Monday, April 11, 2011

Singapore Day 4: Orchard Road, Suntec, Airport

It’s kind of melancholic to face the day knowing that it’s gonna be the last day to relish the wonderful place that is Singapore!  How quick 4days/3nights were!  We spent the few hours left strolling down the shopping area of Orchard Road and Suntec City.  The kiddos got themselves some shirts, caps and other personal stuff.  Guess what I picked for myself?  Guess!  Yes, a  Guess handbag it is! I found it in OG Orchard.  This department store show cases lots of high end brands of shoes and bags but I had to ignore  Otherwise,  I’ll resort to using my credit cards. Ha ha..! That’s what I’ve been proud of myself this time.  I didn’t use my cards even when I was very much tempted to.  Well, I may not have ransacked the shopping malls but I’m very glad that I won’t be expecting any credit card bills coming next billing month. What a relief for hubby! Lol!
Suntec City:  Our first destination for the day.
Daughter posing infront of the Singapore Visitor's Center
Along with other foreigners trekking Orchard Road.

For our lunch, we went back to the Hawker’s Centre near our hotel and I had my last taste of their superb Roast duck rice. 

My fave meal in Hwkers Centre near our hotel.
This black bird stayed  near our table for a long while.

After the satisfying meal, we had enough time to rest at our hotel's lounge before proceeding to the airport.
Daughter while waiting for our taxi that would bring us to the airport.

Singapore Airport's Budget Terminal (Ain't the name discriminating? Lol!)
Our McDonald's Snack at the Airport.
Checking-in our Luggage.

No boring 3 hour  flight  when you have these to munch.

 Thank you Singapore for the lovely memories!  

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Dhemz said...

wow! ang galing talaga nang excursion nyo te...lalo na ang food...superb! ganda nang model...ehehehe!

foongpc said...

Haha!! You did not use your credit card for this trip? Well that's good discipline! : )

I don't like the last day of any trip. Haha!! Looks like you had a great time in Singapore! : )

PinayWAHM said...

LOL! Pweengels for lunch? Sali ko dyan! Bigla ko tuloy naalala si Little E when she was about 3. Nag attend ako ng conference so I left her and the Dad at the hotel. Lunch time tumawag ako....syempre tanong ng nanay sa bata: Did you have lunch already baby? Sagot nya: Yes, Mommy. What did you have? Sagot: CANDY! Buset na tatay...jellybeans ang lunch nilang mag ama....e di napalo ang tatay pagbalik ko sa hotel....hahaha

Kamusta ang weekend Ate Beng?

Kami....hexiting ng konti...


alf said...

Is pringles included sa airline snack?
Enjoy your summer tita beng.

Beng Gee said...

Dhemz, yes, the "excursion" was fine an so were the food. what model are you referring to? Lol!
Thanks and ingat!

Beng Gee said...

foongpc, yes, for that trip i practiced self control. ha ha.. was able to manage the expenses according to our budget. nice feeling after. Lol!

Yeah, we had a great time in Singapore. I'd definitely go back if I have a chance. I really hate last days of every trip too! ha ha..

Have a nice day and take care!

Beng Gee said...

@PinayWAHM: Ha ha ha..nalagot si daddy! That proved that mommies really care better than daddies! O, walang kokontra ha?! he he..

Weekend here was boring! Kanya-kanyang layas kasi mga tao dito eh. Naiwan lang ako kasama ang aking angel. sigh..

Lapit na naman weekend. Imagine? Have a great one Huling!

Beng Gee said...

@Alf: There was no free snack in the plane. It was sold exclusively.

Hopefully, we're gonna enjoy it again! You too Alf, have wonderful one!

angsarap said...

Looks like this is the final of the Singapore post, I will definitely miss it, when I was reading through your 4 days I was reminiscing all of my visits in such a lovely country, vibrant people and great food.

Beng Gee said...

@angsarap: Well, looks like it isn't so. I forgot to post the one place I love so much in SG. Kaya expect a little pahabol. he he..

I really wish I could go back there. But I wish to visit NZ too. Which do you think is more beautiful? Your NZ or SG?

Gotta see what's cookin' in your site now. See you there Raymund!

chubskulit said...

Ganda ganda ng daughter mo TitaB, next time punta kayo sa S, bitbitin mo ko, chaperone lol..

Nagutom ako bigla sa foods, drooling!

J said...

I enjoyed viewing your pics, thanks for sharing. grabe at food galore! kakagutom.

hope you're having a great weekend and a safe Holy Week.

angsarap said...

@Tita Beng - Both countries have their beauty but I guess Singapore will have more appeal to Filipinos becuase of the shopping, people and food it has that Asian cosmopolitan feel. Now for NZ, I guess it would appeal more of the Europeans specially the Brits as we are more natural than other countries where water everywhere is clean and clear, although I live in a big city (Auckland) a nice beach is a 30 mins drive, a forest again is 30 minutes drive, there are no traffic, kids can walk to school and air is so clean. Not big city as Singapore but it has that European feel to it, a lot of botiques as compared to malls and open air dining.

Beng Gee said...

@chubskulit: Naks, maganda daw oh!... Anyway, thanks for the compliment for daughter.
Sana nga I could go back to SG. Wish ko lang! Sige isasama kita, pero isasam mo rin ako sa different states na pinupuntahan nyo ha?! he he..

Ingat lagi Rose!

Beng Gee said...

@J: Got to thank you more for your time here J! Always, very much appreciated!

Hot summer na ba kyo dyan? Dito super hot na talaga ang weather. Di na maawat ang tag-init! The beach is calling. ...Raring to go now! he he..

Have a wonderful sunny day J!

Beng Gee said...

@angsarap: Wow! NZ seems to be the best place to be! Clean air, clear water, no traffic.. fresh seafood, Omg! You're so lucky Raymund. How did you get there! The kids must be loving their surroundings! Lucky you, really!

Who knows, I might be blessed one day and get to visit NZ too. To dream is free anyway! ha ha..

Have a great day and God bless!

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