Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jollibee Birthday Party for Cloud

It was an enjoyable night at a Kiddie party! Our Grandnephew celebrated his first birthday. But ain’t kiddie parties supposed to be held in the earlier hour of the day? Yes, I think so! But this one is like Kiddies night out! Lol! Actually, our niece ( the Mom) turned short of time to look for a Jollibee Kiddie party sked in an afternoon slot. She had no choice but to take the available early evening sked. Everything turned out fine anyway. Kids were all vibrant in their parlor games. But the mommies and daddies, energetic as they are were unstoppable in bagging the cutie giveaways in the oldie version of kiddie games no matter what the cost!  Whether they drop their butt hard on the floor or sway their hips like little tykes do. Everyone seemed to have their share of a good laugh! Am pleased that I attended this kiddie party given for our "Apo"!  Watching them all is so much fun!  Minus one boring day.. err..night for me. Happy1st Birthday Cloud!

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angsarap said...

Wow si Jollibee, nakaka miss yan a. Lalo na yung palabok at Chicken Joy

Beng Gee said...

Ang totoo, yan lang din ang paborito ko sa Jollibee. Ang palabok at chicken joy. he he..hindi ako gaya-gaya lang ha?!
Thanks for dropping by Raymund. I hope you are having a great weekend!

Dhemz said...

so cute...hehehe..kiddies night!

Beng Gee said...

Tama Dhemz! Naging Kiddie's night out yung children's party. Kasi nga inabot na ng 9pm. Buti na lang enjoy pa rin ang mga bagets. he he..

Bave a great Day Dhemz!

Tereza said...

I am a sucker for people dressed up in these costumes. I almost believe in Baseball mascots.

Scratch almost.

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