Monday, March 28, 2011

Singapore Getaway: Day 1

We left Centennial 3 Airport at 6:00am. It was a smooth 3 hour flight and reached Singapore Changi Airport by 9:00am. We were met by a friend of my son at the airport who is permanently based there. She led us to our hotel’s location and kind enough to have guided us to the nearby shopping centers in Orchard Road.  Our check-in time at the Supreme Hotel was yet at 2:00pm.  We thought we had to wait and rest at the lobby but luckily, the front desk clerk of the hotel is a Pinay and very accommodating.  She allowed us to proceed to our room.  Thus, we were able to take a rest before we had our first Singapore lunch.
Got so excited seeing this sign for the first time.
By noon, we freshened up ourselves and went out to look for a place to lunch.  Didn’t know that our hotel was that close to Orchard Road’s shopping area.  It was really nice to be a stone’s throw away from that famous place. As we waited for our turn to cross the street going to Orchard Central, I noticed the sidewalk  beams  with people of various nationalities, Chinese', Koreans, Westerners, Blacks, Indians, Pinoys and other Asians who somehow look similar to each other.  One good thing that I liked was that I didn’t feel any racial discrimination unlike in Hongkong wherein, I felt every Filipinas seen by the Hong Kong nationals are regarded as their housemaids.  Sigh!  (Now, I blame this to the Philippine Government. This is another topic to discuss though.)

Orchard Central Food Court
Son, his friend , yours truly, daughter and her friend.
 After lunch, we headed back to our hotel, took a rest then proceeded to explore Singapore on our own. With map on hand, we took the MRT from Dhoby Ghaut.  Getting our MRT tickets from a machine was a bit intriguing but the big kiddos got accustomed to it after a try or two.  They even helped other first timer foreigners on how to use the machine.  Great feeling for them I’m sure! Ha ha..

Daughter on our way to. MRT Station at the basement of this Shopping Mall, The Atrium.

At the MRT ticket machine.
Chinatown was the first place of interest we visited by MRT.  We arrived at the place at around 6pm but looks like it was only 4pm since the sun’s rays was still intense.  The place abounds with interesting low-priced goodies and souvenirs, likewise with restos and eateries that serve authentic Chinese dishes that I so loved.  As we walked around, we saw one Hindu temple that caught our attention with its intricate adornments and statues.  Foot wears were left by the temple’s doorway along the street with no one attending to them. Fascinating!  Shameful to admit though, you can’t do that here in the Philippines!! I’m sure you know why! Blush!

You'll never get lost with this big sign board.
The three big kiddos in Chinatown.
The Chinatown Food Street.
Seafood Rice.
Pork Sate.
Beef noodles.
Noodles with mongo sprouts.

The Hindu Temple.
We always passed by this big Mall every time we took the MRT.
 Going back to the hotel, the MRT station was like in rush hour here in Manila. Only, no pushing was happening.  We were back to our hotel by 10pm which was like it was only 8pm.

A full packed MRT car.

Our modest hotel room.
That's our exhilarating first day in Singapore. More coming up!
Thanks so much for your precious time. Have a great new week ahead!

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PinayWAHM said...

Cool! Ang linis daw sa Singapore? Malinis pa din ba? I have a HS classmate working sa Singapore and he said he really likes it there kasi ang mga tao marunong mag ingles....haha.

Thanks for sharing the pics Ate Beng!


angsarap said...

I agree you wont feel discrimination in Singapore, I even remembered a Singaporean friend of mine told me Filipina women who are domestic helpers don't look like one because they are well groomed compared to their wives. She even said it looks the other way around. Lol

Wow your pics make me miss Singaporean food. Have you tried the chilli crab?

Beng Gee said...

@PinayWAHM: Naku, sobrang nakaka-in love ang Singapore! If I am to rate them from 1 to 10, I'd give them a perfect 10! Nasa ayos lahat, very clean, and they discourage giving tips to taxis or in hotels. I wish someday, magkaron din ang Pinas ng Iron handed leader who's serious on giving this country a complete makeover! Kainggit talaga sila! he he..

Salamat sa dalaw Huling! Ingat!

Beng Gee said...

@angsarap: Unfortunately hindi namin na-encounter yung chili crab eh! Everywhere kasi yung fave ko yung nakikita ko!..yung roast duck! Anyway, I can try cooking it myself one of these days. I think you have the recipe I can follow. Right?
That maybe true! I had never seen a Pinay who looks like a housemaid. Lahat parang office girls. he he..
Always glad for comments you leave here Raymund! Bukas ulit ha? Lol! Ingat!

alf said...

Yeah ate bheng I got that malware message on your blog, can't access it on my laptop pero puede d2 sa cellphone ko, nway I had that b4 all I did was change the whole html for my blog then nawala yung message...

Beng Gee said...

@Alf: Now I really have to deal with that bothersome malware. But yet waiting for somebody here to fix it for me. Thanks Alf for reminding.

Dhemz said...

wow! ang galing galing naman titaBeng....para kayong kasama sa Amazing race...ehehehe!

te, about sa malware, delete mo lang tong link nato sa blog list mo:

good luck po...thanks for dropping by!

J said...

hello po Tita B!
ang food!!!! pwede padala dito? mukhang masaya ang vacation kahit wala ang padre de pamilya hahaha.

have a good Friday.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Beng Gee, Holy Smoke! Long time have not seen such pics of Singapore.
Have been away 25 years, ha ha.
Looks so different to my time.
And I love Orchard road, CK Tang, etc.

You been to East Coast Parkway? The Tiger Balm Gardens yet?
And Singapore is so clean too.

The dishes here look really delicious! I sure miss them.
And its only thru blog pics like yours that keeps me in touch.
You have fun, Beng Gee.
Ingat ka palagi.

Beng Gee said...

@Dhemz: I wish I could deal with this irritating malware. Unfortunately, I really know nothing on this. hu hu.. still waiting for some SOS from the techy people here.

Beng Gee said...

@J: Teka lang ha? at ipapabalot ko na! Wait mo na lang. Ha ha..

Yesss! Enjoy din ang trip even without him. But still, mas masaya sana kami kung complete.

Happy TGIF to you J!

Beng Gee said...

@Uncle Lee: I think it's about time you go back to Singapore!He he.. Too many developments have taken place since 25 years back!

I fell in love with Singapore and everything it has. Especially its cleanliness and the smooth traffic flow.

With the many attractions to see, sad that we missed many beautiful parks and places including Tiger Balm Garden. Didn't see that in any maps/brochure for tourists eh!

It's TGIF again Lee! Are you going fishing again? Ingat lagi!

chubskulit said...

Sarap magbakasyon once in a while ano TitaB, ang gaganda ng mga smiles.. Those foods is making me drool lol..

Beng Gee said...

@chubsculit: Korek ka dyan Rose! Kung afford ko nga lang sana, I'd do it very often! Parang nakaka-addict kasi eh! Lol!

Thanks for the comnpliment. He he.. Food in Singapore are really good. Halos lahat gusto ko! Takaw 'no?!

Thanks for dropping by Rose. Missed you!

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