Monday, February 21, 2011

Kinda good deal

With few errands in hand, I headed off to the Mall to carry out my task. And what do you know?! I aimlessly passed by a local leather goods shop named Manels and sneaked a peek on the leather handbags they have on display.  Couldn’t take my eyes and hands off on one!  It’s a genuine leathered practical handbag/shoulder bag in one. But having qualms on buying because of the price tag!  Actually, it's only cheap. That's for the moneyed but sort of pricey for someone like me.  I’m fetish on genuine leather bags no doubt but I know, I gotta control my OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) too!  Again, I took the handbag off the rack, hung it on my shoulder, held it, walked with it..then returned to the rack again.  “Mmm…No way to buy it now!  Quite expensive for me”  I told the salesperson.  In my mind though, I’d definitely come back for it, by hook or by crook no matter what! Woot!...  But then, the salesperson informed me it’s on sale. The sale tag was just detached and was shown to me!  Printed on it is 50% OFF!  OMG!!  I could have jumped as high as the ceiling if I didn’t control myself!  Without thinking twice, I grabbed the bag, brought it to the cashier counter and pulled out my credit card. But alas! The cashier was apologetic that their omron machine is out of order. Whatttt?  Can’t make use of my credit card?? Dang!  Think.. think.. think.. then think again!  If I’d have to come back tomorrow, pretty sure, I’m not gonna see this handbag again! ..And my OCD is raging to the highest level!  The last thing I knew, I was squeezing my purse to the last drop, Who cares?! (Okay, with all due respect to the hubby,  he always understands anyway. Besides, this just fills up the missing Valentine gift. Right dear?! )  Happiness such as this comes only once in a blue moon for me so I might as well value the moment!! Cheers!

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Dhemz said...

hahhaha...hirap talaga pag may OCD! wow! what a great deal...mahal nang manels...:)

Beng Gee said...

Sinabi mo pa Dhemz! Talaga hirap i-control ang pagiging OC. he he..
Hindi naman sya talaga mahal kung tulad mong mayaman ang bibili eh. Pero kasi, di din naman ganun ka chipipay pareho ng ibang local bags.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Beng Gee, you certainly have very good taste, not to mention expensive too, ha ha.
But that sure one gorgeous bag!
And yes, I have not met any woman who doesn't go ga ga for bags and shoes. Include my wife. Never enough.

One time, bought a bag, she like you, went nuts over it, as well also on special offer....

Then less than 24 hours later happened to be at another mall.....right! You guessed it!
She fell in love with another one.

Oh well, I married her for better for worse, and have learned to say "thats very nice", as eating sardines, Instant noodles, maybe sleeping on the sofa for a week with a towel can be no fun, ha ha ha.

And me, my wallet already 5 years old, to my credit, only 3 pairs of shoes. VS my wife's?
I dare not count. Thats looking for trouble and sardine sandwiches, maybe solitary confinement too, ha ha.
Ingat ka palagi, Lee.
ps, how many bags you have, *wink*.

Beng Gee said...

Hi Lee! First of all, thank you for the kind words. Well, yeah I do admit I go gaga for nice handbags especially for genuine leather ones. I’m quite sure though, I won’t beat your wifey’s passion for collecting handbags as she, as you’ve mentioned before, has more than one cabinet full of shoes and bags. Gosh! I wish I could have as much! Maybe if my husband is as well-off as hers, I’ll also be like her buying all that fancy stuff! Lol!
You only have 3 pairs of shoes? I’m not surprised! Ha ha ha!.. The husband here has almost the same number. I hope you don’t mind huh?! The problem with you guys, like the husband here, is that you’re very impatient in shopping! Tell me if I’m wrong! Here, I do all the shopping for him except for his shoes only because he wants a perfect fit. So that leaves him with only few because of his impatience in shopping! I surmise, it’s same with you.
Nice to have you drop by and share some good thoughts. I hope you’re done with extreme coldness in that side of the globe. Terima kaseh for your precious time! Ingat!

J said...

hahaha kaaliw naman ng kuwento mo Tita B. but saludo ako sa yo kasi may dilly-dally ka. ako pag type ko kasehodang mamulubi ang asawa ko(hindi naman ako eh hahaha). ang salbahe ko 'noh? kidding aside, mabait po ako.

hope you're having a great week. TC!

Beng Gee said...

Ay naku J, you need not tell! Alam ko mabait ka! Lol! Kasi kung hindi, F won’t spoil you. At saka di mo naman kailangan mag-dilly-dally like me, kasi you have all the right to squander eh! Sabi nga, may “K” ka!

I hope you're doing well now. Pagaling ka mabuti! Mahirap mabinat. Ingat!

Dhemz said...

hhahaha...mayaman ka! ala nga pambili nang panty...ehehhe....:)

korek ka titaBeng, at least authentic sya...unlike sa mga famous brands na nabibili sa divisoria at, fendi, LV...fake!

a quick visit here po te...hope all is well!

PinayWAHM said...

Right, dear! O biglang sinagot daw oh....para pala kay Kuya T yung tanong...tee hee...nai-imagine kitang naglalakad lakad sa loob ng store trying to make up your mind with the bag on your shoulder na....hahaha.

Manels! Isa sa puntahan ko dati para maglaway....hahaha. I used to buy my shoeses there kasi kahit medyo mahal matagal naman masira kasi balat talaga.

Dumaan muna ako dito bago kumain ng hapunan. I hope you're having a good week....oh...I bet you are kasi may bago kang bag!


Beng Gee said...

Ano kamo Dhemz? Ang bongga ng mansion, hindi mayaman?!! Oh sya sige, low profile ka lang dyan at bka manganib ka pa pag-uwi mo dito sa 'Pinas! Ha ha ha!

Yes, although locally made good quality din naman. he he..

Thank you so much for your precious time Dhemz! Take care!

Beng Gee said...

Ha ha ha!.Na-imagine mo ba Huling kung pano ako nag-mukhang tange? Sipat dito, sipat doon.. ahi hi hi..

Yes tagal na nga ng store na to e! I think single pa ko buhay na sya. Kaya lang ngayon, soaring high na ang prices nila. he he..

Salamat sa pagdaan kahit alam kong gutom ka na. Happy eating and enjoy your dinner! TC!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Beng Gee, believe it or not, I have patience. Hey...I love fishing, remember?
And my wife can't drive, so....yours truly has to take her to wherever, mostly shopping.
She shops, I look for a bench or coffee store, and I guess you already know my ahemmm, habits, ha ha ha.
Admiring SYTs.

And you're right, old shoes fits well....I only have one pair of leather shoes...patent leater, Spanish dancing shoes actually. Its 12 years old, looks new as hardly dance...use for weddings and funerals now, ha ha.
Have a nice day, Ingat ka palagi.
ps, wife buys her fancies with her money. I'm retired, my bank manager doesn't know my name, ha ha.

Beng Gee said...

Hello Lee! Ha ha.. my apology. I should have remembered, your wife is working a good job. She sure can afford all her fancy stuff and you being retired can rest very well, go fishing all day with your dependable retirement pay eh! Lol! And yes, I know you're very patient watching SYT's passing by. ha ha..

Glad you dropped by again Lee! See you on your site soon! Thanks much! Take care!

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