Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bohol Escapade

After landing in Mactan-Cebu International Airport early morning of November 20, we proceeded to the port and embarked on a Ferry boat to Bohol.  There, we met a nice taxi driver who brought us to a fine Beach Resort named Bohol Divers’ Resort.   Although part of the place is under construction/renovation, it still is, on the whole, a pleasant place to check-in.  It is clean, with well maintained surroundings including a big landscaped front yard and big swimming pool.  The beach is absolutely fabulous as it is well known to be an attractive tourist spot.  On the night that we were there, the long stretch of the beach became an exciting and attractive area of entertainment.  A great number of tourists hung around for good food, and fine music. Just like what we did when we chose to hang around the Lost Horizon Resort. They got excellent singers and three-man band and free wifi. I sincerely loved their kind of jazz and bossa music. It was late when we returned to our own resort, we found out it was holding a sort of dance party with a live band playing.  We took a view from a corner and saw it was excessively packed with high spirited customers. The time being very late, we just turned our back and went up to our room.
The following morning, we had our breakfast on the resort's resto by the beach then we were fetched by the nice driver we contracted with to tour us around.  This was already our second time in Bohol, yet, we were still excited to go over the same places we’ve been to before. The nice driver/tour guide, when he learned about it, brought us to some new places we haven’t yet seen.  He is jolly and he is really good in his business! He brought us to the Butterfly Farm, the tarsiers, hanging bridge, Chocolate Hills, the Man made Forest, to the biggest live python I’ve ever seen,  the Magsaysay park where we fed wild monkeys with bananas we bought from a market along the way, the Baclayon Church and Blood Compact Site.

The Bohol Divers' Resort Apt.

The swimming pool

Restaurant by the beach

The beach with boats ready for dolphin watching.

Hanging out for good food and fine music.

Meats and seafood: You choose, they cook.

A lonesome crab strolling under our table.

Magsaysay Park: Wild monkeys' sanctuary

One of the wild monkeys we fed.

Tarsiers in captivity.

Loboc River Cruise

Having lunch while enjoying the river cruise.

Buffet lunch while cruising Loboc River

Baclayon Church  the oldest in the Philippines.

Can you see clearly Padre Pio on the wall?

The controversial bridge:

Catching my breath climbing up the top of the hill.

Thousands of Chocolate Hills.

Conquering my fear of snakes by getting near the big python.

It's already early morning and time to round up.  I hope to see you again and thanks for dropping by! Good morning!

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Beth said...

Pwede pala puntahan ang Bohol from Cebu? Wow naman, dami ko talaga natutunan sa mga escapades mo, Ate Beng. Ang saya saya naman ng gala mo. Cebu and Bohol in just a few days! Hayy..wish ko makapunta talaga ako sa Bohol. I really wish to see Tarsiers. :)

Take care, Ate Beng! I read your reply to my comment here. Thanks for the concern.:)

PinayWAHM said...

No, you didn't!!! Had a picture with a SNAKE?????????????? Wahhhhhh.......I almost fainted when I saw the last picture with you smiling with that snake.....grabe ang lakas ng loob mo Ate Beng! I know they don't bite but's a snake....

Can you tell I'm not a snake fan? Hahaha....I saw a baby garter snake by our flower bed one day. I took a picture of it and sent it to M sa work nya. I told him I'm never going out for a year....haha. Buti na lang it got caught sa kanyang lawn mower....hehehe.....

Anyway...nice pics....ganda ng view.

Hope you had a great weekend....


Beng Gee said...

@Beth: Yes you can go to Bohol via Cebu and it's way cheaper. We were able to catch a promo flight of Cebu Pacific Air and we just island hopped to Bohol. Just went back for some Cebu explorations.
Both places are beautiful to see.You won't regret going there!
See tarsiers when Fred comes home. You'll definitely enjoy!

Thanks for coming by Beth! Have a wonderful new week!

Beng Gee said...

@PinayWAHM: You just didn't know how nervous I was while posing for that photo. Lol! The owner was even asking me to pat its head kasi mabait naman daw. No way!!
I always freak out when I see snakes in NatGeo, Can't believe I could do it! ha ha..
At ikaw din pala may ophdiophobia?! Pano kung hindi nahuli ni M yung garter snake? Para kang naka-house arrest. Lol!

Thanks, we really had a nice weekend!I hope you too! New week na naman Huling! Enjoy and ingat sa lamig!

Dhemz said...

what a grand escapade....bongga talaga! I like your purse favorite color...ehehhehee!

alf said...

Wow inggit naman. You are at the beach in november. Miss phil hot weather. Good you had fun tita beng.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Beng Gee, this place is Paradise!
It snowed here last night and today, outside is all white and temp at a cool -7'c.

And looking at your well taken pics here, makes me wish I can take wings and be there.
Love the boat ride and that fantastic scenery. And that romantic lunch on board.

And Beng Gee, you sure looking good with your adventure attire and those very nice designer sunglasses.
Someday, one day I must visit this place.....
If not for your posting these great pics, I would not have known Paradise still exist, ha ha.
Ingat ka palagi, Lee.

Beng Gee said...

Hi Dhemz! Not that bongga naman! Walang sinabi compared sa mga family outings ninyo dyan!Thanks, type mo ung purse. he he.. Nice to know we love same color.

Have a great day!

Beng Gee said...

Hello Alf! Naku wag ka na mainggit sa hot waether dito! Imagine, it's already December but feels like summer! Ako naman inggit sa snow ninyo. Lol! Yeah, we had much fun. I'm a beach person kasi eh. he he..

Thanks for coming by Alf. See yah again!

Beng Gee said...

Hi Lee! You are really good in giving out kind words. Though I know it’s not 100% true, I’m nevertheless pleased to hear those heart warming words from you. He he..

I wish I could experience being out on a snow. If I win the lotto, I sure will. Lol!

Looking forward to see you visit this place.

Have a wonderful day and take care!

muffie shannen said...

been to bohol and had a blast there especially on our land tour and sea tour.

we enjoyed every moment in panglao where we stayed!

Mayet said...

I was also in Bohol with my hubby, he enjoyed riding the bus:)
but I don't think I would be able to take my picture next to a snake, ngiiii!

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