Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Singapore Day 3: Universal Studios

I must say that the primary reason for our trip to Singapore was to see Universal Studios.  Nevertheless, we were more than delighted to have seen other marvelous attractions this “tiny red dot country” presents.  Three nights and four days were definitely not enough to cover the countless attractive and fun places it offers. You need to stay longer to enjoy more! On the contrary, even only with the very brief stint, it was extremely fulfilling and satisfying getting the feel of that Singapore experience!
First and foremost in our plan was to get to USS early on a weekday. The reason of which was, #1: the ticket is cheaper and #2.: the place would probably be not too crowded.  Evidently, we were wrong on presuming the latter. Despite our early arrival, we were stunned to see the place already crammed and rocking!

Universal Studios of Singapore has Seven Theme Zones.  1. Hollywood, 2. New York 3. Sci Fi City  4. Ancient Egypt   5. The Lost World:  that includes Jurassic Park and WaterWorld  6. Far Far Away  7. Madagascar

At Universal Globe
Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood Theme Zone
Lights, Camera Action : Shows how movies' special effects are made.

Madagascar Theme Zone

Castle in Far Far Away Theme Zone

Shrek in Far Far Away

Ancient Egypt
Lunch at Lost World Food Court

WaterWorl in the Lost World Theme Zone

Live Entertainment
With the big kiddos at the Universal Arch Way
Strollin' in Ancient Egypt
Battle Star Galactica Roller Coaster Ride
Ancient Egypt Theme Zone
Celebrity Cafe and Bakery

One of the many Snack shops
The big kiddos

Jonathan and Janina with a Sci Fi Theme Zone Character.

Thanks for taking time coming to this site. See you around and God bless everyone!


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PinayWAHM said...

Naku I remember Univ Studio. That's the first place I visited ata when I went to CA in 99 pa.

Btw, Litte E's bday is on the 12th pa...counting down the days syempre....hahaha. Her fave expression: Oh I almost's __ more days before my bday. LOL...almost forgot daw eh everyday ganun ang linya nya....

Hope your week is going well. Rested na ba ang byuti natin? Plan for the next destination na....hihihi....baka himatayin si Kuya renew na ba ang kanyang passport?


J said...

hay!!! nakaka-miss ang Singapore. your pics are bringing me down memory lane. ayan tuloy ang paa kung gala gustong gumala na naman. kaya lang sad ako right now. ang travel will have to wait. thanks for sharing your pics.

hope you're having a great day. TC!

Beng Gee said...

Yun ang maganda! Yung Univ Studios sa Calif. Orig! He he..

Lapit na pala ang birthday ni E. Wala ng makakapigil sa pagiging dalaga ni little one! Katuwa lang ang kanyang linya.. I almost forgot.. ha ha..

Domestic tour na lang siguro next.We'll see. Wla pa ring passport si Tom eh.Bahala sya! Basta oks ang sa min, go kami. Lol!

Beach time na ba dyan Huling? Yung mga beach dyan sa FL ang dream ko marating eh! Bongga!

Dhemz said...

ang galing galing naman nito titaBeng...dko po talaga kau ma reach...ehehhehe.....daig nyo pa ang celebrities...ehehehe:)

Beng Gee said...

Kasi naman Europe "LANG" ang mga travel nyo ni F. eh! Walang kakwenta-kwenta! Aha ha ha!! Di ba dapat lang rest ka talaga muna J? Super bongga naman kasi ang mga travels nyo. Grabe!

Ingat din J!

Beng Gee said...

Naku Dhemz, wag mong baligtarin! If I know, ikaw ang di ma-reach! at parang Hollywood celebrity. Naikot nyo na ang buong U.S. of A!

Kung sa akin, tour lang sa surroundings ng mansion mo, okay na ko. he he he..

PinayWAHM said...

Ay naku dalagita na nga Ate Beng. Konti na lang at teenager na sya...waahhh....

Isang tulog na lang TGIF na...actually TGIF na pala dyan...yehey!

Beaches dito? Ewan ko! Hahaha....di kasi ako mahilig sa beach eh so hindi ako nagpupunta...but I heard there's one right around here na pang world class daw [asa Clearwater ata which is about an hour from here ata but we need to take a boat ride to get to the beach itsefl].

Have a good weekend ahead!


foongpc said...

Looks like you had a great time in Singapore's Universal Studios! : )

Beng Gee said...

Wow,one hour lang ang beach from your place?! At internationally sought after pa yan!
siguro kung nandyan kami, baka every weekend walang gagawin kundi punta sa beach. he he.. sa kalendaryo ko lang nakikita ang magandang Florida

Nag-crash na naman lappy ko e. Nakikigamit lang sa netbook ni daughter. Buti na lang naiwan nya.
Happy TGIF to you too Huling!

Mira said...

What a great respite to go to Singapore. It's one of the places I wish I could visit sometime. Nice pics it seems you had a real great time. I always picture you as laboy because you seem to be all over the place. After Singa does it mean you're into international escapades naman?

Beng Gee said...

@foongpc: You are right! We really had a grate time in SG! As I have always mentioned, I love Singapore!

Thanks for the time spenthere! Take care!

Beng Gee said...

@Mira: Yes, we had a wonderful time in SG but what I'm dreaming of actually, is a European holiday like yours. This SG travel doesn't mean it'll be international all the way. Oh how I wish!

Now, I don't know how I'd take that word "laboy" Mira. But whatever your concept of it is. I'd like to take it as a compliment. Ha ha ha..!

So glad to see you drop by! See you around again! Regards and God bless!

angsarap said...

We always go at weekdays as well when we visit theme parks knowing it it will be not crowded but it is always crowded as you had mentioned but I guess is less crowded than the weekends. Great photos!

Beng Gee said...

@angsarap: You are right! Theme parks are always crowded especially one like Universal Studios. I guess it's because it's still new!

Thanks for coming by. Hope you had a great weekend!

chubskulit said...

Oh my, my kids would go gaga for those stuff TitaB. Lovely photos! Di nyo kasama si Tito?

Beng Gee said...

Yes Rose, I'm sure your two kiddos would love the place along with those nice huge mascots like Po.
Hindi namin nakasama ang tatay dahil sa isang stupid mistake. I've posted about that here.
As always, am glad have you come by!
Thanks and take care!

Beng Gee said...

Yes Rose, I'm sure your two kiddos would love the place along with those nice huge mascots like Po.
Hindi namin nakasama ang tatay dahil sa isang stupid mistake. I've posted about that here.
As always, am glad have you come by!
Thanks and take care!

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