainy season is slowly showing its arrogance.  It’s a good thing,  I was able to enjoy  some sunny days in Phi Phi Beach Resort just recently with the family.  And if you’d ask where the hell that resort is, it is in the forever easy to access beach town of Morong, Bataan, our favorite beach town, wherelse?
But hey,  don’t get me misunderstood!  I did enjoy the sunny days on the beach but  definitely not the resort itself.  It's still fine, anyway,  coz it has always been a hit and miss for us anyhow, as we only depend on the internet to find our beach resort destination.  I must make mention here however,  for the benefit of those who’s planning to visit this resort,  that this Phi Phi Hotel and Beach Resort absolutely did not meet our expectation.  With a soaring high room rate of 6,400php plus additional 500php for the extra pax per night,  my two thumbs are down for them! And why not?!!  They  squeezed in layered beds good for 12 people in a space that is normally good for four.  Although we were only nine adults and a child, we imagined a much bigger room since we were  charged much higher.  But then again, to complain was useless.  My sis has already paid the 50% reservation fee.  One thing more, they claim it to be a hotel.  Shame on them!  Hotels  provide towels and toiletries,  in this supposedly hotel/resort  you won’t find any!  Well.. well!  

I’m just thankful  that the clan is always bright and breezy!  Never was there a dull moment being together.  Perhaps it was the result of eating too many delicious Chicken caldereta and oodles of creamy and cheesy Carbonara that my nephew and his wife prepared. Ha ha..  Great to have crazy clan! Lol! Our weekend getaway in Phi Phi Beach Resort  wasn’t totally wasted! Thank goodness!

Part of Phi Phi's beach front.

My grand nephew, Kalvin, in another part of the resort called Phi Phi Island.

Kalvin by the pool.

Nephew Jon's super yummy Chicken caldereta.

All busy at  Sis'  kitchen.

Thanks to all who dropped by and peeped in.  Sorry, I was always sleepin'! Lol!  Hope to see you around!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mom's Day Celebration at Teriyaki Boy

Last Sunday was Mother's Day! And what's so special with the day? For me, nothing actually! It's just another day! But I would have wanted to make it special for hubby's mother, or my beloved MIL! So I bought her a little gift that I planned to give while we're out on dinner. Sadly though, she didn't come along because it was raining. She doesn't want to jeopardize her weak health, according to SIL  Oh well..  Thus, we were all by ourselves, me and my family, dining out to celebrate my day, or should I say, our day, as a Mom (or Moms)!

We decided not to go far after learning that MIL and SIL won't come with us.  The mall nearby has lots of good eating places to choose from. After some deliberation on which resto to go to, Teriyaki Boy made it.  It's one of our fave restos when it comes to Japanese food.

That's how my family celebrated Mother's Day with me.  Thanks to hubby and the big kiddos for another day of special bonding!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Good Lunch in Aristocrat, Subic

Still on our long holiday escapade, I wouldn't wan't to miss posting here the long delayed lunch we should have had in a park in Subic Bay Freeport Zone. Since my sis had already prepared food for our Iba beach outing but Iba was yet way too far for lunch, we thought of stopping over in Subic and just bring out the food my sis had packed.  We drove around looking for a nice place for our impromptu picnic but couldn't find a good one.  I was already very hungry then. Thus, when I saw the Aristocrat Resturant from afar, I asked the group if they want to eat in Aristocrat instead.  Almost in chorus, they responded affirmatively. So, we were in Aristocrat in no time.  If my memory serves me right, we were also there last year after our Potipot Island Holy Week vacation.  Likewise, the many times before,  everytime we drove to Subic.  Seems like we're becoming a regular patron of this restaurant.  Maybe because we love their food and the cozy ambience. Above all,  prices are fair and affordable.


Chicken barbecue with java rice

Fried chicken

Laing  (Taro leaves in cocnut milk)

The food above are few of our favorites.   Try them whenever you visit Subic Aristocrat.  You'll surely ask for more.  ( this is not a paid advertisement although I think should get paid for all the nice things I wrote here.  haha!!)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Seafront Beach Resort: Not worth the long travel.

Two days and one night of our long weekend holiday were spent in Seafront Beach Resort in Iba, Zambales.  That's after we passed by Las Casas in Bagac, Bataan.  Sis reserved a room for us via the internet, hence she relied on what is shown on their website alone.  When we reached the place, we were sort of disappointed to find out that those attractive photos featured in the website were not as attractive actually. It's only a very small resort with a beach that isn't so nice. We later found out from the receptionist that the resort is owned by infamous personality that is Dennis Roldan.  Yeah, I know him! He's a former movie actor, Congressman, then later incarcerated for a criminal case of kidnapping. He was always in the news before. The receptionist was even so proud to mention to us that Dennis and Mikey Arroyo, the former presidential son, are closed buddies.!  Dennis was there in the resort, but didn't bother to get near him.

Well, back to my rants on Seafront, the resort that  wasn't worth the long travel..  How silly I am to expect the water as enticing as of the waters of Potipot Island.  We should have had travelled few kilometers more and we could have been in Potipot. Anyway, we know now!  We sure won't make mistake of going back to that resort again!

The road up north. (photo by J.Drueco)
Only two beach parasols for seafront guests at the beach.
The beach similar to those near Manila.
No choice but to enjoy what is available
 Half of the room we occupied.
So that was what we had in Seafront Beach Resort.  Nothing extra ordinary really  ..except the sweet mangoes in the town of Iba!

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