Thursday, December 9, 2010

Visiting Back Cebu

The last two days of our 4day Anniversary Celebration/Vacation was spent in the most popular island in Visayas, Cebu.  Like Bohol, it was also our second time to visit this island. We are glad we settled to book for this province again 'cause there are lots of beautiful spots we haven’t yet seen apart from the newest exciting attraction that the island offers, the Sky Experience Adventure that I have enjoyed and blogged earlier.
After our Ocean Jet ride of about an hour from the port of Tagbilaran, we disembarked in the Port of Cebu.  We realized that in this area, taxi drivers are equally hassles as the barkers who were forcing  us to pay a contract price of 4 to 5X of the normal fare instead of using the taxi meter.  Too annoyed by the swarm of smelly boys around us all asking for tips, we stood on not giving in to their harassment.
The hotel that we booked in was only few blocks away from the port and only few steps away from  the mid-city’s commercial center.  It is a relatively clean and well maintained place with hot shower, phone, wifi, gym, and cafeteria. Hubby even took advantage of the stationary bike for long hours.
We hired a van thru the assistance of the hotel’s receptionist.  How glad we were to see a very brand new Toyota Grandia fetching us. We were toured around the island the whole day then alighted in Crown Regency Hotel Towers for the Sky adventure.  Stayed there till late in the evening even long after we’ve enjoyed the Sky Adventure and the sumptuous buffet dinner at the Sparkz Restobar at the 37th floor. Just couldn’t get over admiring the city’s scenic lights from the tower’s top view deck.  Great sight of Cebu indeed!
The last remaining day was spent on some last minute sightseeing around the vicinity after the same van picked us up to bring us to the airport for our 5pm flight to Manila.

Ocean Jet Ferry Boat

Magellan's Cross

City Hall of Cebu City

Lapu-lapu Shrine

Alegre Guitars of Cebu

Golden Cowrie Native Restaurant where we had lunch.

Taoist Chinese Temple

The view from the Chinese Temple.

Beverly Hills Subd. in Cebu

Shangrila Mactan Resort Hotel's pool side

Sparkz Resto Desserts corner

Chefs and pastas of Sparkz.

Jubilant after the Edge Coaster Ride.

Part of Crown Tower's View Deck

Scenic Cebu City Lights

14 Comentários:

yonca said...

Sunshine, warm weather, pool..Beng Gee, your pics always bring summer brightness to my life:)Wonderful pics! Glad you guys had a great time in Cebu! xo

PinayWAHM said...

Great pics as usual. I've never been to the lower of the Phils. Hanggang Luzon lang ako...and even dun eh ilang lugar lang ang napuntahan ko. I'm not much of a traveler kasi. Hopefully pag naka uwi kami we will have the chance to do that....turista din akong katulad ni mister...hehe. Kakahiya kasi turista sa sariling bayan ba...

TGIF na dyan...dito malamig na TGIF bukas...hay.

Enjoy the weekend ahead. May lakwatsa ba ulit? Sama naman ako...hehe


Beng Gee said...

Hi Yonca! Yeah, seems like it's perpetually warm here! That makes us love beaches and pools all year round, even when there's typhoon. ha ha..

Always glad to see you come by Yonca! I guess you're now freezin' in your side of the world!

See you again and take care!

alf said...

tita beng talagang bongganga bongga ang bakasyon mo. good for you.

Beth said...

Ang ganda talaga ng Cebu! I would love to go there! Pwede pala pumasok dun sa Taoist Temple? Ang ganda ng view from it! Hmm...Ate beng, pag sakaling ppunta kami sa Cebu, ask ko contact numbers ng travel agency na contact nyo ha? :)

Beng Gee said...

Hello Huling! You'll be a certified turists talaga when you come home sa Pinas! You are already an American at hindi na Pinay kaya, turistang tunay!
Believe nga ako sa pagiging homebody mo eh! Dapat bigyan ka ni M ng plaque. Super bait na asawa! Di ba? Di katulad ko, di papayag na di lalabas pag ginusto. Kulet e. he he..
O sya, i-on na ng todo ang heater para di ginawin! Ingat!

Beng Gee said...

Hi Alf! No it's actually not bongga. But in the sense that everybody enjoyed it, it probably was.

Thanks for your time here Alf. Glad to see you drop by!

Beng Gee said...

Hello Beth! Yes, Cebu is really a beautiful place. But you'll love Bohol more. So many attractive places to see apart from the fabulous beaches!
Naku, hindi na kami dumaan sa travel agency. Mura lang kasi yung Cebu Pacific fare na nakuha namin.Tapos nag-search na kami sa internet ng places to see and activities to do. Ganun lang!

Keep smilin' and have a great weekend!

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Beng Gee....we have snow outside and looking at your beautiful pics here....sure brings my mind to the paradise where you are.
Hey, I love those guitars!

And that first pic with the moon....this the kind of nights when bachelors make big mistakes, say the wrong words, to their girlfriends....ha ha ha.
Ingat ka palagi, Lee.

J said...

really missing Cebu. was once my playground when I was still in the corporate world. favorite destination ng procter & gamble dati and had the chance to stay gratis many times at the shang mactan.

last visit ko in cebu was in 2002 when I brought the husband there. dinala ko pa nga siya sa tabuan market para bumili ng dried fish. siyempre kailangan bumili ng danggit and pusit. hala, bigla akong naglaway.

hope you're having a pleasurable weekend. sana tapos na ang christmas shopping mo. I can just imagine the gridlock in the metro at this time of the year.

take care.

angsarap said...

I havent been to Cebu, I guess this I will visit the place the next time I go back to Philippines. Lovely photos.

Beng Gee said...

Hi Lee! Though it's snowing out there, you've got a gorgeous fur coat to warm you up anyway! Those guitars don't only look good but sound great as well. Who could be more expert with moonlit nights and SYT's but the greatest playboy of his time. ha ha..

Your visit is very much appreciated Lee! Hoping to 'see' you again soon. Ingat!

Beng Gee said...

Hello J! Buti ka pa, pinagsawaan mo na pala ang Cebu pati na ang Shang Mactan. While ako, bitin na bitin pa sa Cebu. At nagpunta pa kayo sa tabuan market? wow, game na game kayo sa danggit at pusit ha? wala akong masabi!

Actually sa Monday pa lang ako magsa-shopping. sa greenhills tiangge na lang para mura. he he. you're right, traffic is worse now in mm. katamad na talaga mag-drive esp. during rush hour.

thanks for your time J!

Beng Gee said...

@angsarap: don't forget to include cebu and bohol in your itinerary when you come back here and you won't regret it. nice places indeed.

happy tgif to you!

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