Thursday, March 17, 2011

Stupid Error

I still couldn’t get over the biggest mistake I’ve just committed.  (Or was it mine alone?)  I had been so careless and assuming!  Can’t help hating myself for it!   Here, I'll let you know why!

Our family has long wanted to take a trip to Singapore.  Hence, the moment I saw an airline fare promo online, I immediately booked for my family of 4 plus daughter’s friend.  I made the booking last January for travel this March .  Last February, I came to remember hubby’s passport was with him in his office.  I asked for it together with his TIN (Taxpayer’s Identification Number) for use in foreign exchange.  I made use of it (passport) with ease in a bank after which I stashed it along with all our passports.  Last Monday, I checked all the needed documents.  I asked daughter to print another copy of our Airline tickets as well as the hotel reservation voucher (for extra copy).   She handed those to me last  night. That was the time that I secured all the papers in one brown envelop.  I was very confident all the documents were in order.  Nonetheless, out of the blue,.I just thought of scrutinizing all the passports one by one. I almost passed out when I saw hubby’s passport’s expiration date: March 3, 2010! Dang! I freaked out like crazy but after a while of pointing fingers I gave in to the fact that nothing can be done to correct the blunder.. Each one is disheartened but don't wanna put to waste the plane tickets and hotel accommodation we have earlier reserved for Saturday, March 19 until Tuesday, March 22.

Excited to see Singapore although sad 'cause the family's not complete.  And whose fault is it? Should I take all the blame?  Nah!  I don't think it  matters now!. Complete or not, happy or sad we go! Singapore is waiting for us! 

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teJan said...

oy thats sad for hubby:( anyway..take the blame after your trip..enjoy nalang..heheh! take care!

alf said...

So hindi nakasama si hubby mo. If that happens, you can have ur pp renewed in one day as long as you have tickets to show but we're talking about philipines dfa, it's a lot different. So how's the trip?

angsarap said...

Things like that happen, anyways enjoy Singapore, that's such and lovely place

PinayWAHM said...

Pasalubong! Hahaha....oo nga medyo bad trip [no pun intended] kasi kulang kayo but there might be a good reason why this happened...we just don't know it yet.

Enjoy the trip! Take loads of pictures.....

TGIF! Woot!


Liza said...

naku ang tagal pa namang magrenew ng passport dito sa atin. :(

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Beng Gee said...

@teJan: Sad not only for hubby but for all of us! Pero wala nng magagawa eh. Yes, enjoyin na lang namin ang trip na ito!

Thanks Jan! Take care too!

Beng Gee said...

@Alf: Tomorrow na ang alis namin kaya wala ng chance para makasama sya. DFA here is stricter now. I think we have to wait for almost a month for passports. Good for you that you can get it in one day. Sana lang nandyan kami sa States! Wala kasing red tape dyan eh!

Enjoy your weekend Alf! TC!

Beng Gee said...

@Angsarap: Oo nga eh. Nakakainis nga lang kasi we could have avoided it. I've seen Singapore in many blogs.It's really a beautiful place. Can't wait to set foot on it!

Have a wonderful weekend Raymund!

Beng Gee said...

@PinayWAHM: Sige, ano gusto mo? Papasalubungan kita basta uwi ka lang dito ha?! he he.. Ay naku, super ka-bad trip talaga! I just pray may something good na kapalit si Lord.

Thanks Huling! Enjoy your weekend!

Beng Gee said...

@Liza: Sinabi mo pa! Ang alam ko nga almost a month na daw ngayon bago ma-issue ang passport dito sa Pinas eh. Kaya hopeless case ito talaga! hayyyz..

Thanks much for leaving some words Liz! Have a great weekend!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Beng Gee, wow! Singapore. Regret one missing. But I guess not your fault. They should know or first thing to check going o/seas is the passport.

Anyway, have fun in Singapore....go try that chicken rice lunch at the Mandarin Hotel's Chatterbox coffee house. It's well known internationally.

And bring all your credit cards, go Orchard road.....
You'll love the stores there. Drop in at CK Tang's....I love that store.
Enjoy the trip. Ingat ka palagi. Lee.

Dhemz said...

ayay! I did not know you guys are flying to fun...kaso nga lang naiwan si mister...dba sya pede makasunod te? sayang talaga...d bale, may next time pa naman eh....:)

have fun you guys...share some photos...:)

te, just letting you know..may malware tong blog mo...this link cause it:

try to remove it...virus link kasi yan!

Beng Gee said...

@Uncle Lee: I wish I've read your comment earlier. Sad that I wasn't able to visit the nice places you've mentioned. But we were in Orchard Road all the time. Great place to shop! Couldn't go home with out picking even only a handbag for me. Limited shopping money eh. he he.. Didn't use my credit cards. Afraid of huge bills to pay. Lol!
Curious, caught a glimpse of Raffles Hotel. The place I knew from your blog where you used to date your sophisticated SYT's girlfriends. Fab place!

Terima kaseh, Lee! Take care always!

Beng Gee said...

@Dhemz: We had so much fun in this trip kahit na bad trip dahil di nakasama si hubby. Hopefully nest time eh, buo na kami lilipad. LOl!

I have yet to seek assistance for the malware you mentioned Dhemz. I have no idea about it let alone removing it from my computer system. Thanks so much for the info!

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