Saturday, February 26, 2011

Buffet Dinner at Dad’s

Hubby and I went to Megamall the other night to dine but with no particular place in mind to go to.  He expressed desire for Japanese food while I longed for steak.  Of course,  there was no way to go our own separate ways just for the food we like!  Good thing, there's Dad's in that mall.  Dad’s is a popular buffet restaurant here in Metro-manila that offers the food we want and more.  They serve Western cuisines, Japanese and Filipino food as well.  Thus, we found ourselves amongst the many customers picking the best food choices lining up in different spots inside the  resto.  Quite given,  I went straight to my loved angus roast beef, lengua and ebi tempura.  Hubby feasted on his sashimis, sushis , sukiyakis and other Japanese fare.  There were lots of food choices but I wonder if anyone could have the power to try even only a bit of each.  Ha ha.. unless maybe one is too famished. Eeek!  Well anyway, we filled ourselves just enough to last us until late that night  as we still had few hours to spend for live bands' music in Camelot Hotel's Dungeon Music Bar.  And to cut this short, 'twas one good night out for me. I needed that! Thanks to my date! (wink!)

Shown above are photos taken at Dad's.  Unluckily, my cam turned low batt at the Music Bar. Sigh!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Kinda good deal

With few errands in hand, I headed off to the Mall to carry out my task. And what do you know?! I aimlessly passed by a local leather goods shop named Manels and sneaked a peek on the leather handbags they have on display.  Couldn’t take my eyes and hands off on one!  It’s a genuine leathered practical handbag/shoulder bag in one. But having qualms on buying because of the price tag!  Actually, it's only cheap. That's for the moneyed but sort of pricey for someone like me.  I’m fetish on genuine leather bags no doubt but I know, I gotta control my OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) too!  Again, I took the handbag off the rack, hung it on my shoulder, held it, walked with it..then returned to the rack again.  “Mmm…No way to buy it now!  Quite expensive for me”  I told the salesperson.  In my mind though, I’d definitely come back for it, by hook or by crook no matter what! Woot!...  But then, the salesperson informed me it’s on sale. The sale tag was just detached and was shown to me!  Printed on it is 50% OFF!  OMG!!  I could have jumped as high as the ceiling if I didn’t control myself!  Without thinking twice, I grabbed the bag, brought it to the cashier counter and pulled out my credit card. But alas! The cashier was apologetic that their omron machine is out of order. Whatttt?  Can’t make use of my credit card?? Dang!  Think.. think.. think.. then think again!  If I’d have to come back tomorrow, pretty sure, I’m not gonna see this handbag again! ..And my OCD is raging to the highest level!  The last thing I knew, I was squeezing my purse to the last drop, Who cares?! (Okay, with all due respect to the hubby,  he always understands anyway. Besides, this just fills up the missing Valentine gift. Right dear?! )  Happiness such as this comes only once in a blue moon for me so I might as well value the moment!! Cheers!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jollibee Birthday Party for Cloud

It was an enjoyable night at a Kiddie party! Our Grandnephew celebrated his first birthday. But ain’t kiddie parties supposed to be held in the earlier hour of the day? Yes, I think so! But this one is like Kiddies night out! Lol! Actually, our niece ( the Mom) turned short of time to look for a Jollibee Kiddie party sked in an afternoon slot. She had no choice but to take the available early evening sked. Everything turned out fine anyway. Kids were all vibrant in their parlor games. But the mommies and daddies, energetic as they are were unstoppable in bagging the cutie giveaways in the oldie version of kiddie games no matter what the cost!  Whether they drop their butt hard on the floor or sway their hips like little tykes do. Everyone seemed to have their share of a good laugh! Am pleased that I attended this kiddie party given for our "Apo"!  Watching them all is so much fun!  Minus one boring day.. err..night for me. Happy1st Birthday Cloud!

Monday, February 14, 2011

It's Love Day!

Hey, are you all set to celebrate the day with your loved one? Or are you one of those who want to give this day a hard kick on the ass?  Whichever group you consider yourself in,  I wish you love,happiness and contentment!  

Happy Valentine's Day to all!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Daughter's Birthday Dinner

Sunday was daughter’s birthday.  She didn’t have any plan of celebrating it at all, but just the same, the family still went out to dine in our fave resto in the mall near us.  According to her, she was only expecting that I would just be preparing the traditional birthday spaghetti for her.   Well, I didn’t prepare it coz I knew they’d be overly full to go out for the anticipated family dinner out that evening if ever I would.  Anyway, she already had some good time with friends the day before.  Not to forget she got the gift she wanted from me which was a pair of Nike running shoes. She nudged me no end for it so after the dinner we proceeded to find her shoes.  I guess that was enough to make her feel it was her birthday!

And the special cake from the boyfriend surely made her day!

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!  Keep smiling as it brightens up anyone's day all the time!

Friday, February 4, 2011

A trip down Manila and its Chinatown

Manila is only about 1 and ½ hour ride from our place.  Yet,  it’s been decades since my youthful stint in the area.  Quiapo is where I spent my high school and college days and Binondo, where Chinatown is located, is where I had my first office job while yet in college.  Naturally for me, Manila would always be part of my being.  A lot of beautiful memories transpired here. There were bad ones too, but I’d rather not dwell on them! 
So yesterday, I slipped on my flats and took an FX ride to Quiapo,  alone!  Yeah, alone!  Just didn’t bother anyone else to come along with me since I really wanted to explore every nook and corners of the city I used to know without worrying for someone getting tired, hungry or something. 

‘Twas an easy ride I had! I alighted from the cab right beside the pilgrimed Quiapo Church.


I went inside and prayed for a minute. then on my way out while I was taking pictures of the church's altar, I was stopped by the supposed guard standing by the door. Good thing I was done when he saw me.  Weeeeh!

The Plaza Miranda fronting the church is jam-packed with all kinds of goods being sold in push carts and and makeshift stalls. From veggies and fruits to cooked food, various foot wears , clothings and even pirated  dvd’s.

I was almost tempted to pick some fresh veggies coz they were very cheap but I remembered I still have a lot of walking to do so I brushed aside the enticement.

I went on with my trek, my cam on my hand like a genuine tourist. Ha ha!  Some vendors gladly posed while I shoot their goods but some shied away or simply ignored.  I crossed Carriedo Street and remember, a pre school girl used to be brought here by her mother to shop for shoes in a little shoe store called ShoeMart.  Now, many decades past, that little girl is now an oldie mom and that shoe store is now the SM Malls Conglomerates that has grown all over the country and other parts of the world!  I still can’t believe time has truly gone that far!

Then I passed by Avenida Rizal heading to Chinatown.  As I reached Ongpin Street, I was glad to find what I expected to see.


There was a real festivity everywhere.  Sounds of drums and gongs loudly verberate all throughout the district. Fireworks abound and dragon dance were everywhere.It was indeed Chinese New Year!!

Glad I reached Binondo Church, one of the oldest church in the Philippines built in 1596. Was feeling quite nostalgic here coz I used to come here in the early 70’s (oops, revealing my age! Lol!)


Then onward to Escolta via Quintin Paredes St.  Another reflective memory here coz the building that housed my very first office job is still there. Couldn’t help reminisce some good memories of being young and carefree!  Woot!

As I turned left to Escolta, Savory Restaurant seemed to greet me! " Long time no see! Who was always with you then when you used to come here?"  Uh – oh!...  (yes, I remember the boy… but I don’t remember the feeling anymore!) ha ha!

Then along Escolta Street,  Syvel’s was a landmark.  It was once a classy store in the vicinity along with Oceanic.  Syvel’s  I’m glad is still there but didn’t notice the latter.

Heading on, I  was back to Sta Cruz Church and to Plaza Sta. Cruz.

Then back to Quiapo, I found myself grabbing the  cheap fresh veggies I was tempted to seize a while ago.  Was so excited with my cheap shopping spree that I forgot I was already carrying a very heavy load.  Oh my…

Back home, I was very tired but happy and satisfied with my trip down Manila and Chinatown and down memory lane as well!

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