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Singapore Day 2: Little India, HarbourFront/Vivo City, Sentosa & Bugis Street

On our second day in Singapore, I thought I woke up too early but I soon realized the darkness that seems to convey early dawn was only deceiving.  It was already 8 am and the 3 kiddos were yet in deep slumber.  When they rouse, they prepared for the day’s itinerary right away and we were able to reach our first line of destination on the scheduled time
We took the bus to Little India before noon.  Under the heat of the sun, we explored this old district of Singapore. We passed by Little India Arcade where handicrafts, arts, and Indian culture are blaring. Magazines covered by Bollywood celebrities as well as CD’s and DVD’s of Indian movies and music were all over the sidewalks.  There was again another Hindu Temple  like what we/ve seen in Chinatown.  Of course, this wasn’t surprising as we were in the district of Little India.  We only peeped in as there were too many worshipers coming.  There are also countless goldsmiths and jewelry shops along Serangoon Road. Then I smelled something distinct. Sniffing.. it's curried cuisine! The big kiddos wanted to try Indian fare but I wasn't adventurous. I had once tried Indian food and it didn't quite appeal to my palate. Perhaps because I'm not used to the Indian spices.  Little India is absolutely an ethnic neighborhood showcasing the culture and arts of migrants from India.

This sign was a big help for those losing direction like us. Lol!

Tourists being toured around Little India in pedicabs. The big kiddos
on the left side of the road exploring the place by foot.

Little India's Hindu Temple.(courtesy of Wiki).

Colorful garlands and jasmines for sale for use by Hindu worshipers.

Magazines with Bollywood celebrities on the covers.

Woman clad in Indian Saree.

The big kiddos consulting the map again for directions.
HarbourFront Centre. This is one of the big malls in Singapore that connects to Sentosa via Cable Car. We strolled inside and I found out it isn’t that big as I expected it to be. We contemplated on taking the cable car route to Sentosa but I noticed, only few are availing the seemingly exciting ride. But since Vivo City was another mall of interest for us, we decided to take the Monorail instead so we could roam around Vivo City on our way to the station.

HarbourFront Mall

Cable Cars to Sentosa from HarbourFront Tower.

Part of our KFC lunch in HarbourFront Mall

Double thumbs up for this KFC's Ultimate Filler

Next was Vivo City.  I just learned from a brochure that this is the biggest mall in Singapore.  This shopping mall is connected to HarbourFront Centre.  It's vastness stretching to the seaside. The Sentosa (Monorail) Station is located in the third level of this huge mall right above the MRT station.  The day being a Sunday,  we weren't surprised to find the station fully packed with waiting passengers.  Although jam packed,  it wasn't laborious at all to stand and wait for the ride anyway, as the station is comfortably air conditioned.

 Vivo City . (photo courtesy of Hub

Reaching Sentosa was quick and easy by monorail.  There’s so much to see and enjoy in this fantastic resort island.   Beach, Bird Show, Animal Show, Butterfly garden, Underwater Worlds, The Merlion and Merlion Walk, Dolphin Lagoon and  many more. Unfortunately we were not able to see all those fun attractions. I don't think it's advisable to spend on tickets for those when you know you’ll run out of time for them. There are tons of good things to see and enjoy in Sentosa. I wish we had a week or more to spend in that amazing place. We left Sentosa at around 4 pm for further Singapore exploration.:

Daughter posing for Sentosa Express.

Caught this shot while inside the running train.

View of Sentosa Visitor Center from the train.

Daughter w/ the Merlion of Resort World.

Lake of Dreams:  Shows dancing fountain and colorful beams and lights by night.

The Merlion of Sentosa.

Attractive Water Fountain at Resort World.

Resting our weary feet.
Next stop was Bugis Street. We almost got lost here. It took us a long while figuring out directions coming here. But it was fun! Anyway, this is one shopping area that is comparable to Greenhills of Metro-Manila.  Goods are low priced.  Fashionable clothing, t-shirts, footwear, accessories, and other trendy stuff were hard to resist.  

The sought after Bugis Street Shopping Center.
Shoppers filled alley of Bugis Street.
The big kiddos enjoyed their loots from here. We left the place as soon as darkness sets in. Which meant it was already 8-9 pm then.  We haven’t had our dinner yet but ‘twas no problem! Our hotel is surrounded by scores of good eating places, entertainment plazas and big shopping malls to boot.

Too starved to take pictures of our meals. Only this was taken.
In Singapore Zoo?

We went straight to Concorde Shopping Mall's Food Court (right behind our hotel) for our dinner, before calling it a day.

Another day of adventure was over.  More thrilling discoveries coming next. Hope to see you again!

Have a great TGIF to everyone!

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PinayWAHM said...

Thanks for sharing the pics again. Kakainggit ang kaseksihan mo Ate Beng!

Happy weekend!


angsarap said...

Did you not wait for the fountain show at Sentosa? Or they dont do that now adays? Thats one of the best attaction they had and if I can remember it only starts around 8PM.

Beng Gee said...

@PinayWAHM: He.he..Am just happy to showcase Singapore!

Ay nakoh Huling, give-up na ako sa pagpapataba! I've taken and done every possible help to gain weight pero wala eh! Kung sa kainan naman, mahihiya ang construction worker sa takaw ko. Ewan ba, baka nga may sawa na sa tiyan ko! Lol!

Happy Sunday!

Beng Gee said...

@angsarap: Regret we didn't wait for it. They still have that fountain show. I would have wanted to wait for it but the kiddos prefer to leave early to cover other places of interest. Sayang nga eh! Maganda ba talaga Raymund?! But who knows, we'll be back there again! Asa pa rin eh! He he..

I hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Dave Lucas said...

Hi Beng-Gee! HaAd to visit your site via a friend's Apple computer today:

Great pics! Thanks for sharing! Have fun! God Bless YOU & Your Family!

Dhemz said...

oh my golly...what a great adventure....sulit na sulit talaga ang trip nyo te...kaka envy naman...yum!

btw teBeng, nasa blog list mo yung culprit...delete mo si "Gamer's Den -India" sya nag nagmamay-ari nitong link "" that causes a malware virus sa page mo...not on your computer.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Beng Gee. Wow! I am seeing Singapore as I have never seen before! Can see its changed a lot. I recognized the names, but the scenes, attractions have changed to my time old days.

I loved Bugis street old days, food was good and cheap.
Old days was frequented by gays, ha ha.
So when going there we had girls along, if just men, then might get looks, ha ha.
You take great pics.....

And to think Singapore is smaller than the Municipality we live here. But its a clean, safe city....but heard its very expensive now.
You have fun and enjoy Singapore.
Ingat ka palagi.

Beng Gee said...

#Dave Lucas: Welcome to my site! Great to be visited by you! Thank you for the "warning" link you gave here. I think I already knew about it. A concerned blogger friend informed me about that malware in my site. Finding ways to fix it now.

Thank you so much for your precious time Dave! God bless!

Beng Gee said...

@Uncle Lee: You're right Lee! Singapore is small but very much well developed now. Very beautiful and very clean. And very expensive too! Ha ha.. Can't believe that the 3 star hotel we checked-in in SG is much more expensive than the 5 star hotels here in the Philippines. Anyway, for me, it's all worth it. We've enjoyed our trip so much that I am nudging hubby to go and see for himself. (But of course, with me in tow! ha ha..)

Have a great sunny day! Take care and God bless!

Beng Gee said...

@Dhemz: Sulit talaga ang lakwatsa na ito Dhemz! Kahit budget trio lang, super enjoy! he he..

I have now deleted this Gamer's Den! Thank much for the patience on checking my blogs links one by one! Hayyy, hirap ng hindi techy! Walang kaalam alam sa computers! Please don't ever get tired of sending me such information and help to eradicate the culprit.

Big hug to you Dhemz! Thanks so much!

chubskulit said...

Hi TitaB, glad you removed the link.. I tried visiting several time but my malware protection wouldn't let me because of the virus hehehe.

I am envious weeeeee, sana sinama mo ko tagabitbit ng purse lol. Ganda naman ng vacation galore nyo!

MarlyMS said...

I hope to visit Singapore sometime soon..I would love to go to Sentosa.
by the way, pls follow and subscribe too.thank u.


Beng Gee said...

@chubskulit: Ganun ba? Salbahe kasi yung link na yun eh! Buti na lang Dhemz is there! She informed me about it at sya na rin ang nag-discover kung alin sa links ko ang culprit! Very thankful talaga ako kay Dhemz!

Hindi kaya it should be the other way around Rose? You've been to so many places already including yung place na gusto ko rin puntahan. Yung South Korea! Got interested with it because of the photos you posted in your site. Ang gaganda!

Glad to have you here again! Ingat!

foongpc said...

Nice photos! What an enjoyable holiday in Singapore! I love the Merlions! : )

angsarap said...

@Tita Beng - Maganda siya talaga, its like a 3D show, kasi they project animation sa mist ng fountain. Saka meron din mga fire effects. Dont worry I guess makakakabalik ka rin there soon and dont forget to miss it.

Beng Gee said...

@angsarap: Hala ka Raymund! Lalo mo akong pinalungkot dahil sa na-miss kong "Water Show" sa Resort World. he he.. pano na yan, di ako matatahimik hanggang di ko sya napapanood! sigh!

Now I need to go back there! ha ha..
Thanks Raymund and take care!

wow said...

hi can we exchange link here and buzz me if you done so that we can link your site too. thanks!

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