Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lunch in Tong Yang Mega Mall

Few weeks ago, nephew and his wife joked if I’m gonna treat them for lunch. I don’t remember for what reason they asked me that,  all I know of  is that the delivery of the joke was timely coz I was craving for shabu shabu and barbecues of Tong Yang that time.  I readily asked them to come over so we could lunch at the mall in our vicinity.  They agreed but I later realized that Makati, where they were coming from is too far from our place in Novaliches.  Hence, we settled to meet halfway and had lunch in Tong Yang Mega Mall instead.

Tong Yang in Mega Mall is the “Eat all you can” restaurant we frequent since long time past.  But because it was eons ago from our last trip to the place, I didn’t know it has moved to another location, though within the mall too.  The new site is much smaller and looks crammed.  The food choices aren’t as plentiful like before!  The prime dish which is the crab is served only once and no refill was made. The food attendants aren't as attentive to the customer’s needs unlike their people in Fairview who never gets tired of offering what you ought to have.  Anyway, I'm no regular patron of the Tong Yang Mega Mall anymore so it mustn't be a big deal after all.  What’s important is,  I enjoyed the "cooking and eating" with nephew, his wife and his cute son.

'Twas indeed a nice day!

I hope you guys are having a wonderful week.  Keep cool always!

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alf said...

i've been wanting to leave a comment yesterday kaya lang ang hirap pag sa cellpone. Andyan pa pala ang tong yang (megamall). I had dinner there b4 i left for the u.s. noong late 90's, that time cguro 300 ang buffet. i wonder how is it now.

PinayWAHM said...

Uy I miss Tong Yang! The last time I was there was the day before I met M at the airport...some 9 years ago. Katagal na.

Actually na mi miss ko lahat ng kainan dyan sa mga malls. Dito kasi hindi kasing dami ang kainan sa mall. Usually ang bagsak namin sa Food Center dahil mas maraming pag pipilian dun.

Anyway, Tarsdey na dyan...ilang tulog na lang weekend na naman. Our has been odd...tornado warning kahapon tapos thunderstorm warning din. Tapos today it's sunny. Baliw ang weather dito sa amin...

Enjoy the rest of the week Ate Beng!


Beng Gee said...

@Yes Alf, Tong Yang is still here in Mega Mall and it has branched out to other places too! Glad to inform you that there's no significant increase in their prices. Actually, 299php, 399, &499 pa rin ang prices nila sa branch nila dito sa Fairview. Sa Mega Mall lang slightly higher, 399 and 499php. Weekday lunch is priced lower than dinner and lunch on holidays. Not bad pa rin, di ba?
Pwede mo pa rin sila puntahan when you come home sa 'Pinas!

Hirap nga mag-mobile blogging! Ako nga, I gave up my cellphone w/ wifi. sobra kasing liit ng key pad eh. Di na kaya ng aking "young" vision. he he..

Thanks for coming Alf! Keep smiling!

Beng Gee said...

Pati pala ikaw Huling, patron din ng Tong Yang Mega Mall? Super enjoy ako sa kanila noon eh. Kasi ang lalaki ng crabs and they'll cook it the way you want. Tapos daming choices na dishes. Now, pag naubos na ung unang serving nila, sorry ka na lang pag di ka pa nakakuha. no refill na or is it that they had just overlooked them?

Anyway, katakot naman ang weather forecast nyo dyan! Tornadoes and thunderstorms! Pero mas nakakatakot naman dito sa Pinas kasi endless crimes of carnappings, murders and bombings. I wonder if these will ever end. Hayyy..

Let's be positive! Keep that sweet smile always!

yonca said...

Haha..I liked the name of this restaorant 'Eat all you can':)
Nice pics, Beng Gee.
We had snow here yesterday AGAIN!
I love New York but this year the winter is tough, very tough..

admin said...

wow, gustong-gusto ko yang sinigang na hipon ba yan? at ngayon lang din ako nakarinig ng buffet resto na isang serve lang for crabs? so sad!

but anyway, i'm sure you enjoyed the food..mukhang masasarap nga naman lahat.

oh and here's one more thing i hope you will enjoy too ate Beng... something to spice up your weekend blogging... do check it out here:


Beng Gee said...

Hi Yonca! Actually, the name of the restaurant is Tong Yang and it offers buffet meals.

I hope there are lesser snow in NY by now! Can't imagine living in a freezer like place! Keep warm and take care!

J said...

hi! Tita B.
drooling na naman ako. family mo talagang foodie. pwedeng kabarkada ang foodie dito sa house (si F). glad to know buhay pa din ang Tong Yang.

hope you're enjoying the tropical climes syan. kami dito we'resick and tired of snow and the frigid temps. we're really getting it bad this year.

have a foodie weekend Tita Beng.

Beng Gee said...

Hello J!
Si F ba ang foodie nung lagay na yun? I thought it's you! he he..
Yan kasi ang pampalubag loob ko whenever I'm bored. Buti na nga lang at kahit saan dito may mga malls and most of all walang snow! he he.. not that iniinggit kita ha, J? Wish ko talaga maka-experience ng snow, pero sa mga nababasa ko at naririnig sa news lately, parang ayoko na tuloy ng snow! Lol! Pero No.1 dream ko pa rin mapuntahan ang iyong home base, NYC!

Just keep your heater on always. At ingat lagi!

Beth said...

Ate Beng, sarap ng hotpot. sarap magluto sa table then eat agad di ba? mukhang inenjoy nyo nga un food, parang nagutom ako dun mga meats, though di naman ako meat-lover talaga, sarap kasi tingnan!

ate beng, thanks for dropping by while I was away. I was hospitalized kasi e. Take care always! :)

Beng Gee said...

Hi Beth!
Food na lang ang pampasaya ko! he he.. Sabi ko nga, eating out ang consolation ko whenever I'm bored.

Sorry to hear that you were hospitalized Beth! I hope you've completely recovered now. Ingat ingat lang! Magastos magkasakit!

PinayWAHM said...

Hi Ate Beng!

Kamusta weekend? Ang bilis ano? Now we have to wait for another one. Hehe...

Peborit mo rin pala si McGyver. Ako din....and I married him....haha. Very handy kasi si M sa bahay kaya nga McGyver tawag ko sa kanya...pati sewing machine kayang gamitin....ako hinde. Hehehe

Have a good week...


Raymund said...

Wow ingit naman ako sa lunch niyo, I miss restaurants in the Philippines, I find it that food served there are way much better than here in NZ, I guess its my Filipino Food accustomed tongue.

Dhemz said...

oh mother of pearl...kaka envy naman...sarap! daming variety...kakagutom tuloy!

chubskulit said...

Sarap, kakagutom.. Ayan nagalburuto tuloy tummy ko kakatingin lol..

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